Where to buy ceramic gifts?? Long Phuong Porcelain – The leading prestigious ceramic gift supplier in Vietnam

quà tặng gốm sứ mua ở đâu
Where to buy reputable ceramic gifts?

1. The need to buy ceramic gifts today

The more modern society is, the more people are interested in rituals and gifts. With so many gift options to choose from, ceramic gift trends Still popular and popular. 

Ceramic gifts with a variety of products

In order to meet the needs and preferences of consumers, the Ceramic products increasingly diverse. Depending on the purpose of each event, you can find many suitable ceramic gift products. 

sản phẩm đa dạng
Long Phuong porcelain has more than 500 product codes suitable as gifts.

Practical and easy-to-use ceramic gifts

Not only a beautiful decoration, the main functional ceramic gifts are still practical items for daily life. Tableware – dishes, drink sets – kettles, drinking cups, flower vases, tableware….

thiết thực dễ sử dụng
Each ceramic product has practicality in daily life.

When should gifts be given?

Luxury and quality ceramic gifts

All products of Long Phuong Porcelain are made from high quality porcelain. Fired 3 times at 1380 degrees Celsius, completely removing chemicals and heavy metals, ensuring safety for users' health. The design of ceramic gifts also achieves aesthetic sophistication, bringing luxury to the gift. 

quà tặng sang trọng
Ceramics are extremely polite and luxurious gifts.

Unique logo printed ceramic gifts

With ceramic gifts, companies - businesses can print separate brand logos. Both help the gift become more professional, at the same time increase the recognition, leave an impression on the recipient.

in logo độc đáo
Ceramic gifts are printed with brand logos, used as professional gifts.

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2. Suggest ceramic gifts as unique gifts and souvenirs 

Ceramic gifts – Europe

Long Phuong porcelain bowl are familiar items in the kitchen and on the dining table. Products are designed with many designs, unique and convenient, including: bowl of oats, pot of pot, porcelain bowl for rice, porcelain bowl for sugar...

Product's name Price 
Porcelain sugar jar 37.000đ
Porcelain Soup tureen with lid18.200đ – 44.200đ
Porcelain Soup tureen Various Sizes169.800đ – 293.400đ
Porcelain pot with oats139.300đ
White porcelain pot 126.100đ – 257.000đ
mua quà tặng gốm sứ âu thố ở đâu
Long Phuong porcelain bowl has luxurious design, durable and convenient porcelain.

Ceramic gifts – Teapot set 

Long Phuong porcelain tea set is a choice Favorite gifts for partners, customers. The product conquers customers thanks to its extremely bright - smooth enamel layer, unique, sharp, luxurious design, suitable for many spaces. 

Product's name Price 
Pot warmer set AT9405386.400đ
White porcelain tea set AT9405428.400đ
Vine flower pot tea set535.200đ
Set of flower pot warmers 559.200đ
White tea set PT1514.800đ – 598.800đ
White porcelain tea set with gold border AH23-9405612.000đ
Heavenly horses Tea set PT 1706.800đ – 814.800đ
Ngoc Diep flower bulging and tapered teapot set 706.800đ – 814.800đ
Son Thuy tapered teapot set1.246.800đ
Jasmine teapot set2016.000đ
Long Phuong Quan Ho Tea Set 3.142.800đ
mua quà tặng gốm sứ bộ ấm chén ở đâu
Long Phuong porcelain teapot - a premium gift for any event.

Ceramic gifts – Ca Coc

Long Phuong porcelain mug both aesthetic, quality and durable over time. Long Phuong porcelain mugs and mugs are loved by corporate customers as a gift for a customer, event gifts… 

Product's name Price 
Porcelain cup capacity 65ml - 170ml14.300đ – 22.000đ
Porcelain cup with square handle capacity 80ml - 120ml18.000đ – 20.600đ
Porcelain White cappuccino cup 160ml28.000đ
Premium White Espresso cup 200ml34.400đ
LPV porcelain cup capacity 210ml34.400đ – 56.400đ
LPB porcelain mug with capacity of 220ml 34.400đ – 56.400đ
Lipton 3 cup capacity 310ml45.400đ
White Coffee Mug 3.5 (280ml)45.400đ
Porcelain White Mug 360ml45.400đ
Porcelain White mug with lid number 3 (280ml)56.400đ
Porcelain White mug 550ml78.200đ
10.5cm white porcelain mug with lid 95.600đ
The embassy of the family 10.5 260.800đ
mua quà tặng gốm sứ ca cốc ở đâu
Long Phuong porcelain cups - polite and cheap gifts.

