Today, caring about employees' lives through gift giving, food selection employee gifts meaningful and practical on special occasions is how businesses effectively motivate and retain employees. The following Long Phuong Porcelain will suggest gifts for office workers and longtime employees, businesses can refer to.

Gợi ý các món quà tặng nhân viên ý nghĩa
Suggest some meaningful and special employee gifts

1. Why should businesses prepare employee gifts on occasions?

1.1 Meaning of employee gifts

Items employee gifts usually not of high value but in return has great spiritual value for them. 

Each gift has its own meaning. It not only shows the business's thoughtful attention to the spiritual life of its employees. It also shows the connection between businesses and employees. 

Moreover, after all, each gift is a great spiritual encouragement to the recipient. 

1.2 What occasions should you prepare employee gifts?

Choose a simple gift that shows sophistication and elegance, suitable for each occasion. Businesses should not forget to change gifts each year to bring a new feeling, making employees curious and looking forward to that gift more. The following are occasions when businesses should give gifts to employees:

Year-end gifts for employees

The end of the year is an occasion for businesses to hold a year-end party and reward excellent employees and honor those who have contributed to the company. Therefore, the reward gift for excellent employees should be carefully selected to express the heart as well as honor these individuals.

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Long-time employee gifts

More than anything, long-time employees who have been with the company are individuals who deserve to be honored on every special occasion. Gifts for employees for many years not only to honor and reward them, but also to retain talented people to contribute more to the development of the business. Therefore, preparing gifts for long-time employees will need to be prepared more carefully and respectfully. 

quà tặng nhân viên lâu năm
More than anything, longtime employees are individuals who deserve to be honored every special occasion.

Birthday gifts for employees

Not only year-end or summary, businesses also need to pay attention to employee birthdays. It doesn't need to be organized by day, businesses can organize birthdays by month or quarter for employees to express care and appreciation for the company's personnel. Employee birthday gift need to be prepared in advance, are simple gifts but bring great spiritual value to them. 

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2. Suggestions for meaningful and practical employee gifts that businesses should know

2.1. Porcelain dish set 

Top top mentioned when give employee gifts is a set of porcelain dishes, this is definitely the most practical gift for everyone. In addition to being used to store daily food and remind you of your business's brand, porcelain dinnerware sets are also decorative items for your kitchen.

Bộ bát đĩa quà tặng nhân viên thiết thực
Long Phuong Porcelain flower dish set

2.2. Premium tea set 

A high-end tea set will be a great idea when choosing a gift for office employees who have worked for the business for a long time. They have made many contributions to the business over a long period of time. Therefore, gifts for them should also be gifts of high value. Choose a high-quality tea set with a white, glossy, smooth enamel coating that does not contain toxic substances. Porcelain is fired at high temperatures so the surface is resistant to scratches, peeling, fading and is easy to clean throughout use. This is the most luxurious and high-class gift suitable for employees at the end of the year.

Bộ ấm chén quà tặng nhân viên cao cấp
Quan Ho Long Phuong Cup set

2.3. Office coffee cup

Coffee cups are the most popular items used today as gifts for office workers. Some white porcelain coffee cups are often printed with the business logo as gifts for employees. It is also a way to highlight the business's brand. Porcelain coffee cups with thick porcelain, reduced temperature when using hot water, diverse and modern designs will be the choice for businesses looking to buy.

Bộ cốc sứ quà tặng nhân viên
Long Phuong cup & mug

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2.4. Gift box – Confectionery & fruit

Baskets or gift boxes of sweets & fruits are always the brightest faces for special occasions and for all audiences. Businesses often choose gift baskets full of confectionery, jam and wine, etc. as gifts for employees, both meaningful and practical.

Giỏ bánh kẹo quà tặng nhân viên dịp lễ Tết
Gift box – Confectionery & fruit

2.5. Envelope

Envelopes show the concern and encouragement of superiors to subordinates. This is also very practical when it is possible to help them with common expenses. Besides, the bonus is also seen as a representation of the effort; employee dedication. That will motivate them to try harder.

quà tặng nhân viên thiết thực
Bonuses are also seen as a representation of employees' efforts

2.6. Flowerpots for the table 

In addition to desk decoration shelves, tabletop porcelain flower vases are also an item employee gifts ý nghĩa thường xuyên được sử dụng. Những chiếc lọ hoa đẹp và phù hợp sẽ vừa tạo được thiện cảm với nhân viên, vừa thể hiện sự chu đáo của bạn trong cách đối xử với nhân viên của mình.

Lọ hoa để bàn quà tặng nhân viên
Long Phuong high-quality porcelain flower vase is a great and meaningful gift choice.

2.7. Give gift-card & voucher

Besides the in-kind gifts, the vouchers of the brand stores are equally practical; helping employees to comfortably shop for Tet items for their families and themselves.

Dùng thẻ hoặc voucher làm quà tặng nhân viên
Gift card và voucher

2.8. Decorative wall clock

Another very meaningful gift that you can use as a employee gift is a wall clock. Wall clocks with many different sizes and designs will be a unique and meaningful decoration for employees.  

