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Long Phuong porcelain is highly appreciated for its shiny glaze,
Durable, impact-resistant porcelain, delicate and luxurious design.

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Lac Hong tea set

Bộ ấm trà Kim Lai mạ vàng

Bộ đồ ăn kiểu Á

Bộ đồ ăn kiểu Âu

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Porcelain Long Phuong
Perfect gift

Durable porcelain quality and stable price are the reasons why Long Phuong's products are always used by many businesses as gifts on special occasions. With the motto "Customer is the focus, is the orientation to serve", Long Phuong's staff is always dedicated to consulting the best and most suitable products to consumers.

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Porcelain Long Phuong
Filled with love

Long Phuong wants to bring consumers safe and quality products, contributing to honoring Vietnamese food and bringing a sense of familiarity like home meals, even if you live in the country. Long Phuong always accompanies you.

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