Tet gifts for customers This is something every business needs to prepare for at the end of the year. If your business is still wondering, please refer to this article immediately. Long Phuong Porcelain Please suggest the hottest Tet gifts according to 2024 trends. 

quà tặng tri ân gắn kết khách hàng
Suggestions for attractive Tet gifts for customers.

1. Meaning of Tet gifts for customers 

Tet is a big holiday for Vietnamese people. This is not only a time for family reunions but also an opportunity for businesses to show gratitude to customers. Give gifts to customers During Tet, it is not simply material things but also contains a profound message of care and respect for customers.

Giving Tet gifts to customers Not only does it help build close relationships, helping businesses retain customers, but it is also a marketing method that brings the brand closer to customers. Gifts do not need to be of great value, the important thing is sincerity and sophistication in choosing.

Gifts do not have to be of great value, but need to be delicate in choosing. Because this is also an opportunity to express the culture, ethical values ​​and gratitude of each business to customers, thereby strengthening relationships and contributing to building reputation for the brand.

ý nghĩa quà tết
Tet gifts represent gratitude from businesses to customers.

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2. Trend of Tet gifts for customers in 2024

Tet gifts for customers There are always changes every year. Increasingly, people tend to give practical gifts that have more use value. According to the trend, 2024 Tet gifts will: 

  • Household gifts: dishes, plates, teapots, cups, flower vases...
  • Health care gifts: fruits, candy, functional foods...
  • Technology gifts.

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3. 30+ ý tưởng quà tết tặng khách hàng không thể bỏ qua

Tet gifts for customers with porcelain tea/tea sets

Kim Lai tea set as a gift 

Kim Lai tea set is inspired by Art Deco style, designed with a simple, uncomplicated design but still exudes a modern beauty full of personality. 24K gold border details create a luxurious and outstanding look for the product. The product set is made from high-quality, refined porcelain, and is definitely a polite and sophisticated gift that customers will love when given.  

bộ ấm chén kim lai
Luxurious Kim Lai tea set.

Ma Dao tea set as a gift 

With bold Asian motifs with the image of heroic horses galloping on the Silk Road, the Ma Dao tea set conveys the wish "Ma Dao success" in the journey to prosperity. This is a great luxury gift that businesses can send to their VIP customers.

bộ ấm chén mã đáo
The Ma Dao tea set is rich in meaning.

Gift of Japanese Eclipse tea set 

The design has a classy royal style, luxurious style, and flexible lines. On the shiny porcelain background, the splendid solar eclipse pattern further enhances the delicate and unique beauty of the product. The Eclipse tea set is a great gift for relatives, friends or partners.

bộ ấm chén nhật thực
Gorgeous Eclipse tea set.

Lac Hong tea set as a gift 

Bringing a traditional symbol rich in national identity into the design, the Lac Hong tea set is both an appreciation of the past and a desire to be creative - sublimated in the journey to the future! The product set is extremely worthy as a gift imbued with Southern culture for customers.

bộ trà lạc hồng
The Lac Hong tea set is rich in cultural value.

Gift set of slim and bulging tea and cups 

The tapered tea set is designed in a minimalist style, with pure white porcelain, no elaborate patterns, and elegant design. The product set is suitable for any decoration space, bringing a sense of style and relaxation to tea drinkers. This is a product that many businesses choose as logo printed gifts for customers.

bộ trà phình thon
Universal tea set.

Tet gifts for customers with porcelain bowls and dishes 

Tet gift set of Hoang Kim dishes 

Inspired by Nordic design style, minimalist and elegant, the Hoang Kim dinnerware set is extremely popular with Long Phuong customers. The clear porcelain white color scheme, shiny enamel layer, with the highlight of sparkling 24k gold strokes, the product set exudes gentle purity, bringing elegant and luxurious beauty to the dining table space. This is guaranteed to be a Tet gift that any customer will be extremely happy to receive.

bộ bát đĩa hoàng kim
Delicate gold-rimmed tableware.