Đồng hồ treo tường quà tặng nhân viên giá rẻ
Decorative wall clock

2.9. Umbrellas with company logo printed

Whether the weather is sunny or rainy, an umbrella, hand-held umbrella is always a priority choice for office workers. Therefore, this product is also often used as a employee gift on special occasions. At the same time, these umbrellas are suitable for the majority of individuals and families, thereby showing your care for each of your employees.

Bộ ô dù in logo làm quà tặng nhân viên
Hand-held umbrellas

2.10. Average Thermostats

Thermos bottle is also a employee gift often chosen by large companies and enterprises. Thermostats are very popular items for office workers today. Therefore, this is a practical gift and is loved by many employees.

Bình giữ nhiệt quà tặng nhân viên
Average Thermostats

2.11. Office lunch box

The office lunch box is also a very suitable item for your business to use as a employee gift by its practical value. This exquisite gift will show the affection and care and thoughtfulness of the business to its employees.

Hộp cơm văn phòng quà tặng nhân viên
Office lunch box

2.12. Backup charger

Nowadays, smartphones are seen as “an inseparable object” for many people. Frequent use of the phone causes this device to run out of battery at any time. In case you have an important job to solve but the phone runs out of battery, it's dangerous, isn't it? A "gift of technology" is really a "savior" right now. Power banks are convenient technology items that companies can choose to give as gifts to office workers, students or any customer using smartphones.

Sạc dự phòng quà tặng nhân viên
Backup charger

2.13. Notebook and pen

This is a gift that is often used when the company needs to give gifts to employees. Notebooks and pens are very useful items for everyone, especially office workers. Using leather notebooks as gifts is an opportunity for employees to keep company's message and image, and come to a long-term commitment to their current job.

Sổ tay và bút kí làm quà tặng nhân viên
Notebook and pen

2.14. Helmet

Currently, instead of beautiful gifts that are uniquely and impressively decorated, gifts for daily life are more appreciated by customers. With the current traffic situation of Vietnam, motorbikes are one of the most popular means of transport. An average person uses a motorbike for 3 to 5 hours a day, depending on the quality of work as well as living habits. That's why gift helmets is an extremely practical and necessary gift for employees.

Mũ bảo hiểm làm quà tặng nhân viên

2.15. Raincoat with company logo printed

Whether it's sunny or rainy, the weather also slightly affects going to work, so a raincoat with the company logo printed on it is also a preferred choice as a gift. Raincoats will be useful items for employees on sudden rainy days, making traveling no longer inconvenient.

Áo mưa in logo quà tặng nhân viên  độc đáo
Raincoat with company logo printed

2.16. Office sleeping bag

Having a nap after a tiring morning is the dream of many office workers. A lovely and soft office sleeping bag will be a gift that exceeds expectations for those who work with computers all day. The office sleeping bag is a practical gift for those who want to rest and value health from sleep.

Office sleeping bag
Office sleeping bag

2.17. Mini desktop tree

Desktop bonsai is one of the most loved gifts by women and is often placed at the desk as a decoration. In addition, green plants also help filter the air and bring luck to the owner. Therefore, this is considered one of the meaningful gifts chosen as gifts for office workers. What's better than when the gift that your business gives is always placed on the staff's table and carefully taken care of by them.

quà tặng cây phong thuỷ mini
Mini desktop tree

2.18. Balo

Backpacks are also one of the most meaningful and practical employee gifts today. The company's typical color backpacks will be a gift that both shows goodwill to employees and as a bright spot to impress the community. And when this gift is noticed and loved by everyone, your company can also be known more.

quà tặng balo
Company logo printed backpack

2.19. Household appliances

One of the gifts for useful employees to mention here is the kitchen appliances. A long time working in the outside environment will be compensated by delicious weekend meals, with family, so kitchen appliances are really a meaningful gift that businesses should pay attention to.

quà tặng gia dụng
Household appliances in the kitchen

2.20. Technological

Technology products are also listed as gifts for excellent employees. Gifts that bring great value make employees feel excited and amazed when receiving or using them. Businesses can choose to give wireless headphones, power banks, smart watches, etc., which are very reasonable. This is also an extremely attractive gift idea for office workers.

quà tặng công nghệ
Air purifier

2.21 Giftset công nghệ 

Bộ giftset công nghệ bao gồm những món đồ như: sạc dự phòng, sạc đa năng, tai nghe, usb, chuột không dây… Đây đều là những món đồ hữu ích và cực kỳ thiết thực với nhân viên văn phòng. 

tặng giftset công nghệ
Món quà vừa sang trọng lại rất hữu ích đối với nhân viên văn phòng.

2.22 Mỹ phẩm 

Quà tặng là mỹ phẩm luôn có sức hút đặc biệt đối với nhân viên nữ. Doanh nghiệp nên lựa chọn những hãng mỹ phẩm uy tín để bảo đảm chất lượng cho món quà. 

tặng mỹ phẩm
Quà tặng mỹ phẩm rất được lòng chị em nhân viên.

