Tet is an opportunity for businesses to send partners gifts to express gratitude, as well as strengthen the relationship between the two sides. If your business is wondering what to choose Tet gifts for partners, please refer to the suggestions of 30 meaningful Tet gifts for your partners in the article below Long Phuong Porcelain

món quà thể hiện tri ân, gắn kết hai bên
Suggestions for luxurious, meaningful gifts for partners.

1. 30 Tet gift ideas for partners not to be missed

Kim Lai tea set 

As an exclusive design of Long Phuong, the Kim Lai tea set is designed in a European style, simple, not fussy but still exudes a modern beauty full of personality. 24K gold border details create a luxurious and outstanding look for the product. This definitely is luxury holiday gift, classy gift for partners. 

bộ trà kim lai
The luxurious beauty of Kim Lai tea set is suitable as a gift for VIP partners.

Eclipse tea set 

Designed in royal style, extremely luxurious design, with flexible, stylized lines. The eclipse pattern is brought to life by skilled craftsmen, adding to the delicate beauty of the product. The Eclipse tea set is definitely a classy gift  for partners this Tet. 

bộ trà nhật thực
A splendid and artistic tea set is a high-class gift for your partner.

Ma Dao tea set 

The tea set attracts attention because of its bold Asian motifs with the image of heroic horses galloping along the Silk Road. This is a classy, ​​luxurious gift that businesses can send to their VIP partners. The product set will replace the giver and send the recipient wishes of "success".

bộ trà mã đáo
A gift that is both aesthetic and classy for your partner.

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For male partners, giving them an elegant watch as a Tet gift is also a very impressive gift suggestion. This is a gift that is both useful and luxurious, showing the thoughtfulness and sophistication of the business. 

đồng hồ đeo tay
Polite gift for partner.

Lac Hong tea set 

Inspired by the unique patterns on the surface of Vietnamese bronze drums, artisan Long Phuong vividly depicts unique traditional patterns on white porcelain, conveying the desire to create and sublimate in the journey to achieve success. future! The Lac Hong tea set is extremely worthy as a gift imbued with Southern culture for foreign partners.

bộ trà lạc hồng
Set of teapots and cups with bold traditional cultural colors.

Son Thuy tea set

The ancient beauty of Kinh Bac's hometown was skillfully artistically crafted by artisan Long Phuong on a white porcelain background, exuding a charming, elegant beauty for a traditional tea set. Son Thuy tea set is an elegant and meaningful gift for partners during Tet. 

bộ trà sơn thuỷ
The elegant traditional tea set is very practical as a gift for your partner.

Thien Ma tea set 

Inspired by the Thien Ma motif - the mascot in legends, the Thien Ma tea set conveys the meaning of flying high, flying far, and the power to quickly win at work. The product set is both a practical and meaningful gift for partners. 

bộ trà thiên mã
Thien Ma tea set is a meaningful gift to give to your partner.


Wine is always one of the trendy Tet gifts that businesses love to send to their partners. Not only luxurious, wine also means luck and prosperity, conveying wishes for a happy and prosperous new year. 

rượu vang
Wine is a fairly common gift during Tet.

Feng shui statue 

During Tet, Vietnamese people often buy feng shui objects with the hope of welcoming good fortune and luck for the new year. Therefore, choosing feng shui statues such as: mascot statues, or gods of wealth, local people... are also gifts that many partners love. 

tượng phong thuỷ
Business people love gifts with feng shui meaning.

Quan Ho tea set 

The Quan Ho tea set is an exclusive design, conveying the enthusiasm and pride of Long Phuong - a son of Quan Ho homeland about the precious traditional values ​​of his homeland. The product set not only enhances the traditional and elegant beauty of the home tea space, but is also a unique gift with many humanistic meanings for friends and partners. 

bộ trà quan họ
The tea set imbued with traditional culture is very impressive as a gift for a major partner.

