Where to buy restaurant dishes Quality at the most reasonable cost? The following article by Long Phuong Porcelain will help you find a reputable address that hotels and restaurants across the country trust to buy from. 

sứ long phương chuyên cung cấp bát đĩa cho nhà hàng khách sạn
Address to buy dishes for reputable, professional hotels and restaurants.

1. Where to buy dishes for restaurants? 

Select suppliers Prestigious porcelain dishes, professional, you have just chosen a quality product while saving significant costs. Long Phuong Porcelain brand is a prestigious address in the Vietnamese household porcelain market with the criteria "Clean Porcelain - Safe Porcelain - Durable Porcelain".

Long Phuong known as the leading high-quality and safe household ceramic brand in Vietnam. With a factory area of ​​60,000 square meters and a production capacity of 100,000 products per day, Long Phuong is currently a supplier of dishes to hotels and restaurants across the country. 

In particular, Long Phuong is the official partner providing household porcelain products for high-end hotel systems of Vinpearl, TTC... At the same time, it is a long-term strategic partner of the Ho Chi Minh City Culinary Association, Ho Chi Minh City Culinary Association. Vietnam Royal Chef, Ninh Thuan Chef Association…

In 2022, Long Phuong Porcelain is honored to be awarded "National Brand" in the field of household porcelain production. 

Factory producing high-quality household porcelain
Long Phuong Porcelain is a supplier of porcelain dishes to hotels and restaurants across the country.

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2. Why should you choose to buy restaurant dishes at Long Phuong Porcelain? 

Luxurious - sophisticated design

The need to enjoy cuisine today not only needs to be delicious but also beautiful. Professional, exquisitely crafted dining utensils are an important part of helping a restaurant express its luxurious and classy style in the eyes of customers. 

Faced with the high-end tastes of the market, Long Phuong has focused on promoting the development of specialized plain white porcelain lines for hotels and restaurants. The classic white porcelain tone and delicate shiny glaze highlight the food, helping chefs unleash their creativity in dishes from Europe to Asia. The product is designed with a simple but luxurious design, easily creating uniformity and neatness for the dining table. 

sang trọng tinh tế
Careful design down to every detail.

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Ideal durability

To meet the strict criteria of durability - the top concern of hotels and restaurants, Long Phuong Porcelain has constantly explored - researched - tested, producing a line of outstanding quality porcelain. Producing products with excellent durability, good impact resistance and excellent chip resistance. In particular, Long Phuong's products are fired at a high temperature range (1380 degrees Celsius), so they can withstand thermal shock extremely well and are safe to use at high temperatures such as microwaves or dishwashers without cracking. , cracked.

độ bền lý tưởng
Long Phuong's products are famous for their high durability and meet the strict criteria of restaurants and hotels.

Safe quality

Product orientation follows European standards, so right from the stage of choosing raw materials, it has been carefully censored. Before being stored, production materials must be guaranteed to be free of lead and arsenic. 

After that, the product will be shaped and fired at 1380 degrees Celsius (the highest temperature on the market), resulting in products with durable porcelain bones, a hard enamel layer, no lead contamination, no cadmium, safe for users' health. 

All Long Phuong Porcelain products have legal testing documents from authorities.  

chất lượng an toàn
Test results of no metal contamination in Long Phuong products.

Various models

With more than 500 product models, Long Phuong Porcelain meets all the diverse needs of customers, from traditional to modern, from European style to Asian style... 

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Reasonable price

It is a high quality product line, but the prices for the products are extremely reasonable, worthy of the value of the money customers spend. Especially, with large quantity orders, Long Phuong always offers special incentives to customers. 

Warranty and thoughtful after-sales policy 

After a successful purchase, Long Phuong will deliver the goods to the customer's door, ensuring any damage is compensated for. At the same time, Long Phuong offers many special privileges to loyal customers when they return to purchase. 

