Koi Fish vase – 20 cm – Copy surpasses feng shui


Koi Fish vase - 20 cm - Carp surpasses feng shui in the Long Phuong Tet product collection. Inspired by the image of a carp overcoming a dragon, it is both convenient and has good feng shui meaning for the homeowner, and will be a product that thousands of people will love.

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Koi Fish vase This set of dishes is not only practical but also carries feng shui meaning for the homeowner, full of values and good ideals for life. For many years, for those who are kitchen lovers, Tet is not only about buying peach blossom and apricot blossom. They also look forward to Tet to bring home Long Phuong's products, from dishes to high-end art. The beautiful Koi fish ceramic vase is included in Long Phuong's 2023 Tet product line. Inspired by the image of carp swimming over a dragon, this product is not only practical but also carries good feng shui meaning for the homeowner, making it a product loved by many people.


"The carp that turns into a dragon must cross Longmen

Those who want to be successful must "go against the current"

Koi fish have long been considered a symbol of hope, perseverance and strength. Therefore, the image of Koi fish is often used as a material in many arts such as oil paintings, embroidery, or sculptures... Most of the meanings of the Koi fish's symbolism originate from legends. "The fish that crossed Vu Mon turned into a dragon". The Koi fish ceramic flowerpot in the New Year's Eve 2023 collection was born from the inspiration of this dragon-crossing carp.

Beautiful ceramic flower pot Koi fish
Beautiful porcelain flower pot Koi fish

With the legend of carp overcoming dragons, it shows the bravery and bravery ready to overcome all difficulties and challenges of the image of Koi fish. The image is so meaningful and beautiful, so with the Koi fish topic, artisan Long Phuong has many headaches and concerns. From many colorful Koi fish models, artisan Long Phuong chooses yin and yang Koi fish for the Koi fish ceramic flowerpot. The circular movement of the Koi fish represents the belief that everything in life is connected. According to the laws of Taoism, this yin and yang ring symbolizes balance and harmony. Symbolizes the harmony of this energy creating a perfect balance.

Koi Fish vase – 20 cm – Carp surpasses the feng shui dragon
Koi Fish vase – 20 cm – Carp surpasses the feng shui dragon

Long Phuong's concept of creation, the birth and death of all things, revolves around the philosophy of the five elements. The element is the gas that operates continuously between heaven and earth, including the five elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. The shape and texture of the beautiful ceramic flower pot Koi fish are all inspired by this circle of the Five Elements.

Beautiful ceramic flower pot Koi fish
Beautiful porcelain flower pot Koi fish

The cubic edges of the beautiful ceramic flowerpot Koi fish symbolize the close relationship between the arrows of Mutual Concordance of the Five Elements. The motif of a pair of carp crossing the dance floor is said to be a mascot to stimulate the "water source" where it holds. Therefore, according to feng shui five elements, the activation of the "Water" line in the house where we live is one of the most important things. Bringing the Koi Koi into a dragon home brings good luck, neutralizes murderous intent, and calamities.

Lọ hoa gốm sứ đẹp cá Koi Long Phương
Beautiful porcelain flower pot Koi fish

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Product's name Beautiful porcelain flower pot with Koi fish - a model of porcelain flower vase that thousands of people love
Material, substance high-class porcelain
Weight 2kg – 2.5kg
Designs Hexagon
Color Light blue
Quality Meet quality standards QCVN12-4:2015/BYT
Weight 2kg – 2.5kg
Origin Long Phuong Factory
Suitable for Family/Party/Restaurant & Hotel/Outdoor/Wedding Party


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