Types of dishes in the restaurant It is an important and indispensable tool. Depending on the style of the restaurant, there will be different types of plates needed. Together Long Phuong Porcelain Shop Find out the indispensable dishes in the restaurant through this article!

1. The role of dishes in the restaurant

With the main role of containing food, forks also play an important role in creating the aesthetics of each dish. 

Same goes for any guest. A complete delicious meal must be a harmonious combination of both delicious and beautiful. And one of the factors that contributes to increasing the aesthetics of the dish as well as bringing the best experience to customers is the use of appropriate and high-class dishes. 

In order for a dish to have its full aesthetic appeal, the dish usually has to be presented on a plate. Therefore, the role of the forks is very much chosen by the restaurants. 

Have a lot of dishes used in restaurants designed in a variety of designs and styles. Depending on the typical style of each restaurant to have the most suitable choice. 

vai trò của đĩa chén
Displaying food on a plate helps the dish become more delicious and attractive.

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2. List of plates in a European-style restaurant 

Types of internal discs European style restaurant thường hay sử dụng là plain white porcelain plate, no or very little vignette. White porcelain plates go well with most different styles. In addition, white porcelain plates also help to show dishes clearly and attractively, especially easy to clean and wash. 

European restaurants usually serve each dish in the order of: starter, main course, dessert... The dishes will be presented on each plate and sent to each person. 

Therefore, Types of plates in European restaurants required:

  • Show plate. This plate usually has a large size, from over 28 cm in diameter, placed in front of the seat, each seat position is a positioning plate. This is also the most used plate, used to eat the main dish and dessert during the meal. 
  • Appetizer plate. This plate is used for serving appetizers such as salad, placed on a platter, about 18-22cm in size.
  • Soup plate. Usually use a deep dish.
  • Lining plate. This plate is used to support the soup plate. 
  • Bread and butter plate. This plate will be placed above the locating plate, about 15cm in size.
  • Dessert plate. With a size of about 18cm, this plate is used for desserts such as fruits, cakes ...
dĩa ăn trên bàn ăn kiểu âu
European restaurants use a variety of forks for personal use.

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3. List of plates in Asian-style restaurants

Different from the style of European restaurants, the plates in Asian restaurants are simpler. Forks are often used to hold common dishes such as stir-fries, meat, fish, etc. 

Types of plates in Asian restaurants usually like:

  • Large communal dishes. This type of plate usually has a variety of shapes from round, square, oval, leaf-shaped, fish-shaped, flower-shaped ...
  • Millet plate. This plate is used to place under the bowl of rice, soup, soup...
  • Dessert plate. 
  • Plates, used under the cup of tea, coffee ...
dĩa ăn trong bàn ăn kiểu á
The Asian-style dining table uses many large shared plates.

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4. Criteria for choosing dishes in restaurants 

Each restaurant will have its own criteria for choosing plates to match the specific style of that restaurant. However, there are still general criteria for choosing forks that restaurants should refer to:

Safe quality

Because forks are tools that directly contain food, in direct contact with diners. Therefore, choose quality forks, which are tested for safety, ensuring that there are no residual heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, etc., which can be harmful to users. 

High durability

The dishes used in the restaurant are often hit hard, chipped, and broken. Therefore, priority should be given to choosing forks with strong, durable materials that can withstand strong impacts. 

Style - color matches the menu

Each restaurant has its own style, so there is a wide selection of textures. But, plain white porcelain without texture is still the most suitable and luxurious choice. Porcelain white color helps to respect the beauty of the dish. At the same time is a neutral color, suitable for most restaurant styles. In particular, in European-style restaurants, they often use white porcelain. 

Choosing white porcelain is also beneficial for replacement when the utensils are chipped. 

các loại dĩa ăn sứ trắng
Choosing white porcelain dishes accentuates the beauty of the dish.


Please refer to information on market prices. Restaurant Owners You should also choose the direct production unit. When buying, you will receive the best price, discount, and after-sales policy.  

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5. Where to buy the dishes in the restaurant?

Long Phuong Porcelain –  The leading manufacturer and supplier of household porcelain for the hotel restaurant market across Vietnam. 

With more than 20 years of experience in the household porcelain industry, Long Phuong's products are guaranteed to meet all standards used in hotels and restaurants. 

Lead-free, cadmium-free products

All products are periodically tested to ensure no residual heavy metal chemicals, safe for users' health. 

Diverse and convenient products

With more than 500 product models, convenient and suitable for the needs of restaurants and hotels. 

High durability

With high-quality white porcelain, fired at 1380 degrees Celsius, the porcelain is durable and resistant to impact. Elegant white porcelain color, suitable for many spaces. At the same time, it is very easy to replace when broken or chipped. 

Long Phuong's household porcelain products not only enhance the aesthetics, but also help keep the full flavor of the dish.

dishes in the restaurant
Long Phuong Porcelain has many luxurious white porcelain dishes for the restaurant.

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6. Conclusion

Above, Long Phuong Porcelain just provided readers with information about dishes in the restaurant. Hopefully, the article is useful to readers! 

sứ long phương
Visit Long Phuong Porcelain to refer to many high-class household porcelain samples for hotels and restaurants!

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