To engage employees with the business, the preparation birthday gifts for employees quite attention from businesses. Together Long Phuong Porcelain Refer to the top 35 meaningful and practical employee birthday gifts! 

tặng gì dịp sinh nhật cho nhân viên
What to give employees on their birthday?

1. What is the meaning of birthday gifts for employees?

Birthday is a special occasion in each of us. Receiving birthday gifts on this day often leaves a great spiritual meaning. 

For employees, receiving birthday gift từ doanh nghiệp thể hiện sự quan tâm chu đáo của doanh nghiệp tới đời sống tinh thần của họ. 

As for businesses, birthday gifts for employees It's not just about caring, recognizing their contributions to the company. It also strengthens the bond between businesses and employees.

tặng quà sinh nhật cho nhân viên có ý nghĩa gì
Birthday gifts connect employees with the company

What is a gift? When should gifts be given?

2. Top 35 meaningful employee birthday gifts

2.1 Birthday gifts for employees – teapot set porcelain

Porcelain teapot set is a high-class and practical birthday gift that businesses can send to their employees.

With diverse designs, durable porcelain, shiny enamel, safe quality. This will be an impressive gift for employees. 

quà tặng sinh nhật bộ ấm chén dành cho nhân viên
Long Phuong porcelain teapot set - luxury gift

2.2 Impressive birthday gifts for employees – porcelain dish set

To recognize employees' dedication to the company, businesses can choose a set of porcelain dishes as a gratitude to employees on their birthday.

Long Phuong porcelain dishes are famous for their high durability. Used for decades and still like new. Because, the product is made from high-grade porcelain, fired at a high temperature of 1380 degrees Celsius. It makes the porcelain strong and durable, without thermal shock. Shiny, smooth enamel, very difficult to be scratched after a long time of use. 

This is really a practical gift for employees. 

quà tặng sinh nhật dành cho nhân viên bộ bát đĩa
Long Phuong porcelain dishes - gifts that are both practical and polite

2.3 Practical birthday gifts for employees – porcelain cup

Porcelain Mug It is a practical personal item for office workers. The gift seems small, but it will be more quality and special when the business chooses Long Phuong porcelain cups. 

Long Phuong porcelain cups have many designs, convenient lids, luxurious colors, extremely strong and durable porcelain quality. This will definitely be the dish employee favorite birthday gift receive. 

quà tặng sinh nhật dành cho nhân viên ly sứ
Long Phuong porcelain cup – exquisite gift

2.4 Practical birthday gifts for employees – red envelopes

This seemingly crude gift was received with great joy by most people. Other gifts may not be to their taste, leaving them uninterested. But everyone likes cash, you can use that money to buy whatever you want. 

phong bao quà tặng sinh nhật
The most practical gift that everyone loves

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2.5 Birthday gifts for male and female employees – shirts 

The gift shows the thoughtfulness of enterprise. Also very formal and polite. This gift is also very suitable for male employees. 

quà tặng áo sơ mi
Courteous gifts for male employees

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2.6 Birthday gifts for employees – bags 

Handbags are familiar personal items of employees. Therefore, this is also a practical birthday gift for employees. This gift is quite popular with female employees. 

quà tặng túi xách
Birthday gift for female staff

2.7 Birthday gifts for employees – thermos bottle

The thermos bottle helps to preserve hot drinks better. Thermos flasks are also used frequently by employees, especially in winter. Therefore, giving a thermos bottle is also very useful.

quà tặng bình giữ nhiệt
Practical birthday gift thermos for employees

2.8 Birthday gifts for employees – leather wallets

Like handbags, leather wallets are familiar personal items of male employees. This is a rather luxurious and polite birthday gift for male employees. 

quà tặng ví da
Leather wallet is suitable as a gift for male employees

2.9 Employee birthday gift – perfume

Perfume is a luxurious birthday gift. When receiving this gift, employees also feel how much the company's thoughtfulness and sophistication are with them.

