The F&B market is growing strongly, leading to the diversification of business forms such as restaurants and cafes. One notable trend is the popularity of the Cafeteria model. If you are intending to enter the business field but do not understand clearly What is Cafeteria?? Let's Long Phuong Porcelain Page Learn about some of the important features of this model.

What is cafeteria?
Find out what the cafeteria model is

1. What is the definition of Cafeteria?

In Vietnamese, "Cafeteria” is a self-service restaurant, combining cafe space and buffet restaurant style.

Here, customers can freely choose food and drinks from the long arranged table. After choosing, guests pay at the cashier and enjoy a comfortable space to enjoy. Cafeteria is increasingly popular in Vietnam and many other countries.

mô hình cafeteria là gì
Cafeteria is a cafeteria

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2. Đặc trưng của mô hình Cafeteria là gì?

2.1.  Open space

Cafeteria create a large open space for serving, often including separate areas such as food and beverage display counters, checkout counters, and sitting areas.

In addition, the restaurant also provides a guide to the self-service process to make the customer experience more favorable.

đặc điểm của cafeteria là gì
cafeteria has an open space model

2.2.  Simple menu

The menu at Cafeteria focuses on simplicity and is mostly light dishes. Beverages are usually canned and alcoholic soft drinks are prepared quickly.

Include fried chicken, sandwiches, cakes, spaghetti, carbonated soft drinks, and ready-to-drink coffee, these are the top choices for guests when visiting Cafeteria.

cafeteria có menu đơn giản
cafeteria has a simple menu

2.3.  Light and convenient eating utensils

Due to its self-service nature, Cafeteria often uses light and convenient utensils. At some shops, utensils such as spoons, cups, glasses and forks can even be disposable. Customers are often encouraged to place trash cans after use to facilitate disposal.

cafeteria sử dụng đồ dùng nhỏ gọn
The restaurant uses simple and compact tableware

2.4.  Customers

Diners of almost all ages find it fun to experiment with this model. Many people say that choosing and serving on their own gives them a greater sense of comfort and freedom.

mô hình cafeteria phù hượp với mọi độ tuổi
The cafeteria business model is suitable for all ages

2.5. Self-service restaurant

In the cafeteria model, customers have the full right to choose the food, bring it to the table, choose a seat, and clean up after eating. This creates a feeling of being at home, without much interaction with staff.

Restaurants often have few employees, focusing on solving urgent problems that arise during the customer's journey.

self-service restaurant
Cafeteria is a self-service restaurant model

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2.6.  Comfort, freedom and convenience

The work in the Cafeteria process is mainly done by customers themselves without support from staff. Self-service, flexible payment system, and arrangement of tables and chairs on request are all done quickly and efficiently.

cafeteria là mô hình nhà hàng tự phục vụ
cafeteria has a comfortable, free and convenient space

Model self-service restaurant help customers learn about smart shopping and be polite while enjoying food. This contributes to building a better shopping culture in Vietnam.

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3. What is the difference between Buffet and Cafeteria?

CharacteristicCafeteria restaurant modelBuffet restaurant model
Diverse dishesSimple, fast processingComplex, diverse
Payment methodsChoose dishes, pay at the counterBuy meals, unlimited choices
PriceEach item has its own priceFixed price for meals
Number of employeesLittleMuch
TimeserverFastDepends on the customer
Purpose of experienceTime saving, comfortable experienceEnjoy variety
CenterComfortable experience, cost savingThe variety of dishes, free experience
Standard ratingFocus on professionalism, standardsStandard of presentation and quality

Unknowingly, the business model of a buffet restaurant is "unthinkable"

4. Tại sao nhiều khách sạn – nhà hàng lựa chọn kinh doanh mô hình Cafeteria?

Here are some reasons why model Cafeteria could be a good choice:

  • Saving personnel costs
  • Process automation: Customers self-service and pay at the counter
  • Comfortable experience: customers are free to choose their favorite dishes as well as measure their own portions
  • Suitable for modern lifestyle: With a busy life and flexible needs, the Cafeteria model is suitable for consumers who are looking for a fast, convenient and time-saving experience.
  • Stable revenue generation potential.
  • Create a culture of smart consumption
nhà hàng có nên kinh doanh cafeteria
Why hotels - restaurants should do business as Cafeteria

5. Lưu ý khi kinh doanh mô hình Cafeteria nên biết

  • Place mixing instructions on the table for customers to make simple drinks such as coffee, milk, chocolate, lemonade and tea.
  • Guests often look for a private and quiet space when coming to Cafeteria. Therefore, if you plan to trade this model, it is necessary to establish rules such as keep quiet, move gently, do not make too loud noise.
  • Limit interference with guests if they do not have specific requests.
  • To create a cozy, free and comfortable feeling for customers, you can choose Cafeteria design in close country style, classic European style or vintage style.
các lưu ý khi kinh doanh cafeteria là gì
Some notes when doing business in the Cafeteria model

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6. Một số câu hỏi thường gặp về mô hình kinh doanh Cafeteria

6.2.  Kinh doanh Cafeteria có lời không?

Cafeteria business can be profitable depending on many factors such as location, effective management, quality of service, and attractiveness of the model to customers.

However, compared to investing a lot in personnel, complex dishes are Cafeteria is a model that saves time, costs and personnel, and brings more positive profits.

kinh doanh cafeteria có lời không
Is the Cafeteria business profitable?

6.2.  Làm thế nào để tối ưu hóa doanh thu khi mở Cafeteria?

To optimize revenue, you need to ensure the quality of your products and services, set reasonable prices, create a comfortable customer experience, and execute compelling marketing and advertising campaigns to attract customers. row.

phương thức tối ưu khi mở cafeteria là gì
How to optimize revenue when opening Cafeteria

6.3.  Có nên áp dụng hệ thống thanh toán tự động trong Cafeteria không?

Automated payment systems can create a convenient and fast customer experience, helping to optimize processes and reduce wait times. However, it should be ensured that the system is easy to use and secure regarding the financial information of its customers.

thánh toán tự động khi mở cafeteria
Should an automatic payment system be introduced in Cafeteria?

7. Summary

Hope the above sharing of helped you to understand correctly What is cafeteria? as well as the identifying characteristics of this business model.

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Long Phuong Porcelain supplies porcelain tableware for cafeteria restaurants

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