Are you running out of ideas about gifts for Youth Union Congress? Refer to this article date! Together Long Phuong Porcelain will present the gifts practical, meaningful on the occasion of the Union Congress .

quà tặng đại hội đoàn thanh niên
Check out the top meaningful and practical Youth Union congress gifts

1. General characteristics of the Youth Union Congress

1.1 When does the Youth Union Congress take place?

During the 3rd National Congress (1961), the Politburo of the Central Committee of the Party decided to take the date 26/3/1931 date of establishment of the Union. March 26 every year becomes the glorious festival of Youth Groupof Vietnamese youth. 

Therefore, the Youth Union Congress usually takes place from mid-March, before the founding date of the Youth Union March 26.

ngày thành lập đoàn
The General Assembly usually takes place before March 26

1.2 Brief about Youth Union 

Youth Group, the full name is Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union. This is a socio-political organization of Vietnamese youth. The organization was founded by President Ho Chi Minh in 1931. 

The Youth Union is considered a communist school for young people, an effective arm, and a reliable incubator of the Party. 

đoàn thanh niên cộng sản hcm
Youth Union is our extension of the Party

1.3 Brief about the Youth Union Congress

Depending on the level and facility, the Youth Union Congress will be held for an annual term, or once every 5 years, every 5 years. 

This is the occasion for the General Assembly to elect a new executive committee. At the same time, report the results of the old term, and approve the direction and tasks of the new term. 

đại hội đoàn
The Youth Union Congress is in its 12th term

2. What does it mean to prepare gifts for the Youth Union Congress?

The Prepare gifts for the Union Congress is not a must, but it is a cultural beauty. 

  • Through meaningful and practical gifts, the organizers express their gratitude for the contributions of the union members during the past term. 
  • Gifts also create a memorable impression for union members and attendees of the Congress. 
  • At the same time, the gifts of the Union Congress also create motivation for the members of the new term. Encourage union members to bring the enthusiasm of youth to the Union.

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3. Gift suggestions for Youth Union Congress suitable for each guest

3.1 Gifts of the Youth Union Congress for high-ranking delegates and guests

For delegates, senior guests, the organizers should choose gifts that are polite to show the solemnity of the organizers. 

Set of teapots porcelain

The Long Phuong Porcelain teapot set is a practical but extremely luxurious gift for the Union Congress. The set of teapots of high quality standards, with a variety of designs, is definitely a meaningful gift for high-ranking delegates and guests. 

quà tặng ấm chén đại hội đoàn thanh niên
The teapot set is a luxury gift

Porcelain dish set 

Long Phuong porcelain dish set known for its extreme durability. Moreover, there are no residues of heavy metals and chemicals, safe for users' health. Comes with a deluxe box. The organizers can choose to print the Union logo to create a memorable impression for the guests. 

quà tặng bộ bát đĩa đại hội đoàn
Long Phuong porcelain tableware set is a solemn gift

Set of pens and notebooks

This is a traditional gift, often chosen as a gift on many occasions. The organizing committee of the General Assembly can also choose this gift, as a thank you, reminder of the contributions of the delegation and guests present at the congress. 

quà tặng bút sổ
Traditional gift set

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Premium Giftset 

On the market there are many gift sets polite gifts. However, the organizers should mix and match useful gifts to form a high-class gift box that is still practical. 

combo quà tặng đại hội đoàn
Practical high-end giftset

Feng shui lucky pot

If this is a high-level meeting of the Union, with the participation of many delegates and solemn guests, you can think about choosing this gift.

quà tặng bình hút lộc
Luxury gift for high-ranking delegates

Porcelain flower pot

Long Phuong porcelain flower vases are not only used for flower arrangements, but they are also extremely unique and meaningful decor items. Luxuriously designed, gift recipients certainly feel the sophistication and meticulousness of the organizers. 

quà tặng lọ hoa sứ đại hội đoàn thanh niên
Unique and luxurious gift

Ceramic painting

Ceramic paintings are polite and delicate gifts. The gift definitely leaves a deep impression on the meeting of the Youth Union for the attendees.

quà tặng tranh gốm
Ceramic painting is a gift rich in spiritual value

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3.2 Gifts of Youth Union congress for union members 

Union members are the core members of the congress. They are young people, so when choosing gifts, the organizers should pay attention to choosing gifts that are really practical for them. 