quà tặng sinh nhật nước hoa
Exquisite birthday gifts for employees

2.10 Simple birthday gift – glass cup set 

The set of drinking glass cups is also an attractive suggestion that the company can choose to makeBirthday gifts for employees. Đây là món quà hữu ích, được dùng thường xuyên trong gia đình.

quà tặng bộ cốc thuỷ tinh
Giving away a set of glass cups on the birthday of employees

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2.11 Birthday gifts for employees – potted plants 

The gift has great spiritual significance. The company can choose beautiful, suitable table pots for employees to decorate their desks. 

quà tặng chậu cây cảnh
The green table pot makes every employee love it

2.12 Birthday gifts for employees – headphones

This is a familiar item of every office worker. They often wear headphones to avoid being affected by distracting noises. Therefore, the company can choose headphones as birthday gifts for employees, very practical. 

quà tặng tai nghe
Headphones – a useful personal gift for office workers

2.13 Set of office gifts for employees' birthday

Office gift sets include items such as leather notebooks, pens, etc., which are all useful gifts for employees. The gift not only shows the subtle concern of the company, but is also loved by the employees.

set quà tặng văn phòng
Set of familiar office gifts for employees

2.14 Set of technological gifts exquisite for employees on birthday

The gift set includes technology items such as power banks, universal chargers, wireless headphones, usb, ... These are all familiar items used frequently by office workers. Therefore, the company can choose these items as birthday gifts for employees. 

set quà tặng công nghệ
Modern technology gifts

2.15 Birthday gifts for male and female employees – cosmetics 

Cosmetics are also an extremely reasonable choice for gifts for employees. Especially female employees, they are often very interested in these gifts. 

quà tặng mỹ phẩm
The female staff loves this gift

2.16 Employee birthday gifts – suitcase 

This is a useful gift for employees who often have to go on business trips. A suitcase with them every step of the way – this is really a meaningful gift, connecting them with the company. 

quà tặng vali
The gift that connects employees to the company during each business trip

2.17 Employee birthday gifts – essential oil lamps

This is both a beautiful decorative gift, and has the effect of relaxing the spirit and living space. Choosing this gift for an employee's birthday is really not bad at all. 

quà tặng đèn xông tinh dầu
Gifts of essential oil lamps for employees

2.18 Employee birthday gift – spa voucher

Relaxation and beauty is everyone's need. Give employees spa voucher cards to relax after a stressful working week. This is an extremely impressive birthday gift for female employees. 

quà tặng thẻ spa
Thoughtful gift for female employees

2.19 Female and male employee birthday gifts – desk clocks 

The gift not only helps employees see the time, but also a beautiful decoration of the working corner. The gift also conveys the meaning of precious time.

quà tặng sinh nhật đồng hồ
Giving desk clocks to employees

2.20 Practical birthday gifts for employees – lunch boxes 

For office workers, they often bring rice to the company. Therefore, giving birthday gifts to employees with lunch boxes is also a practical option. 

quà tặng hộp cơm
Practical gift for office workers

2.21 Simple birthday gifts for employees – backpacks

A multi-purpose backpack that can be taken to work, or out will be a gift that many employees love to receive. 

quà tặng balo
Backpacks can be used as birthday gifts for both male and female employees

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2.22 Employee birthday gifts – water bottles

Personal water bottles are familiar items of office workers. They often use personal water bottles to actively provide enough water for the body every day. So this is a pretty practical birthday gift for employees.

quà tặng sinh nhật cho n hân viên bình nước
Personal water bottles are very practical for employees

2.23 Psychologist birthday gift – sleeping bag

Although the lunch break at the office is quite short, most of the employees take advantage of the time to rest their eyes and wake up for the afternoon working time. Therefore, giving them a sleeping bag is really a practical gift. 

quà tặng túi ngủ
Sleeping bag - an extremely useful gift for office workers

2.24 Giving shoes as a birthday present

Employees will be happy to receive this gift. However, gift pickers should pay attention to the size, as well as choose quiet colors that are easy to coordinate, in order to help employees be more satisfied. 

