What is casual dining?? If you are planning to run a restaurant business, you definitely need to know about "Casual dining table setting principles and popular restaurant models in Vietnam" of Long Phuong Porcelain Company

1. Explain what is casual dining?

Casual dining Vietnamese also called Intimate dinner like a home meal. This is a term in the F&B industry, referring to middle-class restaurants, the cuisine is not too luxurious and sophisticated, but still brings comfort and warmth to customers. 

Casual dining has a diverse menu with dishes from traditional to creative, simple but attractive. Prices here are usually very reasonable. This is a pretty popular choice for gatherings with friends, family, or small gatherings. 

casual dining là gì
Going to a casual dining restaurant, diners feel comfortable and cozy like dining at home.

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2. What are the characteristics of a casual dining restaurant?

Features of a casual dining restaurant it is comfort, convenience, towards serving a wide range of customers at a reasonable price.

  • Comfortable, intimate style. The decoration is simple, not too fussy, but creates a warm and relaxing feeling for diners. 
  • The menu is diverse, including quite popular dishes. 
  • Good food quality. Attentive and friendly service. But the price is very reasonable. 
  • The target customer that casual dining target is the middle-class customer file.

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3. History and origin of the casual dining restaurant model. 

The casual dining restaurant model originated in the 20th century. Before that, cuisine almost revolved around luxury restaurants or simple fast food restaurants. However, in the 1920s, the "diner" trend appeared in the US, providing a space that is both comfortable and intimate with a varied menu.

With the development of the economy and urban lifestyle, the demand for popular cuisine has increased. Average and budget restaurants sprang up, meeting daily dining needs comfortably, at reasonable prices and without taking too much time. 

Casual dining has become a popular choice for those who want to enjoy a delicious meal without having to worry about clothes and eating like in a luxury restaurant. 

Since then, casual dining has become a globally popular culinary style, attracting a wide variety of diners.

4. Instructions on how to arrange a casual dining table 

4.1 Some basic principles when arranging casual dining tables

When setting up a casual dining table or any banquet table, restaurant owners also need to understand these principles:

  • All utensils must be clean, free from foreign odors, and not chipped.
  • Neatly arranged, arrange only necessary items and suitable for the menu. 
  • Utensils must be arranged in the appropriate order for the enjoyment of the dish in the correct order from starter to main course. 
  • Napkins must be folded uniformly in the same fashion.

4.2 Guide to arranging casual dining tables

  • The service plate (serving plate) has a large size, placed under, in front of the guest's seat. Then to the plate, put on. 
  • The plate of bread is placed on the left. Face the edge of the bread knife down, toward the edge of the table.
  • Napkins placed on the top plate. Can be folded or rolled in the typical restaurant style. 
  • The cup is placed above, to the right, 1cm from the main utensil. The next cups are placed about 45 degrees from the front. 
  • Chopsticks, spoons are placed on the chopsticks and spoons, about 2cm apart.
  • Spice jars, toothpicks, decorative flower vases are placed in the middle of the table.
  • Knives on the right, forks on the left. 
hướng dẫn bài trí bàn tiệc casual dining
How to arrange a table in a casual dining restaurant.

5. How is the casual dining restaurant model developing in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, casual dining is quite popular. Partly because it matches the income level of Vietnamese people.

The target audience of casual dining is middle-class customers. Therefore, this restaurant model often focuses on developing in big cities such as Hanoi and Saigon - where customers have a relatively high income. 

The F&B market in Vietnam is fiercely competitive. Therefore, whether it's casual dining or any other restaurant model that wants to have a place, it must make its own mark and constantly improve quality. 

6. Besides casual dining, what other popular restaurant models are there in Vietnam?

Casual dining quite popular in Vietnam. In addition, there are also very popular restaurant models such as:

Fine dining 

Fine dining is a more upscale restaurant model than casual dining. Luxurious space, professional service. The menu in the fine dining restaurant is very delicate, prepared by talented chefs. Not only food, fine dining also creates an upscale experience with a combination of taste, art, and emotion. 

mô hình nhà hàng fine dining
Fine dining belongs to the type of high-class restaurant.

Bistro/ Cafe

This is a type of beverage restaurant, but with a light menu service. 

The style of these model restaurants is quite polite and comfortable. This is the right place for simple dates, very suitable for office people. 

mô hình nhà hàng bistro
Bistro is very popular with young people and office workers in Vietnam.

