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How many days left until Western New Year 2025? Details of the Western New Year holiday schedule

New Year, also known as Western New Year, is a spring celebration that marks the first day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar. The 2024 Western New Year is approaching, with Long Phuong Porcelain to answer the question of how many days until the 2024 Western New Year and the details of the specific Tet holiday schedule in the article below.

mua sắm tết

What do you need to prepare for Tet? Tell the new bride a complete and complete Tet shopping list.

What do you need to prepare for Tet? For experienced mothers, this question is easy to answer. However, for new maters such as new brides and newly married couples, it is a real headache. Assured! Reading this article by Long Phuong Porcelain, you will know what you need to buy for Tet in the most complete way, no excess, no shortage, economical but still complete.

2/9 have a few days off

How many days off on September 2? How much pay do you get for September 2nd holiday?

According to the 2019 Labor Code, in Clause 1 and Clause 3 of Article 112 on the holiday regime on September 2, it is stipulated: "...employees are entitled to a National Day holiday lasting 02 days (including September 2 solar calendar and 01 day immediately before or after). Therefore, to answer the question "How many days off will September 2 have?", this year, September 2, 2023, employees will have a maximum of 4 days off, starting from September 1 and lasting until September 4. /9.

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