Ceramic gifts – Dish set 

Long Phuong porcelain dishes appreciated for its shiny glaze, durable porcelain, delicate design, high impact resistance. 

Product's name Price 
Lucky Worship dish set390.000đ
Set of 8 dishes with Lau flowers440.400đ
Dish set of 8 kinds of Ngoc Diep flower440.400đ
Set of 8 dishes Silver rose440.400đ
Set of 8 dishes with little flowers440.400đ
Set of dishes with 8 kinds of Kowloon flowers440.400đ
Set of 8 pink string dishes440.400đ
Set of 8 green wire dishes440.400đ
Set of 8 dishes Melaleuca flowers440.400đ
Set of 8 dishes with Thien Ma flower440.400đ
Xuan Trieu guest table set468.000đ
Van Hanh dish set488.000đ
Happiness dinnerware set515.000đ
Bach Tai dish set538.000đ
An Khuong dinnerware set 550.000đ
Nhu Y dinnerware set660.000đ
Loc Phat gift dish set699.000đ
Union Worship dish set 698.000đ
An Nhien gift dish set799.000đ
Twisted leaf plate set899.000đ
Luc Phien dish set 899.000đ
Hoang Kim dinnerware set1.328.000đ
mua quà tặng gốm sứ bát đĩa ở đâu
Long Phuong dish set - a favorite gift for kitchen lovers.

Ceramic gifts – Plates 

Long Phuong porcelain bowl and plate set Very popular with consumers. Products of Long Phuong porcelain dishes variety of shapes, sizes, and patterns. Strong porcelain, shiny enamel color, used for many years is still beautiful. Moreover, the price is reasonable for such a quality product. 

Product's name Price 
Shallow Round soup Plate23,800đ – 124,200đ
White porcelain plate14,300đ – 434,700đ
White porcelain two-fin fish plate82,600đ
White porcelain red snapper plate75,100đ – 113,300đ
White porcelain fish plate46,400₫ – 59,900đ
Porcelain White Rectangle Tray53,500đ– 328,700đ
Porcelain White Leaf-shaped plate with two compartments133,900đ
High quality white porcelain cup plate19,000đ – 107,900đ
Đĩa lá hình chữ nhật189,600đ
Porcelain White Soup Plate23,800đ – 102,100đ
White Porcelain Deep twisted plate56,200đ – 154,600đ
White Porcelain Leaf-shaped plate106,600đ – 131,800đ
High-Class Porcelain White Rectangle tray94,700đ – 328,700đ
White Porcelain Peach blossom-shaped plate Various Sizes97,000đ – 165,200đ
Porcelain Scallop plate15,800đ – 165,200đ
Square porcelain plate70,600đ – 130,600đ
High-Class White Porcelain Flared Square Plate76,600đ – 114,600đ
Porcelain Slight twisted dinner plate97,000đ – 165,200đ
Twisted Porcelain Plate97,000đ – 165,200đ
White porcelain bar plate83,900đ
High-Class White Porcelain Boat Plate33,200đ
Virtual flared square plate83,900đ
White Porcelain Virtual oval plate106,600đ – 249,600đ
White Porcelain Oval plate58,600đ – 358,600đ
High-Class White Porcelain Deep oval plates106,600đ – 249,600đ
platter of mango bar ca226,000đ
High-Class White Porcelain Cereal virtual soup bowl28,600đ – 64,000đ
High-Class White Porcelain Cereal soup bowl Various Sizes27,400đ – 86,600đ
High-Class White Porcelain Meniscus soup bowl38,400đ – 96,400đ
High-Class White Porcelain Wide rim soup bowl38,400đ – 71,200đ
Soup bowl 29,000đ – 141,100đ
mua quà tặng gốm sứ tô đĩa ở đâu
Long Phuong porcelain bowl - eye-catching design, convenient.

