In business, to strengthen relationships, businesses focus on creating catalysts. Giving gifts to partners or choosing souvenirs for partners as an implicit culture in business shows their heart to partners. At the same time, making the recipient feel happier and more attached to the brand. If you are still having trouble choosing gift for parners then this article was just for you. Let's read together!

Partner gifts show the close relationship between the company and partners
Partner gifts show the close relationship between the company and partners

1. Occasions to give gifts to certain partners cannot be missed

1.1. Tet gifts for partners

Tet is an important occasion, one of the opportunities for businesses to both create effective marketing campaigns and bring positive values ​​to partners through gift giving. Giving gifts on Tet holiday shows gratitude, cohesion and maintenance of bilateral cooperative relationships.

Bộ ấm chén  quà tặng đối tác cao cấp
High-class Porcelain White tea set PT1

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1.2. Housewarming gifts for partners

Housewarming is a particularly important event in the customs and habits of Vietnamese people. Receiving an invitation to a housewarming party, everyone must be thinking about gifts to celebrate the joy of the owner. Therefore, housewarming gifts both need to be unique, suitable and express the heart of the giver.

Bộ bát đĩa sứ trắng quà tặng đối tác ấn tượng
High-class white porcelain Tableware 8-11 items

1.3. Birthday gifts for partners

Birthday party is an important event, remembering and giving gifts to partners on their birthday will make the business relationship of the two parties more cohesive. Not only expressing affection and interest to your partner, but also helping the other person to be satisfied and happy to cooperate with you.

Quà tặng đối tác dịp sinh nhật
Lunar new year gifts for birthdays

1.4. Souvenirs for partners on the occasion of cooperation signing

On the occasion of the cooperation agreement, usually businesses will give souvenirs to the other party. Because this gift giving is like a good culture in business. Giving gifts to partners after signing cooperation shows respect, desire for happy cooperation and long-term commitment together.

Partner gifts

2. Suggest for you 15 unique and meaningful partner gifts

2.1. Male partner gifts

2.1.1. High-class tea set as a souvenir

Teapot is one of the indispensable items in every home, office, workplace. It is because of that usefulness that the teapot becomes a gift chosen by many businesses to give to their partners.

Bộ ấm chén viền vàng quà tặng đối tác cao cấp
High-class gold-rimmed porcelain tea set

2.1.2. Watches – Birthday gifts

Watches for men are a class of luxury and a measure of the underground economy. Not only brings elegance and style, but also shows social status. It can be understood that giving a wristwatch to a partner is to express gratitude, wishes, and gratitude. Therefore, the meaning of the gift of a watch in every case will also be different.

Đồng hồ đeo tay quà tặng đối tác

2.1.3. Porcelain mug set – Souvenir gifts for partners

The concept of Vietnam in particular and Eastern countries in general is that water is a symbol of full abundance. Give porcelain cup set on this occasion is considered extremely appropriate. The gift will replace wishes for relatives to have a lot of luck and fortune in the new year.

Bộ cốc sứ cao cấp quà tặng đối tác
High quality porcelain cup set

2.1.4. Wine – Housewarming gift

According to the traditional culture of Vietnamese people, on Tet holidays, housewarming or special days, people often give each other precious and delicious bottles of wine. The meaning of this wine gift is to wish each other a happy and successful start like the hard-working grains of rice creating the "most quintessential" wine drops of heaven and earth.

Wine as a partner gift
Wine as a partner gift

In addition to the above gifts, Long Phuong will suggest you some unique gift sets with logo printed, meaning to help you score more points in the eyes of your partners, helping your business relationship become closer.

Unique partner gift set
Unique partner gift set

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2.2. Female partner gifts

2.2.1. High quality porcelain dish set

Folk often have a saying "clean bowl is delicious rice", from ancient to present this saying is very true. Cooking is one of the special hobbies of women. So choose High quality porcelain dish set as a gift for the female partner is a perfect choice

Bộ quà tặng đối tác cao cấp sứ Hoa Tràm
Tableware 11 items with flower 06

2.2.2. Porcelain vases

Not only cooking and cooking, but flower arrangement is also an artistic hobby of women. Vases are also one of the items that women love and shop for. The giving vases for female partners to show your respect and sophistication for your partner. A gift that is both meaningful and aesthetically pleasing.