Tet gift basket

Tet gift baskets with a variety of items from candy, medicinal tea... beautifully decorated with vibrant colors are meaningful traditional gifts to send to partners. This is also a very practical gift, with this gift, customers can use it to worship their ancestors. 

giỏ quà tết
Traditional Tet gifts.

Hoang Kim dinnerware set 

Designed in Nordic style, the clear porcelain white color scheme, shiny enamel layer, with the highlight of sparkling 24k gold strokes, enhance the gentle and pure beauty of the Hoang Kim dinnerware set. The product set is a luxurious and elegant gift that you can give to your partner this Tet holiday. 

bộ bát hoàng kim
Luxurious, practical gift for female partners.

Ao Dai 

If your business wants to choose gifts for female customers, ao dai is a meaningful choice. Vietnamese women often like to wear ao dai during Tet, so giving your female partner an ao dai will definitely make a strong impression on them. 

áo dài
Exquisite gift for female partner.

Feng shui wall paintings 

Just like feng shui statues, feng shui wall paintings are also one of the Tet gifts for partners chosen by many businesses. Vietnamese people believe that hanging feng shui paintings in the house helps bring luck and prosperity to the homeowner. There are many wall painting themes for businesses to choose from such as: successful code, smooth sailing,...

tranh phong thuỷ
Dragon wall painting given to partners in the year of the Dragon.

Lucky Worship dish set 

Simple design, durable and timeless white porcelain color, the Cat Tuong dinnerware set is a gift that means good luck and all good things. The product set is a practical, traditional gift to give to partners on Tet holiday. 

bộ bát cát tường
The gift means luck and goodness.

Sum Vay porcelain cup

The patterns on the Sum Vay ceramic mug depict the feelings about family and homeland that all of us sometimes drift away from. With a modern cocoa-shaped design and convenient lid, the Sum Vay porcelain mug is both a practical and humane gift to send to partners on the occasion of spring. 

cốc sứ sum vầy
Giving your partner a ceramic cup means a long-term bond.

Kim Lai flowerpot 

This is a dedicated, exclusive design of Long Phuong Porcelain. The design of the flowerpot simulates splendid skyscrapers in the European night sky - inspiration in the movie "Metropolis" by Fritz Lang. The entire golden border pattern on the flower vase is painted with 24K real gold. Not only demonstrating the trend of simplicity in design but still possessing luxurious beauty, Kim Lai flower vases are the perfect gift for partners during the New Year. 

lọ hoa kim lai
A gift that sends a message of desire to reach a prosperous future.

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Koi fish flower pot 

This is the unique design of Long Phuong porcelain. Unlike traditional flower vases, Koi fish flower vases are designed in the form of a hexagon with 6 balanced sides, symbolizing durability, steadfastness and steadfastness. A special highlight is the image of the yin and yang Koi fish symbolizing strength, luck, fortune, balance and harmony. Koi fish flower vases are very suitable as gifts for Earth element partners.

lọ hoa cá koi
Unique feng shui gift for Earth element partner.

Kim Lai dinnerware set 

The product set is designed in a neoclassical style full of flowers and sophistication. Extremely contrasting colors make the product stand out. The soft, symmetrical curved arch pattern painted in 24k gold becomes a charming highlight, bringing luxury to the dining table space. This is an extremely luxurious gift for partners this Tet.

bộ bát kim lai
Luxurious Kim Lai tableware given to partners.

Cam Vi dinnerware set 

With the desire to make the dining table more attractive and attractive, artist Long Phuong used small but gorgeous flower petals as a highlight for the Cam Vi dinnerware set. This luxurious set of high-quality porcelain dishes is definitely an indulgent Tet gift for your partner. 

bộ cẩm vi
Practical gift for female partners.

Sim is rich 

Beautiful SIM numbers are always loved by business people because of the feng shui meaning it brings. Rich SIm brings luck and wealth. Not only that, rich SIM also shows the class position of the owner. Therefore, rich sim is a gift that any businessman loves. 

sim số đẹp
A beautiful SIM number shows the class status of the user.