Ceramic gifts – Tableware 

Long Phuong porcelain tableware Made from high-quality porcelain, designed to be convenient and luxurious on the dining table. These useful, low-cost little items are often business customers preferred choice promotional gifts

Product's name Price 
0.5l white porcelain wine beaker82,600đ
White porcelain pouring pot28,600đ
The spice dish has two compartments19,900đ
White porcelain Square ashtray30,200đ – 34,300đ
White Porcelain Oval sauce bowl33,600đ
White Porcelain Spoon and chopsticks holders17,500đ
White Porcelain Spices tray44,400đ
High-Class White Porcelain Twist vase AS-710327,400đ
High-Class White Porcelain Garlic-shaped vase AA-710439,600đ
High-Class White Porcelain Curve Soup ladle60,500đ
High-Class White porcelain straight soup spoon55,000đ
High-Class White Porcelain Chopsticks canister79,000đ
High-Class White Porcelain Oval toothpick holder14,300đ
High-Class White Porcelain Round toothpick holder with lid21,000đ
Fish sauce duck with ears 51,600đ
mua quà tặng gốm sứ dụng cụ bàn ăn ở đâu
Luxury tableware.

Ceramic gifts – Flowerpots

Different from other flower vase products on the market, each flower vase products of Long Phuong Porcelain These are all very unique products. Long Phuong porcelain vases are not only used for flower arrangements, but also feng shui decor items very unique and meaningful.

Product's name Price 
Koi fish flower pot 888.000đ
Kim Lai flowerpot 628.000đ – 1.380.000đ
Son Thuy flower pot 415.000đ – 499.000đ
mua quà tặng gốm sứ lọ hoa ở đâu
Long Phuong porcelain vase - unique and meaningful gifts.

3. What are the occasions when ceramic gifts are often used?

Porcelain gifts both practical and aesthetic. Therefore, ceramic products can be used as gifts in any occasion. 

Corporate events - businesses.

Các doanh nghiệp sử dụng quà tặng gốm sứ trong rất nhiều dịp như: grand opening, company birthday, customer conference, shareholder meeting

business gifts
Courteous business gifts.

Customer promotion.

In marketing campaigns to increase brand coverage as well as boost purchasing power, businesses use a lot of ceramic gifts. 

present for customers
Practical promotional gifts for customers.

Lunar New Year - opening spring 

This is the biggest holiday of the year, ceramic gifts are very popular. From retail customers buying for family, buying for relatives, friends, to businesses buy gifts for employees and customers

quà tặng tết âm lịch
Great gift for the new year.

Housewarming gifts

Ceramic gifts that appear on the occasion of housewarming are really the perfect and meaningful gift choice. Customers often choose practical items such as teapots, or dishes as housewarming gifts a lot. 

quà tặng tân gia
Perfect gift for housewarming.

Birthday gift

Ceramic products are suitable as birthday gifts for all ages. Children give cups and glasses, middle-aged or seniors can give teapots, dishes, flower vases...

birthday gifts
Ceramics are a popular birthday gift for many people.

Holidays  8/3, 20/10, 20/11

Ceramic gifts are practical and extremely luxurious gifts that appear on these occasions. 

quà tặng dịp lễ nhỏ
Useful and polite gift.

4. Who are ceramic gifts used for?

The variety in ceramic products makes ceramic gifts suitable for all audiences. 

Give customers

Depending on the position of the customer, the company - business can choose ceramic gifts at an appropriate price. 

Give your partner

Giving your partner luxury ceramics shows your interest and desire to stick around for a long time in a business cooperation relationship. 

For foreign guests

Foreign guests come to Vietnam to visit, study, work, or live. They all love to receive gifts with Vietnamese values ​​such as ceramics. 

Give staff 

Ceramic gifts are useful and close gifts that businesses often choose to give employees. It's not just interest, but a desire to bond. 

Give to a loved one 

Among countless gifts, giving loved ones ceramic gifts is still chosen by many people. Any loved one loves practical and polite gifts such as: dish sets, teapots, bowls, vases...

Collection of meaningful gifts for grandparents with good wishes SEE MORE

5. Note when preserving ceramic gifts 

  • Cleaning recurrent. This helps to keep the product from getting dirty and keeping it as new.
  • Avoid strong impact, causing the product to break or break. 
  • Avoid exposure to high temperatures. Ceramic products can withstand temperature to a certain extent. Exposure to extreme temperatures will cause the product to crack. 
  • Avoid chemical exposure. With enamel products, with textures, it should be preserved away from chemicals, which can easily cause the product to lose color. 
lưu ý bảo quản
Good maintenance helps your items last longer

Instructions on how to use the dishwasher with standard porcelain 2023 DISCOVER NOW

6. Where to order quality ceramic gifts, factory price?

Long Phuong Porcelain is a prestigious and top quality supplier of ceramic gifts in Vietnam. 

Provide ceramic gifts to many big partners. 