Tet gift Kim Lai dinnerware set 

Kim Lai dinnerware set captivates users with its flowery and sophisticated neoclassical style. The attractive black strip appears on the bright white porcelain background, creating a striking contrast for the product. The soft and symmetrical curved arch motifs painted in 24k gold become a charming highlight, bringing luxury to the dining table space. This is an extremely luxurious gift for customers this Tet.

bộ bát đĩa kim lai
Kim Lai tableware is luxurious and attractive.

Tet gift set of Nhu Y dishes 

The elegant white porcelain color helps the dining table space become more sophisticated. Nhu Y dinnerware set, on behalf of the business, sends favorable wishes to customers this Tet. This is definitely a traditional yet extremely meaningful gift for customers.

bộ bát đĩa như ý
Nhu Y tableware set 22 pieces.

Tet gift, Rean Vien dinnerware set 

With a simple design, the Doan Vien dinnerware set easily blends with all styles on the dining table from traditional to modern. The product set is a meaningful gift that conveys a message of togetherness and reunion for customers this spring.

bộ bát đĩa đoàn viên
Doan Vien dinnerware set of 19 pieces.

Tet gift set of Happy dishes 

The simple white porcelain color harmonizes with any dining table space. The Hanh Phuc dish set stands out with its shiny, smooth enamel layer, high-quality, refined ceramic material, safe for users. The product set represents businesses to send customers happy New Year wishes.

bộ  bát đĩa hạnh phúc
13-piece Happiness tableware set.

Tet gift Cat Tuong dish set 

Simple, durable and timeless design. The product set is a meaningful Tet gift, conveying wishes of luck and all the best to customers this spring.

bộ bát đĩa cát tường
Cat Tuong dinnerware set of 14 pieces.

Tet gift set of 8 plates 

Streamlined and modern, the versatile 8-dish plate set is made from high-quality porcelain, helping housewives comfortably create fried - stir-fried - fried dishes for this Tet holiday. The product set is extremely suitable as a gift for customers during the holidays.

bộ đĩa 8 món
Luxurious and practical plate set.

Tet gift Cam Vi dinnerware set

The beauty of the small but gorgeous flower petals is the highlight of the Cam Vi dinnerware set. This luxurious set of high-quality porcelain dishes is definitely an indulgent Tet gift for the recipient.

bộ bát đĩa cẩm vi
Cam Vi dinnerware set of 9 pieces.

Tet gift set of Xuan Trieu dishes 

Bringing life to the dining table space to become new and pristine, the Xuan Trieu dinnerware set represents the business to send customers wishes for good luck and peace in the new year. This is a gift set that Long Phuong's customers choose as a gift a lot during the holidays.

bộ đĩa xuân triêu
Xuan Trieu bowls and dishes with many unique designs.

Quà tết tặng khách hàng lọ hoa gốm sứ

Tet gift for Koi flower vases 

Unlike traditional flower vases, Koi fish flower vases are designed in the form of a hexagon with 6 balanced sides, symbolizing durability, steadfastness and steadfastness. A special highlight is the image of the yin and yang Koi fish symbolizing strength, luck, fortune, balance and harmony. Koi fish flower vases are especially suitable as Tet gifts for Earth element customers.

lọ hoa các koi
Koi fish flower vases have many special feng shui meanings.

Tet gift Kim Lai flower vase 

Kim Lai Flower Vase product is a dedicated and exclusive design of Long Phuong Porcelain. The entire golden border pattern on the flower vase is painted with 24K real gold, extremely gorgeous. Not only demonstrating the trend of simplicity in design but still possessing luxurious beauty, Kim Lai flower vases are the perfect gift for customers during the New Year.

lọ hoa kim lai
Kim Lai flower vases create a classy highlight for the space.

Quà tết tặng khách hàng bằng cốc sứ

Practical in life, diverse in design, reasonable cost, Long Phuong ceramic cups have become a favorite choice of many businesses for customer gift options during Tet.

ly cốc
The convenient and luxurious porcelain cup model is loved by customers.