quà tặng giày dép
Meaningful birthday gifts for female employees

2.25 Herbal tea set birthday

Office workers often love to drink herbal tea. Therefore, giving a set of herbal tea as a birthday gift to employees is also very popular with them. 

set trà thảo dược quà tặng sinh nhật cho nhân viên
The company's thoughtful birthday gift for employees

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2.26 Gift basket of fresh fruit instant birthday meal

This practical instant gift is also chosen by many businesses to give to their employees. No employee would refuse such a delicious gift. 

giỏ hoa quả quà tặng sinh nhật
Favorite gift for office people

2.27 Giving phone cases to employees 

Everyone uses a phone, but to avoid scratches, you must have a case. This is also a practical employee birthday gift option that is very cost-effective. 

qùa tặng ốp lưng
Give a case to the employee's birthday

2.28 Giving away a cloth bag suitable for birthdays

The gift is environmentally friendly and very youthful. For young employees at the company, this is a very suitable gift for them. 

quà tặng sinh nhật cho nhân viên bằng túi vải
Youthful gift for employees

2.29 Giving away a cute stuffed animal on your birthday

Stuffed animals are very cute gifts. This gift is also very suitable for young gen Z employees. 

quà tặng thú bông
Cute gift for gen Z . employees

2.30 Give a cute piggy bank to the staff

The cute cute piggy banks can both be economical pigs and can be used as decorative objects. Although the gift is not of much material value, it has great spiritual meaning. 

quà tặng heo đất
The piggy bank is a meaningful birthday gift

2.31 Gifting decorative paintings for birthday celebration

The gift will be the employee's memorable birthday memento. Decorative paintings have many themes, depending on the purpose that the company chooses the pictures suitable for its employees. 

quà tặng tranh trang trí
Painting is an impressive and meaningful birthday gift

2.32 Giving convenient umbrellas to employees

An umbrella with the company logo is also a useful gift option for employees. It's not expensive, but it shows the company's care for its employees. 

quà tặng sinh  nhật cho nhân viên bằng ô
Small gift but quite practical

2.33 Giving books thoughts on birthday

Books provide expert knowledge. Books take care of, water the soul… Whatever the topic, books are always a meaningful gift in any case. A cheap but meaningful gift is not cheap, a great choice for companies to give employees. 

sách quà tặng sinh nhật dành cho nhân viên
Giving birthday books to employees

2.34 Giving pillows useful for employees

This is also a gift used by many companies. The pillow hugs and protects the neck and head, convenient when moving in the car. Useful birthday gifts for employees. 

quà tặng gối tựa
Useful gifts for office workers

2.35 Giving away household appliances to employees on their birthdays

The kettle is a practical household item that every family has. Therefore, the company can give super speed kettle to employees on their birthday. 

ấm siêu tốc quà tặng sinh nhật cho nhân viên
Give super speed kettle to employees

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3. Notes when choosing birthday gifts for employees 

When choosing birthday gifts for employees, companies should keep these things in mind:

  • Determine the budget to choose the right gift. 
  • Choose the right gifts according to the employee's age. That shows the thoughtfulness of the company. It also helps the company choose the right gift for employees. 
  • The gift value may not be high, but wrap it in polite boxes, showing the company's solemn affection for employees. 

4. Address to buy birthday gifts for prestigious employees 

Long Phuong Porcelain is a prestigious and top quality porcelain gift supplier in Vietnam, specializing in providing gifts for big partners such as: Samsung, Vietcombank, BIDV, Shinhan bank, Dabaco, Acecook, Neptune, Vinpearl…

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5. Conclusion 

Above, Long Phuong Porcelain just suggested top 35 birthday gifts for employees Extremely practical but meaningful. Hopefully, through this article, the company can choose the right gift for its employees. 

sứ long phương quà tặng sinh nhật cho nhân viên
Visit Long Phuong Porcelain website to refer to many attractive porcelain birthday gift samples!

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