Sứ Long Phương chuyên cung cấp quà tặng cho các đối tác lớn như: SamSung, Vietcombank, BIDV, Shinhan bank, Dabaco, Acecook, Neptune, Vinpearl…

Quality products, variety

The products of Long Phuong Porcelain are certified for quality, completely free of chemicals, heavy metals, absolutely safe for users. 

Coming to event gifts at Long Phuong Porcelain, businesses will have countless choices. Patterns and designs are diverse, from traditional to modern, from simple white porcelain to stylish textures, meeting all requirements of businesses.

Quick purchase process

Fast workflow. You just need to call directly to the hotline to receive the fastest quote, and listen to direct advice from Long Phuong porcelain. 

Print professional logo, design support 

Long Phuong Porcelain supports customers to design and print brand logos extremely professionally.

Luxury box 

The Long Phuong ceramic gift boxes are all made from cardboard materials, certainly with high aesthetics. In addition to the product box, each gift comes with a sturdy carrying bag. Ensure that the gift delivered to the customer is the final, most beautiful and luxurious finished product.

Nationwide shipping

Long Phuong porcelain delivery nationwide, fastest shipping to customers.

Long Phuong Porcelain Headquarters is located at: Hap Linh Industrial Cluster, Bac Ninh City 

Northern representative office: 59 Cua Bac – p. Truc Bach – q. Ba Dinh - City. Hanoi. 

Representative office in the south: 013 street 01 – Him Lam urban area – p. Tan Hung – District 7 – Ho Chi Minh City.

Appropriate warranty and return policy

Buying at Long Phuong, you are completely assured because the company has a warranty and return policy suitable for broken orders. 

Dedicated and attentive service

Sales consultants at Long Phuong are well-trained and professional, bringing the best buying experience to customers. 

Long Phuong Porcelain is a reliable supplier of ceramic gifts for customers to choose from!

7. Where are some frequently asked questions when buying ceramic gifts?

1. Where to buy gifts from Long Phuong ceramics?

Customers can buy directly at 3 locations:
– Head office: Hap Linh industrial cluster, Bac Ninh city
– Representative Office: 59 Cua Bac – Ward. Truc Bach – q. Ba Dinh - City. Hanoi.
– Representative Office: 013 Street 01 – Him Lam Urban Area – p. Tan Hung – District 7 – Ho Chi Minh City.
– Or contact the hotline 0989.595.866 to have the staff provide the nearest dealer address to you. 

2. How to get the fastest quote?

Please call directly to 0989.595.866 / live chat on the website / on Fb Long Phuong porcelain / email "Esales@longphuong.vn” to receive a direct quote consultation.

3. Are Long Phuong ceramic gifts high? How much discount when buying in bulk?

Long Phuong's products are extremely diverse, so there are many suitable price segments for customers to choose from. 
Long Phuong is also a direct producer. Therefore, buying directly at Long Phuong, you get the best factory price. At the same time, the company offers attractive discounts for corporate customers when buying in bulk. 

4. How is the process of printing ceramic logo in Long Phuong?

Please call directly to 0989.595.866 / live chat on the website / on Fb Long Phuong porcelain / email "Esales@longphuong.vn” for direct consultation. 
Staff send quotes with logo printed product market for customers to approve. 
Sign a contract and place an order. 
Long Phuong sends samples to customers. When meeting the customer's wishes, Long Phuong proceeds to produce according to the ordered quantity. 
Before delivery, Long Phuong will conduct acceptance testing, censorship, boxing and delivery to customers. 

quy trình in logo

8. Conclusion 

Above, Long Phuong Porcelain has just provided readers with useful information about where to buy ceramic gifts. Hope the article is useful to readers. 

Don't forget to visit Long Phuong's website for many high-quality household porcelain products!

mua quà tặng gốm sứ tại long phương
Visit the website to see many samples of ceramic gifts at Long Phuong!

Refer to some addresses to buy ceramic gifts:

Contact Info:

Long Phuong Group Joint Stock Company

Website: https://store.longphuong.vn/ or https://longphuong.vn/

Hotline: (+84) 989 595 866

Address: Hap Linh Industrial Complex, Bac Ninh City

Email: info@longphuong.vn

Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/SsJUEwSmPLXUVcau5 


CEO of Long Phuong Group Joint Stock Company, with more than 20 years of exploration and research to obtain the best formulas and professional experience, Long Phuong Porcelain has produced more than 400 designs of all kinds of household porcelain, Significant contributions to Vietnam's ceramic industry.

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