Have you ever wondered? What is a gift?? On the streets and shopping areas in the last weeks of the year, especially before Christmas and New Year, you will see many people looking for the ideal gifts to give to their loved ones? Let's Long Phuong Porcelain Read the following article to understand more about gifts.

ý nghĩa của việc mua quà tặng là gì
What are gifts?

1. What is a gift?

Gifts is a gift given to others to show care, love, gratitude, sharing joy and emotional attachment between the giver and the receiver.

Gifts are often given on special occasions such as holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or other occasions. Gifts have many different forms and values, for example teapot, porcelain cup, a book, a bouquet of flowers, travel tickets, shopping vouchers, watches…

quà tặng là gì
Gift giving is a beauty in Asian culture

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2. What does gift giving mean?

Gift giving is not simply an act of giving and receiving, but also carries in it deep meanings about feelings, relationships and connections between people.

  • Gift giving is a way to show affection, care and love for the recipient.
  • Connecting relationships creates joy and excitement
  • Send a good message: A gift can contain positive messages and create a positive influence on the recipient.
khái niệm quà tặng là gì
A gift is a means of conveying the sender's feelings

3. What is the origin of gift giving?

From time immemorial gift-giving has become an indispensable ingredient for building and strengthening social relationships.

Formerly, give a gift became the way to demonstrate one's social worth and potential in ancient times. For example, France gave the Statue of Liberty to America in the 19th century.

nguồn gốc quà tặng là gì
Gift giving has been around for a long time, showing the friendship between the givers and receivers

In modern times, nations have also used gift giving as a symbol to express intentions in diplomatic relations.

In personal relationships, gift giving strengthens social ties and respect for the recipients.

lịch sử ra đời quà tặng là gì
Gift giving is a way to build and maintain relationships

4.  On what occasions should you give gifts?

4.1.  Tet holiday

Giving gifts on Tet holiday not only shows Vietnamese cultural traditions but also brings a lot of human values ​​to society and individuals: the gift is the transmission of good luck and fortune, inspiration. and build valuable relationships in the community and family.

tết nên mua quà tặng là gì
Holiday gifts

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4.2.  New Year's Eve

Giving gifts on New Year's Eve is a long-standing cultural tradition in many Asian cultures. It is a way to maintain and pass on this important Tet holiday through the generations, connecting with the past and upholding traditional values.

tất niên mua quà tặng là gì
Year-end gifts

Giving gifts on New Year's Eve not only means blessing and gratitude, but also connects the family, maintains tradition and creates joy in this special holiday season.

4.3.  New Year's Eve

Housewarming is an important event in every person's life, when they move to a new place to build a home.

tân gia nên mua quà tặng là gì
Housewarming gifts

Gift giving on New Year's Day là một cách để gửi lời chúc phúc mang ý nghĩa phong thủy, mang lại may mắn và điều tốt lành cho ngôi nhà mới và gia chủ.

4.4.  Birthdays

Giving a suitable and meaningful gift will bring joy and happiness to the recipient on their birthday. It's a way to create a special feeling and engrave in their memory.

sinh nhật nên mua quà tặng là gì
Birthday gifts

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4.5.  Memorable occasions

Memorable anniversaries such as wedding day, wedding day, Date of incorporation or important memories in love relationships and friendships are worth remembering.

lễ kỷ niệm nên mua quà tặng là gì
Gifts on memorable occasions

Giving gifts on these occasions helps capture happy moments and create memorable memories for both the giver and the receiver.

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4.6. Give gifts to show love

Giving gifts to someone you love is a way to show your care and concern for them.

A gift is a symbol of love, respect and warmth. Gifts can convey emotions and love in a tangible and memorable way.

bày tỏ tình yêu nên mua quà tặng là gì
Gifts to express and express love

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4.7.  Give a gift as a thank you

A given gift can express a sincere thank you. The gift is like expressing feelings on your behalf that you cannot express or convey completely with words.

để cảm ơn nên mua quà tặng là gì
Gifts instead of thanks

4.8.  Give gifts to parents on the occasion of filial piety

Vu Lan - filial piety is a great occasion for children to show their gratitude and respect to their parents. Giving gifts is a way to send a message that you appreciate the sacrifice and love your parents have given you throughout your life.

vu lan báo hiếu nên mua quà tặng là gì
Give gifts to parents on the occasion of filial piety

4.9.  Give birthday gifts

Happy life is an occasion to congratulate and send wishes for a long and happy life to the recipient. Giving gifts is a way to express gratitude, wish for a long life, boundless health and happiness always to the recipient.

mừng thọ nên mua quà tặng là gì
Give birthday gifts

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4.10. Giving Christmas Gifts

The Christmas season is a time of gathering and sharing. Gift giving is a way to show love and share with friends, loved ones and those around you. A gift that can bring joy and warmth to the recipient on a cold Christmas.

giáng sinh nên mua quà tặng là gì
Giving Christmas Gifts

4.11.   Mid-Autumn Festival gifts

Giving gifts is an integral part of the Mid-Autumn Festival, this is a way to send good wishes about family values. Gifts often carry typical cultural features such as star light boxes, moon cakes, or traditional toys...

trung thu nên mua quà tặng là gì
Mid-Autumn Festival gifts

4.12.  Partner gifts

Giving gifts is a way to build and strengthen relationships with partners. Gifts show respect and sincere cooperation. It's like a message that you cherish this relationship and want to be with your partner forever.

biếu đối tác nên mua quà tặng là gì
Partner gifts

4.13.  Customer appreciation gifts

Giving customers gratitude gifts is not only an act of gratitude, but also has many business benefits. The gift can create a better experience for the customer. It can also create an identity and create a positive impression on the business.

tri ân khách hàng nên mua quà tặng là gì
Customer appreciation gifts

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5. What does giving gifts mean to businesses

Corporate gifting offers many strategic benefits and creates strong relationships with customers, partners and employees.

  • Build customer relationships
  • Increase brand awareness and spread promotional messages to recipients and people around.
  • Promote partnership with partners
  • Motivate and reward employees: this is a way to motivate and encourage employees to work harder and give more.
Long Phương sản xuất quà tặng là gì
The importance of gift giving for businesses

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6.  Conclusion

Gifts has an undeniable importance in life and social relationships. It not only brings joy and happiness to the recipient, but also creates memories, conveys profound messages.

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