Fast food

Fast food restaurant is a culinary model with fast service speed and convenient menu. Therefore, fast food attracts a large number of customers to enjoy. The menu of a fast food restaurant is usually fast food such as KFC fried chicken, hamburger, pizza, sandwich, french fries, soft drink. 

With spacious space, simple interface, fast food restaurant is a popular choice for those with busy schedules who want to enjoy a quick meal while still ensuring the taste.

mô hình fast food
Fast food attracts customers by its convenience and low price.

Food truck

Is a mobile restaurant model, extremely familiar in Vietnam. Those are the street vendors, bicycles, trolleys... The menu is rich from sticky rice, bread, vermicelli, cake, tea, porridge, fruit... Extremely cheap price, suitable for all customers. 

Food trucks are a popular choice for those who love street food and want to discover new flavors.

mô hình food truck
Type of mobile restaurant, accessible to all customers.

Buffet restaurant 

This is a self-service model. With a fixed price, diners can eat freely, with no limit on the amount of food. Food quality is average. But with spacious space, rich menu, buffet restaurant still attracts a large number of diners. 

mô hình buffet
Self-service, variety and comfort are the words to describe the type of buffet restaurant.

Ethnic restaurant

Also known as ethnic restaurant. This place blends the typical culture and cuisine of a certain ethnic group or country. 

The space, the layout, the eating utensils, and the menu are all characteristic. The menu here will serve traditional dishes or typical specialties. 

With a warm, friendly atmosphere, the ethnic restaurant is an ideal rendezvous for those who want to discover the culture and special taste.

mô hình nhà hàng dân tộc
Ethnic restaurant is an interesting destination for those who want to enjoy typical regional cultural cuisine.

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7. Distinguish between casual dining and fast casual and fast food.

Table distinguishing Casual Dining, Fast Casual and Fastfood

CriteriaCasual diningFast casualFast food
SpaceUsually has a large space, simple interior decoration, not too picky, but brings a feeling of comfort and closeness to customers. Most have compact space, simple but modern decoration. Focus on food quality and fast service but not instant service.Usually small spaces, simple decor, designed for order and take out or dine in.
MenuDiverse, complex dishes, often with fixed menus and seasonal specials. Usually focuses on fast food, regularly updates the menu according to new trends.The menu is limited with a few staples, usually fast food like burgers, sandwiches, fries, etc.
PriceUsually mid to higher priced, due to service characteristics and higher food quality.The price is average, higher than the price of a fast food restaurant but lower than that of a casual dining restaurant.Low prices, often a cheap and fast option for customers. 
ServiceGood service, professional and friendly service staff. Good service, focus on self order service or simple service.Service is quick, often relying on self-service and counter service.  

8. Long Phuong Porcelain – the perfect choice for a casual dining restaurant

Long Phuong Porcelain is a unit specialized in manufacturing and supplying all kinds of household porcelain for restaurants, hotels all over Vietnam. 

Long Phuong porcelain products are periodically checked to ensure no residual heavy metal chemicals, safe for users' health. 

Product variety and utility. With more than 500 product models, convenient and suitable for the needs of restaurants. Especially casual dining restaurant

With high quality and elegant white porcelain, Long Phuong's products are extremely durable. At the same time, it is very easy to replace when broken or chipped. 

Long Phuong's household porcelain products not only enhance the aesthetics, but also help keep the full flavor of the dish. It also creates a feeling of closeness and warmth in the casual dining space. 

sứ cao cấp cho  nhà hàng casual dining
Long Phuong Porcelain manufactures and supplies high-class household porcelain for casual dining restaurants!

9. Some questions related to casual dining

Question 1: What does casual dining in Vietnamese mean?

Casual dining in Vietnamese translates to "popular cuisine", or "casual style restaurant".

Question 2: Should you choose a casual dining business in Vietnam?

Have! The casual dining model is a potential business model. Because, Vietnam has the advantage of diverse cuisine. At the same time, Vietnamese people are increasingly looking for friendly spaces to enjoy food. In addition, Vietnam is also a tourist destination that attracts both domestic and international tourists. Casual dining can appeal to both of these groups of customers.
Have! The casual dining model is a potential business model. Because, Vietnam has the advantage of diverse cuisine. At the same time, Vietnamese people are increasingly looking for friendly spaces to enjoy food. In addition, Vietnam is also a tourist destination that attracts both domestic and international tourists. Casual dining can appeal to both of these groups of customers.

10. Conclusion 

Above, Long Phuong Porcelain just provided readers with information about casual dining là gì, with knowledge around casual dining. Hopefully, readers will gain a lot of new knowledge around the F&B industry. 

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