2.23 Sách 

Sách luôn là món quà tặng ý nghĩa trong mọi trường hợp, lại cũng rất đa dạng về chủ đề. Do vậy, doanh nghiệp hoàn toàn có thể lựa chọn những cuốn sách theo chủ đề phù hợp để tặng cho nhân viên của mình. 

tặng sách
Sách là món quà tri thức nhiều ý nghĩa.

2.24 Vali du lịch

Vali sẽ là món quà thiết thực dành cho nhân viên khi họ là những người thường xuyên phải đi công tác. Đây cũng là món quà gợi nhắc đầy ý nghĩa về sự gắn kết giữa nhân với với doanh nghiệp.

Vali – món quà thiết thực theo chân người nhận trong mỗi hành trình xê dịch.

2.25 Túi tote

Túi tote là một trong những item yêu thích của các bạn trẻ, là phụ kiện thời trang với nhiều công năng, dùng được khi đi chơi, đi mua sắm, du lịch…Do đó, đây là món quà tặng nhân viên giản dị nhưng hữu ích, đặc biệt là đối với các bạn nhân viên trẻ có phong cách đơn giản.

Túi tote trẻ trung năng động.

2.26 Gối kê cổ 

Món quà nhỏ những hữu ích, gối ôm sát vùng cổ giúp người dùng được bảo vệ phần đầu và cổ, đặc biệt tiện ích khi di chuyển trên xe. Đây là món quà được nhiều doanh nghiệp sử dụng để tặng nhân viên. 

tặng gối kê
Gối kê cổ chữ U là món quà êm ái thiết thực.

2.27 Đồng hồ đeo tay 

Một chiếc đồng hồ đeo tay lịch lãm sẽ là món quà sang trọng mà doanh nghiệp có thể gửi tặng tới những nhân viên ưu tú. 

tặng đồng hồ đeo tay
Đồng hồ đeo tay là món quà tặng lịch sự.

2.28 Trang trang trí

Doanh nghiệp có thể lựa chọn những bức tranh phù hợp, được đóng khung với kích thước nhỏ gọn. Đây chắc chắn là món quà lưu niệm đầy ý nghĩa cho người được nhận. 

tặng tranh
Tranh giấy xoắn nghệ thuật làm quà tặng vừa thẩm mỹ vừa ý nghĩa.

2.29 Lịch để bàn 

Đây là món đồ không thể thiếu đối với nhân viên văn phòng, giúp họ lên kế hoạch, sắp xếp công việc… Do đó, lịch để bàn là món quà thực sự thiết thực mà doanh nghiệp có thể tặng nhân viên. 

tặng lịch để bàn
Lịch để bàn là món quà thiết thực với mọi nhân viên văn phòng.

2.30 Cà phê 

Cà phê luôn là thức uống được dân văn phòng ưa thích, giúp họ tỉnh táo, mang đến nhiều ý tưởng đột phá cho doanh nghiệp. Vì vậy, đây chắc chắn là món quà cực kỳ thiết thực mà doanh nghiệp có thể dành tặng nhân viên. 

tặng cà phê
Quà tặng thức uống thiết thực.

3. Experiences when choosing gifts for employees

3.1 Choose meaningful and highly practical gifts

The gift does not need to be too expensive, but it must be meaningful and practical. Businesses should choose gifts that are highly applicable and can be used for a long time. 

3.2 Appreciate both quality and aesthetics 

When choosing gifts for employees, gift choosers should carefully pay attention to both the quality and appearance of the gift. Don't let the gift be too sketchy. Let the gift recipient feel the thoughtfulness and meticulousness of the business.  

3.3 Gifts with corporate imprints

Simply by printing a brand logo, businesses can create unique gifts. Employees receiving gifts also feel closer and more attached to the gift.  

3.4 Suitable for each object and each time 

The sophistication and skill when giving gifts is also shown in the fact that the gift given must be appropriate to the person and at the right time. So that the recipient when receiving the gift does not feel that the gift is out of place or "ungainly" to them. 

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4. Long Phuong Porcelain – Address to provide gifts reputable staff

Through the above sharing of Long Phuong Porcelain, businesses certainly have more ideas to choose gifts for office workers on special occasions. The gifts given are not only to express thanks, but also to promote work morale and increase the closeness between employees and the business. 

Your business needs to find and buy products porcelain gifts Then choose Long Phuong Porcelain. The company is a reputable high-end ceramic production unit with more than 20 years of experience in the field of Vietnamese ceramics, product coverage up to 63 provinces and cities, accepting logo printing on tea sets, dishes, mug.

Going to Long Phuong, always take the customer as the focus, always listen and understand the wishes, psychology and contributions of customers to constantly improve quality. With production capacity: 100,000 porcelain products a day, Long Phuong Porcelain is confident to be the leading supplier of employee gifts in the country.

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5. Conclusion

Above, Long Phuong Porcelain Just suggested to readers the top 20 dishes employee gifts meaningful office. Hope you choose suitable gifts for your employees! Don't forget to visit Long Phuong Porcelain's website to see more high-end household porcelain gift samples!

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