You are wondering about Vietnam Press Day gifts? Together Long Phuong Porcelain Please refer to the top 20 meaningful gifts for journalists and reporters on the occasion of the Vietnam Press Revolution Day!

quà tặng ngày báo chí việt nam
What does Vietnam Press Day give journalists?

1. About Vietnam Press Day

June 21, 1925, in Guangzhou (China), Nguyen Ai Quoc founded the newspaper "Youth". This is Vietnam's first revolutionary newspaper. 

Before the positive contributions of the press to society. In February 1985, the Secretariat of the Party Central Committee issued a decision to make June 21, 1925 as Vietnam Press Day. 

The aim is to strengthen the relationship between the press and the public, as well as strengthen the Party's leadership with the press. 

lịch sử ra đời ngày báo chí việt nam
Youth newspaper's birthday is taken as Vietnam Press Day

2. Prepare gifts What does Vietnam Press Day mean?

President Ho Chi Minh warned:Culture is a front", "Press officers are also revolutionary soldiers. Pen and paper are their sharp weapons.”

Therefore, if you have friends, relatives, or partners, journalists, do not forget to prepare gifts for them on June 21 every year.

The gift to show gratitude, as well as recognizing their dedication and contributions to society and the country. 

ý nghĩa quà tặng ngày báo chí
The gift on June 21 shows recognition of the contributions of journalists in the ideological and cultural front

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3. Synthesize 20+ Vietnamese Press Day gifts for meaningful reporters and journalists 

3.1 Gifts of porcelain cups 

Porcelain Mug is an indispensable personal item for journalists when working at the office. 

Long Phuong porcelain cup is Great gift for journalists. Porcelain cups are made from high quality porcelain. Fired at a high temperature, without chemical residues or heavy metals, helping to keep the full flavor of the drink. With a variety of designs, from plain porcelain cups to textured porcelain cups, we bring a lot of options to customers. 

ly sứ quà tặng ngày báo chí việt nam
Long Phuong high-class porcelain cups – practical and polite gifts

3.2 Giving flowers and greeting cards

A bouquet of fresh flowers with incantationsThe auspicious c is sent in a beautiful little card, which is a meaningful spiritual gift for journalists. 

quà tặng hoa tươi
Give journalists a bouquet of fresh flowers

3.3 Giving away a set of teapots 

This is a luxurious and practical gift. The recipient will be very satisfied, appreciate the gift when you choose tea set Long Phuong porcelain. Long Phuong porcelain teapot is made from high quality porcelain, extremely shiny, smooth glaze, unique and meaningful motifs. Long Phuong's products are ordered by many large customers and partners gifts for important events

bộ ấm chén quà tặng ngày báo chí việt nam
Long Phuong porcelain teapot set - high-class, practical gifts

3.4 Giving away a set of dishes 

One of the most luxurious and practical gifts. Dinnerware set Long Phuong is definitely a useful gift for journalists. Long Phuong porcelain dishes are famous for their extremely high durability, no heavy metal residues, chemicals, safe for users' health, luxurious containers. This is really a great gift option!

quà tặng ngày báo chí việt nam bộ bát đĩa
Long Phuong high-class porcelain dish set - luxury gift

3.5 Giving away porcelain flower vases 

Different from other flower vase products on the market, each flower vase product of Long Phuong Porcelain is very unique. Long Phuong porcelain vase In addition to using flower arrangements, they are also very unique and meaningful decor items. Luxuriously designed, the gift recipient certainly feels the sophistication and meticulousness from the giver. 

lọ hoa sứ quà tặng ngày báo chí việt nam
Long Phuong porcelain vase - a unique and meaningful gift for journalists

3.6 Giving away souvenir trophy 

If you want to recognize the achievements or contributions of journalists. Don't forget to give them souvenir trophy. The gift has no material value. However, there is a great morale booster effect for journalists. 

quà tặng cúp lưu niệm
Spiritual souvenir for journalists

3.7 Free thermos bottle 

Average Thermostats are quite familiar personal items that you can choose to give to journalists. It is useful to journalists both when working in the office or when working outside. 

quà tặng bình giữ nhiệt
Give a practical thermos bottle

3.8 Giving office gift sets 

Pens and notebooks are one of the indispensable work tools of journalists. Therefore, office giftset is an extremely close and practical gift for all journalists. 

quà tặng bút sổ
A very meaningful gift for journalists

3.9 Give away technology giftset 

Technology Giftset including items: power banks, usb, headphones, etc. These are all useful gifts for journalists when they have to move outside. 

quà tặng công nghệ
Convenient gift for journalists

3.10 Free camera ballpoint pen 

This is a capable device Record images, record audio, record video extremely clear. The gift is very useful for journalists who have to work on sensitive series. 