Helmet gift 

This is a very practical gift for every member. The helmets printed with the Union logo will be the pride of any union member when wearing them in traffic on the road. 

quà tặng mũ bảo hiểm
Helmets are practical gifts for union members

Raincoat gift

With a large number of union members, the organizers can also choose raincoats as gifts. Gifts are also essential for everyone.

quà tặng áo mưa
Raincoat is a familiar gift in many events

Pen gift

Union members are all young people, still very attached to learning, so pens are a very suitable gift choice. The gift can also be an encouragement to try hard every day for those who receive the gift. 

quà tặng bút viết
Pen is a small gift close to the youth union members

Gift of thermos bottle

This gift is chosen in many events. Young people nowadays are also very concerned about their health, often using their own water bottles. Therefore, this is a very useful gift.

quà tặng bình giữ nhiệt
Thermos bottle is a favorite item of union members

Super fast warm gifts

 This is also a familiar item that people use often. The organizers can also refer to this gift for the Union congress.

quà tặng ấm siêu tốc đại hội đoàn
Super kettle is a practical gift

Commemorative Medal of the Union

Everyone has passed the age group. The souvenir cup has no value in terms of use, but it is a souvenir of the beautiful springtime when standing in the ranks of the Union. 

quà tặng kỷ niệm chương đoàn
A gift to keep the beautiful memories of the Doan age

Gifts of stone lotus pots

The intense vitality of the succulent lotus is similar to the willingness to rush into the youth. This is one of the meaningful gifts that the organizers can give to members attending the congress.

quà tặng cây sen đá
Lovely gifts with meaning

Gift of piggy bank 

The gift as a reminder for members about thrift, saving to dedicate. The organizers may consider this gift. 

quà tặng heo đất
Funny gifts for young members

Cloth bag gifts 

This is a useful gift in life. It can also convey a meaningful message about the environment - a topic of great interest to the delegation.  

quà tặng túi vải
Cloth bags are practical gifts

Porcelain cup gifts

Long Phuong porcelain cup loved by many. Especially when being chosen as a gift for the Youth Union Congress. The organizers can choose to print the Union logo, making the gift both useful and memorable. 

quà tặng đại hội đoàn bằng ly sứ
Long Phuong porcelain cups are very popular with young people

Gift laptop bag

For young union members, this is a very popular gift because of its practicality. The organizers should not ignore this gift.

quà tặng túi đựng laptop
Useful laptop bag

Glass cup gifts

Young union members are also very excited to bring this gift back to their families. Set of glass cups should be printed with logo. It is a gift that brings good memories of youth when standing in the ranks of the Youth Union. 

quà tặng cốc thuỷ tinh
Gift of polite glass cup

Shirt printed with Doan logo 

This is a very meaningful gift for members. Any union member feels proud and proud when wearing the blue shirt of the Union. 

quà tặng áo sơ mi
The proud gift of youth when standing in the ranks of the union

Gift wall clock 

Watches are both a timekeeper and an ornament. This is a practical gift that the organizers can send to members attending the congress. 

quà tặng đồng hồ treo tường
Gift wall clock

Tie with Union badge 

The gift is both polite and useful for male union members. Help them be more attentive in each appearance at important events of the Union. 

cà vạt quà tặng đại hội đoàn
Practical gift for male union members

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4. What should you pay attention to when choosing a gift for the Youth Union Congress?

The recipient will feel the sophistication in each gift that the organizers send. To the selection gifts for Youth Union Congress become meaningful, gift choosers should note the following:

  • Understand the importance and scale of the Congress to prepare worthy gifts. 
  • Categorizing the audience to attend the conference helps to prepare more appropriate gifts. 
  • Balance the budget to choose reasonable gifts. 
  • Estimate and estimate the number of attendees to effectively manage gifts, avoiding shortages or excesses. 

5. Prestigious Youth Union Congress gift supplier 

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6. Conclusion 

Above, Long Phuong Porcelain just reviewed the dishes gifts for Youth Union Congress best fit. Hopefully, through this article, readers will have more ideas for choosing gifts for the Union congress. 

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