What is Banquet?? This is the department that plays an important role, bringing in revenue for the hotel restaurant. Together Long Phuong Porcelain Learn more about this term.

1. Explain what a banquet is?

In English, Banquet is a sumptuous party. In the hotel industry, Banquet is the term referring to the department under the F&B block, which is responsible for organizing parties and conferences for pre-booked customers. 

This part is often found in hotels of 3 stars or more. This is the department that brings the main source of revenue for the hotel during the off season. 

Also, the banquet hall is a banquet restaurant, specializing in serving large numbers of customers. 

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giải thích banquet là gì
Banquet – hearty party!

2. What are the characteristics of a banquet hall?

  • The official staff of the banquet department are very few. Usually hotel managers will hire outside seasonal staff to set up and serve the party. 
  • Although the hotel will have a dedicated space for the banquet, customers can still request to organize it in another space within the allowed conditions of that restaurant or hotel. 
  • In addition to the task of organizing parties at the hotel, the banquet department also accepts to organize outside parties for customers. 
  • Banquet event order (BEO) – is a checklist document of required items as well as tasks to be done. This document will be used by the hotel to connect and update customer information between the banquet department and other relevant departments. 

3. 7 types of banquet halls commonly found in hotels

Conference party 

Using this type is usually companies, businesses, organizations wishing to organize conferences, seminars, etc. Conference parties are usually arranged in the style of classrooms or theaters, or at the request of guests. row. 

There are full facilities for the meeting such as: sound, screen, projector, mineral water...

Banquet also supports serving snacks and drinks at the time before or in the middle of the meeting.

tiệc hội nghị
The conference party was held solemnly at the banquet hall.


Using this type is usually families, couples wishing to organize a wedding ask. 

The wedding party will be designed with a luxurious space. Arranged in the form of a round table, with a stage, designed a red carpet walkway for the bride and groom.

The banquet department will take care of both the ceremony and the party.

tiệc cưới
More and more couples have the need to hold a wedding party at the hotel.

Tea and cake party 

Tea and cake party serves drinks and snacks at the beginning or middle of the session in seminars and conferences. The space is often arranged in a canape style for guests to conveniently eat and chat.

Tea party is usually served at break time in meetings/conferences.

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Cocktail party 

This is a type of buffet. The menu is a mix of alcoholic beverages, juices and snacks. The cocktail party was organized without being too fussy, in order to bring the most comfortable and intimate space to the guests.

tiệc cocktail
Cocktail parties are usually organized simply with a small number of attendees.

Buffet party

The buffet serves a large group of guests, with menus ranging from a few dozen to hundreds of dishes. Attendees will serve their own food and drink according to their personal preferences. The staff will guide guests, serve food and clean up. 

tiệc buffet
The buffet is quite popular at the hotel.
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Evening party 

Evening parties are often organized by companies and businesses at the end of the year, or on the occasion of an important event. Therefore, the evening party will be held luxuriously, with a large number of participants. Menu quality and service are also very focused.

tiệc dạ hội
Evening parties are usually very grand.

Party for two 

The party is designed in a private, romantic, and unexpected space for the other party. The food is exquisitely prepared and presented. 

tiệc hai người
Private romantic space.

4. What is the job of the banquet hall department?

To ensure the party goes smoothly as well as bring the best experience for customers. The banquet department will perform the following tasks:

Planning Event 

Based on customer requirements, the banquet department will plan, determine the date, time, location, style of decoration, number of participants ...

Arrange seating and prepare thoughtful food for guests

The banquet department will arrange tables and chairs, prepare sound and light systems at the request of guests. Ensure the space is met according to the requirements of the guests in terms of design style as well as capacity. 

At the same time, the banquet department also needs to prepare a full range of meals and the number of tools needed. The menu must also be paid attention to to make the party the most successful. 

sắp xếp chỗ ngồi và đồ ăn
The preparation of seats and food is an important part of the banquet department.

Welcoming diners

When guests come to attend, the banquet department is responsible for welcoming guests, helping them find stable seats. They will present the order of dishes and drinks on the menu and help guests choose the right menu.

tiếp đón khách
Staff welcome guests.

Serving party guests 

When the party takes place, the banquet department will bring food and drinks to guests. Their work follows two principles: 

  • Serve from the right table, move to the right until the end. The direction can be reversed when serving individual diners, or serving food in a large plate. 
  • Prioritize serving female customers before male customers. Then to the presenter. And finally serving the guests.
phục vụ khách dùng tiệc tại banquet hall
Serving guests with a professional and polite manner.

Maintain the backstage area

In order for the party to take place in the most thoughtful way, the backstage area behind the stage must always have a smooth sound and light system. And there must be a backup plan for unexpected situations. 


After the party, the banquet department must ensure clean and tidy. And get ready for the next event to take place. 

5. Organizational structure of personnel in the banquet hall department

  • At the top is the banquet manager – the person who is primarily responsible for managing all activities of the department. The Banquet manager will work and report directly to the F&B director.
  • The assistant for the banquet manager is an assistant – Assistant banquet manager. This person will manage and supervise the activities of employees, handle arising situations. 
  • Banquet supervisor – is the person who supervises the banquet department, responsible for managing and monitoring all stages and processes of the related departments.
  • Banquet captain – the head of the banquet department. As a direct guide to the staff when serving. They supervise every step from the preparation to the end of the party. 
  • Waitress and waiter – are female waiters and male waiters. They will directly bring food and drinks to customers. 
tổ chức nhân sự banquet hall
Organizational structure.

6. How to effectively assign personnel in the banquet hall

Assign according to individual method.

Each employee is assigned to be in charge from setup to clean up at a certain group of tables or areas. 

Assign by team method. 

This method is quite superior. Accordingly, all staff are responsible for setting up and serving parties for the entire restaurant. Each employee is assigned a specific job. 

7. The factors required to become a banquet hall staff and their income level.

Degree factor

Banquet staff are not too demanding in terms of education and experience. Therefore, you only need to graduate from high school. 

Elements of soft skills

To do a good job of a banquet staff, you need to have effective time management and arrangement skills. In addition, there should be thoughtfulness, meticulousness and good problem-solving ability. 

kỹ năng mềm của nhân viên banquet hall
The attentiveness and meticulousness of the banquet staff easily won the hearts of guests.

Quality factor

The quality required for a banquet staff is agility, flexibility, good physical strength, and the ability to work effectively in a team. 

phẩm chất của nhân viên banquet hall
Banquet staff need the ability to coordinate teamwork.

Income level of banquet staff

The income of banquet staff will depend on their job position. 

  • Service staff: income from 5 to 10 million VND/month.
  • Supervisory team leader: income is about 8-15 million VND/month.
  • Management and supervision: income from 15 to 20 million VND/month. 
  • Director – F&B director: income from 30 to 45 million VND/month. 

8. Conclusion 

With knowledge that Long Phuong Porcelain Just provided, hope you can understand banquet là gì. As well as collect more useful information around banquet hall

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