Lọ hoa sứ Sơn Thủy quà tặng đối tác
Landscape Porcelain Vase

2.2.3. Jewelry for female partners

For women, jewelry such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are indispensable things. Therefore, choosing to give jewelry will definitely make female partners happy and satisfied. However, it is necessary to find out carefully before giving jewelry to a female partner because jewelry is not merely an accessory that enhances the beauty of a woman, but also an item with many feng shui meanings. .

Trang sức quà tặng đối tác

2.2.4. Perfume for female partners

Perfume is considered as a "weapon" to raise the level of users, each different perfume scent represents a different style... Giving perfume to a female partner implies wishing you to become more and more perfect. , outstanding. This is definitely a gift that every woman will love, a very delicate gift.

Nước hoa quà tặng đối tác

2.2.5. High-class women's handbags

A handbag is a place to keep money and possessions. Therefore, the meaning of gifting handbags is the desire to bring a lot of fortune, quickly advance in career and have a lot of power. 

Túi xách nữ cao cấp quà tặng đối tác nữ
High-class women's handbags

2.3. Gifts for foreign partners

2.3.1. 3D Sand Painting

3D sand painting is an extremely artistic gift, suitable to be given in all different occasions. Especially for foreign partners, they love unique gifts, full of art and cultural characteristics of the country they cooperate with.

Tranh cát 3D quà tặng đối tác
3D Sand Painting

2.3.2. Model sailboat

It means wishing that all conversations and cooperation would be good and favorable. The sailing ship is a typical image in the business world. Because from the past, boats were a means of doing business, trading, using boats to transport goods to all parts of the world. Giving a foreign partner a gift of a sailboat model means wishing the partner all the best, all the luck, on trips that bring high profits.

Mô hình thuyền buồm quà tặng đối tác
Model sailboat

2.3.3. High quality patterned porcelain vase

Porcelain gifts become popular and become a unique beauty whether it is a state-owned enterprise or a private enterprise. Through that gift, the recipient can realize the core values ​​​​and strengthen the relationship with his partner. If given to foreign partners, ceramic gifts will become a catalyst to increase the strength of the relationship between both businesses and customers.

Bình gốm sứ hoa văn quà tặng đối tác
Patterned ceramic & porcelain vase

2.3.4. Gold-plated Bronze Drum Model

The bronze drum is considered a symbol of power of the leaders, those who have power and authority. Rich patterns are depicted, depicting truthfully the daily life of people in the period of nation building, which people still think are submerged in the fog of Vietnamese legends. Bronze drums have become gifts for relatives, especially international guests.

Mô hình trống đồng quà tặng đối tác
Bronze drum model

2.3.5. Classic patterned teapot set

Like 3D sand paintings, Classic patterned teapot It is not only a tea container, but it also shows the spirit of ceramics imbued with the nation's culture. Giving foreign partners a gift that is both useful and imbued with national identity and pride in international cooperation. The gift will help you score full points in the eyes of your partner.

Bộ ấm chén họa tiết cổ điển quà tặng đối tác
Classic patterned teapot set

3. Some notes when choosing gifts for partners

3.1. Choose the right partner gift for the time and culture

Each region has different customs and traditions, and each occasion has its own taboos, so when giving gifts, you need to learn to be able to choose the right gifts. Avoid accidental situations that should not happen.

3.2. Before giving gifts, it is necessary to find out about the information and preferences of the partner

Each partner has their own preferences, so to avoid giving items that your partner doesn't like or hates, you should invest the time to learn a little about the personality and style of each partner.

3.3. Priority is given to the selection of gifts of high artistic and cultural value

For foreign partners, priority should be given to choosing gifts with national cultural characteristics. Specifically, when a Japanese partner comes to Vietnam, you can give some gifts to your partner as a souvenir such as:

  • Vietnamese Ao Dai: This is a typical Vietnamese costume.
  • Ceramics: This is a unique partner gift for Japanese customers
  • Golden Rice Flower or oil paintings are delicately and meticulously crafted
Gifts for Japan partner
Gifts for Japan partner

4. Conclusion

The above article is a list of suggestions for gifts for partners that are both delicate, unique, and meaningful and artistic. Hope this article can help you and your business to choose the most suitable gift.

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