Update Collection of dishes for restaurants and hotels Latest year 2024

Mũi tên thông tin báo giá bộ bát đĩa


3. Suggest the most popular dishware models for restaurants 

Sample dishes for European-style restaurants 

Perfect in every design, groundbreaking in quality, European banquet tableware contains the full beauty of luxury and elegance! The minimalist porcelain white color helps honor the meticulous sophistication of European cuisine. High-quality porcelain, selected raw materials, and advanced firing technology at a temperature of 1380 degrees Celsius help the product achieve incredible durability, at the same time, completely eliminating lead and cadmium, making it safe for human health. use. Long Phuong porcelain is a great choice for European banquet spaces. 

bát đĩa nhà hàng kiểu âu
Luxurious, elegant.

Sample dishes for an Asian-style restaurant 

Uniform colors and meticulous lines, Asian banquet tableware brings users a warm, familiar experience while still being extremely fresh and luxurious. 

With a modern production line according to European standards, and market-leading firing technology (firing temperature 1380 degrees Celsius), we produce products that meet the highest standards. Top durability, safe quality (no lead, no cadmium), Long Phuong Porcelain tableware Deserves to be the perfect choice for an Asian banquet!

bát đĩa nhà hàng kiểu á
Warm, fresh.

Floral dishware model 

In addition to the classic white dishware models, Long Phuong Porcelain also has many extremely sharp floral dishware models. Each pattern brings a unique highlight to the culinary space, from fresh and lively to classic and traditional. 

Get it now PRICE LIST OF NEWEST DISHES SET at Long Phuong Porcelain

Mũi tên thông tin báo giá bộ bát đĩa


4. Process of ordering dishes for the restaurant at Long Phuong Porcelain 

  • Customers contact Long Phuong Porcelain via hotline, facebook, zalo, instagram, or e-commerce platforms (shopee,  lazada, tiki). 
  • The sales staff will advise on suitable product models, then send a quote to the customer. If the product has a logo printed on it, the customer will receive a product label.
  • Customers finalize the quantity, sign the contract and make a deposit. Long Phuong Porcelain will produce according to the contract. 
  • Products are carefully controlled for quality and quantity. Then carefully packaged and delivered to the customer. 

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5. Instructions for choosing and buying dishes for restaurants 

The importance of choosing to buy dishes for restaurants 

When opening a restaurant, in addition to decorating the space, training and selecting quality chefs, building an attractive menu..., choosing to buy dishes for the restaurant is also an extremely important step. Beautiful, suitable dinnerware sets not only bring impressive experiences to customers, but also show the professionalism and class of the restaurant. 

Criteria to consider when choosing to buy dishes for restaurants

To choose suitable and quality dinnerware sets, you cannot ignore the following criteria: 


On the market, dishes for restaurants are made from many different materials: porcelain, glass, melamine. Depending on the needs of each restaurant, there will be different choices. However, ignoring the disadvantage of being easily broken, porcelain dishes are still the most optimal choice that restaurants often choose. Porcelain dishes are highly aesthetic, luxurious, and come in many designs. 

vật liệu
Porcelain dishes are the most popular choice.

Style, design

Each dish needs to use dishes of appropriate size and shape. Therefore, you should clearly understand the menu of dishes to choose products with the most suitable designs and designs. At the same time, based on the restaurant's decoration style, choose products with colors and designs that match the space.

kiểu dáng mẫu mã
Pay attention to choosing the appropriate style.


Because it is a direct food container, the quality of dishes for restaurants must be guaranteed to be safe. Standard restaurant dishes are dishes that are heated at temperatures above 1300 degrees Celsius and do not release lead and cadmium. 

chất lượng
Dishes for hotels and restaurants need to ensure high durability and not be contaminated with heavy metals.


Choosing uniform dishes helps create a professional impression in the diner's experience. At the same time, choosing matching dishes also makes adding and replacing new dishes more convenient and easier. Therefore, restaurant owners should buy dishes at professional places to easily find uniform product models. 

sự đồng bộ
Color-coordinated dishes create professionalism, helping to increase the customer's good experience.

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6. Conclusion 

Hopefully, this article will help readers answer questions when they don't know Where to buy restaurant dishes?. High quality, reasonable price, Long Phuong Porcelain confidently brings the most suitable dishware products to restaurants and hotels throughout Vietnam.

If you are looking to buy restaurant dishes, contact Long Phuong Porcelain now!

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