Desk calendar gift 

Desk calendars are not only useful items but also meaningful and practical Tet gifts for customers. Currently on the market there are many beautiful calendar models from wall to table. Desk calendars printed with brand logos are ideal for businesses to promote their brands and send sincere messages of gratitude to partners and customers.

lịch để bàn
Popular desk calendar.

Wall clock as a Tet gift   

Wall clocks are a sophisticated and luxurious Tet gift choice. This is not only a useful time-telling device, but also a delicate  decoration for the living space. Wall clocks printed with brand logos contribute to creating lasting impressions and memories in the hearts of recipients.

đồng hồ treo tường
Practical wall clock.

Tet gift for customers with wine box 

Wine boxes are a unique and luxurious gift choice, very suitable for giving during Tet. Choosing quality wine with a beautiful box design not only shows the elegance and professionalism of the business, but is also highly appreciated by the recipient. The gift contributes to strengthening customer trust and creating a reputable brand image.

hộp rượu vang
Luxury wine box.

Gift basket of Tet candy

The candy basket is a delicate combination of sweetness and sincerity from the business to customers during the Tet season. Giving a candy basket not only brings joy through traditional sweet treats but also shows gratitude from businesses to customers. Businesses can combine diverse gift baskets with beautiful designs to create unique Tet gifts. A practical gift that conveys care and sincere thanks from businesses to customers.

giỏ bánh kẹo
Traditional and popular gifts.

Quà tặng bao lì xì tết

Red envelopes are a traditional gift, carrying many meanings during the Tet season. Giving lucky money is not only a sign of luck and fortune but also a way to express gratitude and sincerity from businesses to customers. Choosing a creative design for the lucky money envelope, expressing the business's unique style, will certainly make a strong impression on the recipient. This is truly a meaningful gift at a relatively low cost that businesses can choose to send to customers during Tet.

bao lì xì
Red envelopes at a reasonable cost, businesses can prepare large quantities.

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Gift of thermos bottle 

A thermos is a unique and practical Tet gift choice. With the ability to keep warm or cold for a long time, this is not only a convenient gift but also shows care and concern from the business. This convenient gift is also very popular with many customers, especially office customers. 

bình giữ nhiệt
Useful thermos.

Gift of cooking oil 

Cooking oil is an extremely practical and useful Tet gift choice for housewives. Giving cooking oil shows close sharing in life's daily needs. To win sympathy from customers, businesses should choose quality, safe cooking oil with a reputable brand. 

dầu ăn
A gift that sends wishes of prosperity and prosperity.

Coffee and tea gifts

Coffee and tea are also among the sophisticated and diverse Tet gift options. Careful selection, from origin to product quality, helps create the most meaningful Tet gift. This gift is not only a way to share the passion for premium flavors but also a way to send good wishes and peace from the business during Tet.

Coffee and tea are popular gifts that many businesses send to customers.

Tet jam gift

Tet jam is a traditional gift choice in Vietnamese gift-giving culture. The delicious flavor in each piece of jam will leave a sweet impression for the recipient to remember the business more. Tet jam is not only a delicious gift but also a symbol of luck, happiness and success. Choosing quality jam and beautiful packaging sends a message of care and respect to the recipient. 

mứt tết
A traditional gift.

Dried fruit gifts 

In recent years, giving dried fruit is becoming a practical and unique Tet gift choice for customers. The gift is not only sophisticated but also shows gratitude from the business to the customer. With instant dishes like these, businesses need to choose carefully to ensure hygiene. At the same time, beautifully packaged to make the gift more complete. 

trái cây sấy
Practical, sweet gifts.

Gift of gilded paintings 

Vietnamese people have the custom of hanging pictures on Tet, both as a way to refresh the space and to express their wishes for all the best in the new year. Therefore, giving gilded paintings is an elegant and unique Tet gift option that businesses can send to customers. The sophistication in the art of gilding on the painting not only creates a beautiful artistic product but also shows nobility and luxury from the business to the gift recipient. Gilded paintings are not only exquisite decorative gifts but also a symbol of gratitude and respect for business relationships. 

tranh mạ vàng
Luxurious gift for VIP guests.

