Ceramics embossed textures In recent years, it has been loved by many people because of its artistic sophistication and high aesthetics. Not only that, the embossed ceramic products carry many profound feng shui meanings. Let's Long Phuong Learn more about this technique.

Learn about embossing patterns
Learn about embossing patterns

1. What is embossing?

Embossed textures is one of the highest and artistic ceramic shaping techniques. Therefore, the products with embossed motifs must be made manually, by the hands of skilled workers or can be called direct artisans.

Embossed ceramics Currently, it is classified as a high-end product line by both ensuring quality in terms of durability as well as high aesthetics, so it is very popular with consumers and "hunted" continuously.  

Embossed textures, shaping techniques
Embossed textures, shaping techniques

2. Some unique textured embossed ceramic products

2.1. Enamel hyacinth vase with embossed pattern

The arrangement of water hyacinth in the home and in the worship space not only speaks to the artistic taste of the user, but also a feng shui vase symbolizing good things and happiness. Although the patterns are very sharp with many small details, but the embossed enamel hyacinth is less dusty and easy to clean, extremely convenient for users.

Water hyacinth jar with embossed motifs
Water hyacinth jar with embossed motifs

2.2. The vase of fortune flowers on the sea boat is embossed with motifs

The vase that attracts fortune is a feng shui item that helps attract wealth, attract fortune, and promote fame, especially for those doing business.

At the same time, the fortune pot helps to store and preserve property and wealth for the owner. Therefore, every family should own one to bring more fortune and luck to themselves and their families.

Fortune flower vase with embossed pattern
Fortune flower vase with embossed pattern

2.3. Betel nut plate embossed with motifs

According to the Vietnamese concept, betel nut is both an expression of traditional culture and a unique national sentiment. The custom of eating betel nut has become a beautiful way of life, from sacrifices, funerals, weddings, joys, and other things, our people also take the betel nut as an important thing. Betel nut makes people closer, more open and loving to each other. In ancestor worship, besides worshiping objects, betel nut is also an important offering to show respect to Buddha and ancestors.

Embossed lotus plate
Embossed lotus plate

2.4. Worship set embossed with lotus motifs

The image of the lotus flower on the vase is meant to ward off evil spirits and bring a peaceful and happy life to people. This flower is considered the quintessence of the five elements.

In feng shui, such a shape is meant to symbolize the abundance of money, prosperity, luck, and prosperity.

The worship set is very delicately decorated
The worship set is very delicately decorated

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2.5. Set of teapots with embossed motifs

The embossing technique is extremely sophisticated. Each line of motifs embossed on the product is carefully trimmed by the artisans themselves. The teapot set with delicately embossed flower and tree motifs brings classic, elegant and poetic beauty.

Patterned embossed tea set
Embossed patterned tea set

3. The birth of texture embossing technique

Since the 14th century Vietnamese ceramics inherits and continues to grow strongly with the appearance of some pottery villages famous as ceramics such as Bat Trang, Tho Ha, Chu Dau, Phu Lang... Products suitable porcelain Vietnam after the 13th century is very diverse in designs, types...

Especially during this period, there was the appearance of blue-flowered ceramic products, delicate embossed ceramics. The technique of firing ceramics in this period was more developed with the use of large furnaces with adjustable heat.

Patterned embossed tea set
Patterned embossed tea set

4. The process of creating embossed textures on ceramics

Prepare materials

  • Kaolin clay has been thoroughly kneaded smooth
  • Paste (more diluted clay)
  • Plaster to make molds
  • Set of pruning tools for sculpting and crafting ceramic embossed patterns

4.1. Step 01: Build the rib

It is necessary to draw the ribs first before shaping: The workers will come up with the idea of ​​textures and designs first. Then draw the outline on the product to facilitate the application of textures, the product layout is harmonious and reasonable.

Steps to create embossed shape
Steps to create embossed shape

4.2. Step 02: Shaping    

This is the most important step, deciding whether the texture can show its full beauty, vividness or not, thanks to the hands of the artist. There are two commonly used shaping techniques:

  • Shaping by mold (applying 2D embossing technique): often used to create flowers, leaves, and simple images

First, the workers will cut carefully and meticulously the motifs that need to be embossed. Then place them in a tray with a flat bottom

Next is to pour liquid plaster into the previous frame. Wait for the plaster to absorb all the water, dry, then separate the texture from the plaster.

Finally, they will glue the texture to the place where it needs to be sketched. To increase strong adhesion, the surface of the pattern will have to be lightly rubbed before applying the glue. 

Skillful hands
Skillful hands
  • 3D embossing technique shaping: used to emboss complex images such as animals, or floating flowers to achieve vividness

Similar to the mold making technique, the craftsman will trim the texture and then apply the block to the position to be sketched.

Finally, the craftsman will use pruning tools to trim away excess soil blocks to create textures

4.3. Step 03: Finishing

After shaping, the finished pattern will be cleaned with a brush and soft brush. Then preheated, covered with enamel, painted the texture.

Finally, the product will be glazed by spraying glaze, dipping glaze or applying enamel on the entire product except the place in contact with the kiln is not enamelled.

The product is embossed delicately and meticulously
The product is embossed delicately and meticulously

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5. Video tutorial directly embossed motifs from artists

How to apply chrysanthemum flowers on ceramic products

6. Long Phuong Porcelain – A unit specializing in providing high-class porcelain

Long Phuong Porcelain – The unit specializes in manufacturing and supplying a variety of products for teapots, dishes, condiments… and many unique and meaningful gift products at affordable prices.

If you are interested in products household porcelain such as dishes, teapots, jars, jam trays, and condiments... then come to Long Phuong. We are committed to providing our customers with the best quality products and care.

Long Phuong Porcelain Company
Long Phuong Porcelain Company

7. Some typical products of Long Phuong Porcelain

7.1. Tea set

Set of high-class porcelain products with smooth, white glaze and durable, thick porcelain.

Teaset Includes 01 teapot, 06 cups, 07 millet plates with various sizes:

  • 280 ml =10.4*6 cm
  • 480 ml = 12*7.3 cm
  • 700 ml = 13.7*8.2 cm
  • 1000 ml = 15.4*9.4 cm
Long Phuong's high-class porcelain tea set
Porcelain set for the reception desk

7.2. Dinnerware set

Lucky Worship dish set is a product line with extremely minimalist design, suitable for all architectural spaces, from traditional and idyllic to luxurious and modern. 

The dish set includes 14 items as follows:

  • Rice bowl 4.4: 8 pieces
  • Bowl 8 : 1 piece
  • Meniscus disc 8: 1 piece
  • Virtual disc 7: 1 pc
  • 7'' White Round side plate: 1 piece
  • Mussel plate: 1 pc
  • White sauce bowl: 1 pc
High-class white porcelain Tableware 8-11 items
Long Phuong Porcelain Company

7.3. Table set for the reception

High quality white porcelain set without texture Make your living room space more luxurious and elegant.

Set includes 10 pieces:

  • Butterfly plate 25cm: 01 piece
  • Leaf plate with 02 compartments 27cm: 01 piece
  • Scallop plate 09cm: 02 pieces
  • Oven plate 18cm: 01 piece
  • Potted flowers: 01 pcs
  • Hexagonal toothpick with cap: 01 pcs
  • Triangle ashtray: 01 pcs
  • Shift LPB 2: 02 pieces
Porcelain set for the reception desk
Porcelain set for the reception desk

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