quà tặng bút camera
Exquisite, useful gift

3.11 Free recorder 

An indispensable item for journalists in the digital age is recorder. The recorder is small but very useful. This is definitely a favorite gift for journalists. 

quà tặng máy ghi âm
The gift that journalists love

3.12 Free wristwatch 

Watch It is also a convenient and meaningful gift for journalists. It helps them actively track their time and arrange their work properly. Wristwatches are accessories that make journalists more professional and well-groomed. 

quà tặng đồng hồ
Wristwatches – a polite gift for journalists

3.13 Free personal water bottle 

Journalists often have to work outside. You can choose to give them the water container individual. This is a useful personal gift when they go to practice writing outside. 

quà tặng bình nước
A simple gift that shows an intimate interest in journalists

3.14 Free thermos cup 

Thermo mugs is a pretty useful personal item for journalists. Their work requires concentration and alertness. Therefore, giving them a thermos cup used to hold hot drinks such as coffee and cocoa will be very practical. 

quà tặng cốc giữ nhiệt
Giving away handy thermos cups for journalists

3.15 Free backpack 

The typical job of journalists is to move or work. Therefore, you can choose to give them a backpack. Note, choose for them convenient backpacks, wide enough so that they can fit all the necessary work items. 

quà tặng balo
Giving useful backpacks to journalists

3.16 Giving away a model of a boat with smooth sailing

The gift is a very beautiful and luxurious decoration. The gift also conveys meaningful wishes for the convenience and luck to the journalists. 

quà tặng mô hình thuyền
Luxury decorative gift

3.17 Giving away gilded paintings 

Gold plated painting is a luxurious and meaningful souvenir. With many themes, each topic has its own meaning. Depending on the purpose, you can choose the appropriate theme to give. 

quà tặng tranh mạ vàng
Gold-plated paintings – meaningful souvenirs

3.18 Gift tie clip, flower brooch

With the specifics of their work, journalists often have to appear well-groomed. So you can choose tie clip for male journalist, hoặc brooch flowers for female journalists. This is a pretty delicate gift for journalists. 

quà tặng kẹp cài áo
Exquisite little gift

3.19 Donate books 

Book is one of the favorite gifts of any journalist. To sharpen their pen and develop in their profession, they have to read and learn a lot from books. Therefore, books are a meaningful gift choice for journalists. 

quà tặng sách
Books are a gift that journalists love

3.20 Free leather briefcase 

A leather briefcase Laptop can also be a practical gift that you can give to journalists. They will be very happy to receive this polite and meaningful gift. 

quà tặng ngày báo chi việt nam cặp da
Leather briefcase – a luxury gift

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4. Some meaningful wishes sent with gifts for Vietnam Press Day

  • On the occasion of Vietnam Press Day, I would like to send my best wishes to journalists for health and success in their careers. Wishing journalists to keep their pen in the ideological and cultural front. 
  • Journalism is a dangerous profession. Without passion, success is difficult. On the occasion of June 21, wish the journalists always hard-footed, keep the fire of passion for the profession forever. 
  • There are always dark areas of injustice in society. The pen of true journalists is like a flashlight shining into those dark corners, exposing it to light. On the occasion of Vietnam Press Day, may the writers' writers always be firm and honest!
  • On the occasion of Vietnam Press Day, I wish all journalists to be happy, calm, full of pen, and achieve much success in their careers. 
  • On the occasion of June 21, I wish you journalists always keep the fire of enthusiasm for the profession. Wish you always maintain the will, professional ethics, overcome difficulties and challenges, fulfill the mission of journalists!
  • The profession of journalism is glorious without a lack of hardships. True journalists are still making journalism worthy and proud every day. On the occasion of Vietnam Press Day, I wish all journalists good health and passion to contribute to the industry!
  • On the occasion of Vietnam Press Day, I would like to send my best wishes to journalists - unsung heroes in the ideological and cultural front. Society appreciates and honors your contributions!
  • On the occasion of June 21, I would like to wish all journalists a lot of health, ideas and passion for their work! Wishing you all success and happiness on your path!
  • On the occasion of Vietnam Press Day, I would like to wish all journalists good health and happiness. Wish everyone always keep a bright mind, with a sharp pen to let "How many ships do not carry - Stabbing a few crooks is not evil"!
  • Best wishes to true journalists on Vietnam Press Day! May the writer's pen always be firm to speak the truth and the voice of their hearts!

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6. Conclusion 

Above, Long Phuong Porcelain just released the top 20 dishes Vietnam Press Day gifts The most meanful. Hope the article helps readers choose the right gift to send to journalists!

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