Union Worship dish set 

With a minimalist timeless style, the Doan Vien dinnerware set easily blends with any culinary space from modern to traditional. The product set is a meaningful gift that conveys a message of togetherness and reunion for partners this spring.

bộ bát đoàn viên
The gift is a wish of reunion sent to customers.

Nhu Y dinnerware set 

The elegant white porcelain color helps the dining table space become more sophisticated. Nhu Y dinnerware set, on behalf of the business, sends favorable wishes to partners this Tet. This is definitely a traditional yet extremely meaningful gift for your partner.

bộ như ý
A traditional yet luxurious gift for your partner.

Functional foods 

The trend of giving health gifts has also been on the rise in recent years. Many businesses choose functional food gift sets to give to partners. The gift is not only healthy and practical but also shows the giver's deep care for the recipient.  

thực phẩm chức năng
Functional food gifts are loved by many people.

Happiness dinnerware set 

The Hanh Phuc dish set stands out with its shiny, smooth enamel layer, high-quality, refined ceramic material, safe for users. The product set represents businesses to send their partners happy new year wishes.

bộ hạnh phúc
Gift set of high quality lead-free, cadmium-free ceramic dishes.

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Silk scarf 

Another delicate gift suggestion for female partners is a silk scarf. This is an extremely gentle and delicate gift. When choosing this gift, you need to pay attention to the gift recipient's fashion taste to choose the right color. 

khăn lụa
Elegant gift for female partner.


If your partner is a nature lover and likes to grow plants, a tabletop bonsai tree will be a unique and wonderful gift for them. Furthermore, during Tet, Vietnamese people believe that trees are a source of fortune, and giving trees means bringing fortune into the house. Therefore, this is a lucky gift loved by many people. 

cây bonsai
Giving a tree means many blessings.

Regional specialties

In recent years, people have loved regional specialty gifts, often foods such as candy, fruits, nuts, etc. These gifts not only represent the unique culture of their hometown. incense but also shows the respect and intimacy of the giver to his or her partner.  

đặc sản
A gift from the countryside to convey love.


Perfume is considered a luxurious gift that many businesses choose to give to sophisticated partners. With a gift that requires sophistication like this, you should find out the recipient's preferences so you can choose their favorite scent. The recipient will feel very satisfied by your thoughtfulness. 

nước hoa
Luxurious and sophisticated gifts.


If your partner is female, you can absolutely think about choosing jewelry as a Tet gift for them. Every woman likes to dress up during Tet. Therefore, a beautiful piece of jewelry such as a necklace, earrings... will be an extremely popular gift for women. 

đồ trang sức
Your female partner will be very impressed with this exquisite gift.

Electronic gadgets

In the age of technology, electronic devices are loved by many people. Therefore, this is also a Tet gift for your partner that cannot be missed. For important partners, you can choose to give them modern technology items such as smartphones, iPads, smart watches... which will definitely leave a good impression on them. 

đồ công nghệ
Modern gift.

Fashionable wallet 

High-end fashion wallets are also a great gift choice that you can give to your partner. The male partner gives a wallet, the female partner gives a handbag. You should choose purses and wallets from professional fashion brands so that the gift is not only practical but also enhances the elegance of both the gift and the giver. 

túi ví
Polite gifts for partners.

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2. Meaning of Tet gifts for partners 

Lunar New Year is not only an important holiday for Vietnamese people but also marks the end of the old year and the beginning of a new year full of hope. In that atmosphere, giving Tet gifts to partners is not simply an act of sending congratulations but also carries many profound meanings. 

Tet gifts are not only gratitude but also show appreciation and maintain a long-term partnership. This is an opportunity to express gratitude for the cooperation, consensus and trust throughout the past year.

Tet gifts contribute to creating a close bond between businesses and partners, creating opportunities to build and strengthen long-term relationships, as a foundation for future development.

Give Tet gifts to partners not only shows thoughtful care but also helps businesses build a professional image and build trust from partners. 

ý nghĩa tặng quà tết
Tet gifts show gratitude and connection between businesses and partners.

