For those who have a taste for tea in particular, and those who are passionate about ceramics in general, surely know the line Flammable Glaze Ceramic. This is a very unique ceramic line from the cooking process to the finished product. So how special and impressive is this line of fire glazed ceramics? Let's Long Phuong find out more.

Flammable Glaze Ceramic
Gốm men hoả biến được nhiều người ưa chuộng bởi nét đẹp độc nhất vô nhị.

1. What is flammable glaze ceramic?

Flammable Glaze Ceramic is simply understood as fire meaning fire, turning is the change from one state to another. Fire transformation is roughly the transformation of fire. Fire-glazed ceramics are glazes created by iron oxide, titanium and heat

Flammable Glaze Ceramic will change colour according to the temperature of the firing flame, created by the interaction between three main elements, iron oxide, titanium and temperature, when heated at different temperatures will produce a colour difference. Therefore, to create beautiful glazed ceramic products, it is necessary to have a skilled and experienced craftsman.

The teapot set is made from Flammable Glaze Ceramic
The teapot set is made from Flammable Glaze Ceramic

2. Striking features of flammable glaze ceramic

The first feature that is easy to recognize is in the color part. Although each product has similarities, it is never 100% the same. Because of the manufacturing process, fire and oxide each product is different. In other words Flammable Glaze produces unique products. This is an element that creates its class that no other product can match.

Khâu tuyển chọn nguyên liệu để tạo ra các sản phẩm gốm men hoả biến hết sức kỹ lưỡng. Đất được lựa chọn phải là loại đất tốt nhất, không lẫn tạp chất. Cùng đó, sự điều chỉnh công thức lửa cũng vô cùng quan trọng, quyết định tính thẩm mỹ cho mỗi sản phẩm.

Men hoả biến cực kỳ sáng và trong, như thể được tráng gương vậy.

Các sản phẩm gốm men hoả biến đều được nung với nhiệt độ rất cao trên 1300 độ C, giúp sản phẩm loại bỏ hết tạp chất kim loại nặng, bảo đảm an toàn cho sức khoẻ người dùng.

Unique Flammable Glaze Ceramic Tea Set
Unique Flammable Glaze Ceramic Tea Set

3. Some unique products made from flaming enamel

3.1.  Bộ ấm chén men hỏa biến

Enjoying tea has become one of the cultural and spiritual beauties full of humanity of Vietnamese people from the past to the present. Tea set Flammable Glaze with unique features from each pattern and colour, this enamel line has been skillfully created by thousands of beautiful and unique sets of teapots. A beauty full of art is a product that many people love. Especially for those who like the classic style, have the pleasure of enjoying tea as a way of contemplating life

Flammable Glaze Tea Set with unique features in each pattern and colour
Flammable Glaze Tea Set with unique features in each pattern and colour

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3.2. Vase of fire enamel flowers

Flower arrangement is also an art. Therefore, the vase of fire enamel flowers is one of the products that many people love because of its artistic beauty. The product is hand-made by talented craftsmen with a high firing temperature with adjustment to bring out a unique enamel color like no other product, creating the color of marble, creating a harmonious beauty but no less. luxury part.

The unique vase enhances the beauty of the flowers, making us feel unusually peaceful and gentle.

Fire glazed ceramic vase with unique patterns
Fire glazed ceramic vase with unique patterns

3.3.  Bộ bát đĩa gốm men hỏa biến

One fullfil rice tray is a tray of rice that is both delicious, beautiful, and cosy. The flaming enamel dish set has a very unique beauty, helping to honour the dishes and increase their aesthetic appeal. With this perfect beauty, it will surely make your family meal tray more attractive, bringing family members closer.

Blue Flammable Glaze Dish Set
Blue Flammable Glaze Dish Set

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4. Long Phuong Porcelain – A unit specializing in the production and supply of high-class porcelain

Long Phuong Porcelain formerly a production base of ceramic and porcelain things. Up to now, the brand has gone to all parts of the country, covering 63 provinces and cities, becoming the leading porcelain exporter on domestic e-commerce platforms with a large number of customers trusting and choosing. .

With production capacity: 100,000 products/day. The most advanced machinery and equipment from Germany, Japan and some developed countries in the world. Raw materials are refined, distilled from the most quintessential things at home and abroad.

Long Phuong is always confident to bring customers quality products and the best and most satisfied experiences.

Long Phuong Group Joint Stock Company - Proud to be the first unit of Bac Ninh to be honored "National Brand 2022".

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