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Gift tray containing candy

Candy trays are a versatile and convenient Tet gift option for customers. A convenient gift to both arrange candy and use as a delicate decoration. To show care and respect from the business to the gift recipient, don't forget to pay attention to careful selection from materials to design. Candy trays are not only a convenient item but also a symbol of care and gratitude from businesses to customers.

khay đựng bánh kẹo
Practical household gift.

New Year's gift, lucky charm jar 

The lucky vase is a special feng shui decoration, loved by many people with the meaning of attracting wealth and luck in culture. Tet gifts. This is a valuable item not only materially but also spiritually.

The lucky vase with its small neck, flared mouth and bulging body is often considered a symbol of wealth, prosperity and luck according to traditional feng shui. It is believed that placing lucky pots in suitable locations in the living or working space will bring balance, harmony and attract positive energy, helping to activate luck, fortune and prosperity. prosperous.

During Tet, giving lucky pots to customers is not only a unique gift but also a way to express gratitude, blessings and luck from the business to the recipient.

suction vessels
The lucky vase has many feng shui meanings and is loved by customers.

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The lucky vase has many feng shui meanings and is loved by customers. 

To these Tet gift for customers To achieve the highest efficiency, businesses should not forget the following notes: 

  • Identify customers to choose suitable gifts. Customers will be very impressed when they receive a gift that matches their preferences, thereby appreciating your brand even more. 
  • Pay attention to quality. In order for the gift to reach the customer and be used for the right purpose, you need to carefully consider the quality of the gift. 
  • Pay attention to the color and meaning of the gift. Vietnamese people pay great attention to the color and meaning of each item purchased or given as a gift during Tet. Therefore, when choosing gifts, businesses should choose gifts with Tet colors and good meanings. 
  • Pay attention to form. The gift may not need to be too valuable, but a beautifully designed box will help the recipient feel more appreciated. 

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5. Thời điểm nào phù hợp để gửi tặng quà tết cho khách hàng?

Món quà sẽ trở nên trân quý và ý nghĩa hơn nếu được gửi tặng vào đúng thời điểm. Quà tết gửi tặng khách hàng cũng vậy.

Các đơn vị cung cấp quà tặng cần có thời gian để hoàn thành cho những đơn hàng số lượng lớn hoặc làm theo thiết kế riêng. Do vậy, doanh nghiệp nên chuẩn bị quà tặng vào trước tết từ 1 -2 tháng. Khi quà tặng được giao, doanh nghiệp nên gửi quà tặng trước tết từ 15 – 30 ngày. Tâm lý người nhận quà lúc này bao giờ cũng vui thích hơn. Những món quà hữu ích, thiết thực từ doanh nghiệp sẽ giúp họ tiết kiệm được một khoản chi phí nhất định khi không phải mua sắm thêm.

6. Sứ Long Phương – cung cấp quà tết bằng sứ tặng khách hàng uy tín, chuyên nghiệp. 

Joint Stock Company of Long Phuong Porcelain Group is a reputable and top quality supplier of ceramic Tet gifts in Vietnam. 

  • Reasonable budget: as a direct manufacturer, we provide customers with many gift options suitable to their financial situation. 
  • Quality products: with modern production lines according to European standards, Long Phuong's products meet extremely strict standards. Shiny enamel color, luxurious design. In particular, the product is heated at 1380 degrees Celsius, helping to completely remove impurities, lead-free, cadmium-free, and safe for users. 
  • Quick purchase policy, flexible warranty. 
  • Attractive discounts for business customers. 
sứ long phương cung cấp quà tết tặng khách hàng uy tín
Long Phuong's Tet gift sets that are both traditional, humane and practical are always looked forward to by customers at the end of the year.

7. Final verdicts 

Above, Long Phuong Porcelain just shared with readers 30+ solutions Tet gifts for customers 2024. Hopefully these shares will help your business solve the gift problem. 

Don't forget to contact Long Phuong Porcelain to receive advice on porcelain gifts for Tet 2024!

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