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3. What gift should you give your partner for Tet? Trend of Tet gifts for partners 

In recent years, the trend Tet gifts for partners Businesses often choose gift groups such as: 

  • Traditional Tet gifts: cakes, candy, jam, wine, nutritious nuts...
  • Practical Tet gifts: teapots, dishes, plates, pots and pans…
  • Feng shui Tet gifts: paintings, statues, fortune-attracting vases...
  • Health gifts for Tet: functional foods, bird's nest, ginseng...

4. Be careful when choosing a Tet gift for your partner

Để chọn được Tet gift for partner meaningful and appropriate, you need to note: 

Gifts need to be appropriate for the recipient

It is important that when choosing a gift for your partner or anyone, you also need to pay attention to what kind of gift will be suitable for the recipient. Therefore, it is necessary to observe and learn about each gift recipient to choose the most satisfactory gifts. 

Choose a reputable and professional gift supplier. 

To buy quality Tet gifts for your partners, you should choose reputable, professional suppliers or manufacturers that have received many good feedback from customers. 

Consider financial conditions 

Tet gifts sent to partners are essentially deep gratitude and wishes for a prosperous new year. Therefore, the gift should not be too simple, but it also does not need to be too expensive. You should balance your business's financial conditions to find suitable gift options. 

The chosen gift should be practical

Don't chase too much after beautiful designs and ignore the value of each gift. A beautiful gift that cannot be used will easily be forgotten. Therefore, you should consider choosing gifts that the recipient can use regularly, to turn each use into a familiar reminder that makes users remember your brand. 

quà tết tặng đối tác cần tinh tế thiết thực
It is highly recommended to give your partner gifts that are both functional and aesthetic.

The gift needs to be groomed before giving it 

When you have the heart to give your partner thoughtful gifts, remember to wrap them carefully. And don't forget to check the quality of the item before delivering it to the recipient. The gift recipient will feel your thoughtfulness through the gift packaging, thereby, having a greater impression of your brand. 

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5. When and how to give a Tet gift to your partner in a sophisticated way?

Just because we have a gift to give doesn't mean we can give it at any time. "Giving is not as good as giving", in order for the gift to become delicate and thoughtful, bringing comfort to both the recipient and the giver, it is necessary to choose the right time to give the gift. 

  • About 15 - 20 days before Tet is the ideal time to send Tet gifts to partners. 
  • Make an appointment to meet your partner at a suitable location where both you and your partner feel comfortable.
  • Gifts should also be given in person instead of asking someone to help deliver them. If for any force majeure reason, you should use a shipping service, along with a letter so that your partner can feel your sincerity in the gift. 
tặng quà tết tinh tế
Giving gifts is also an art.

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6. Where is the address to provide reputable and professional ceramic Tet gifts for partners?

Is a leading manufacturer of high-end household ceramics in Vietnam, specializing in providing ceramic gifts for major brands such as: SamSung, BIDV, Vietcombank, Shinhanbank, Youngone, Acecook, Neptune, Dabaco... Long Phuong Porcelain confidently providing porcelain gift solutions to help businesses achieve high efficiency at the most reasonable cost. 

  • Reasonable budget: as a direct manufacturer, we provide customers with many gift options suitable to their financial situation. 
  • Quality products: with modern production lines according to European standards, Long Phuong's products meet extremely strict standards. Shiny enamel color, luxurious design. In particular, the product is heated at 1380 degrees Celsius, helping to completely remove impurities, lead-free, cadmium-free, and safe for users. 
  • Quick purchase policy, flexible warranty. 
  • Attractive discounts for business customers. 
sứ long phương quà tết tặng đối tác
Long Phuong Porcelain provides extremely luxurious high-end Tet gifts to customers.

7. Final verdicts 

Above, Long Phuong Porcelain has just suggested dishes to readers Tet gifts for partners meaningful and polite. Through this article, we hope you have found the most suitable Tet gift options for your partner as well as solved the problem of what gift to give your partner during Tet?.

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