Standard set up restaurant dishes like for luxury? The setting up of dishes at the dining table not only shows the professionalism of the restaurant, but also shows a certain sophistication and meticulousness. Together Long Phuong Porcelain Learn about the standards for setting up dishes according to each style of the restaurant through the following article!

1. What is a restaurant dish set up? 

Set up restaurant dishes is the arrangement and arrangement of dishes, spoons and chopsticks, etc., the utensils that display dishes in a specific style that the restaurant is aiming for. 

Setting up dishes in the restaurant contributes to the space of the restaurant restaurant become more professional, more refined, more aesthetic. At the same time, make customers feel impressed and satisfied when using the service at the restaurant. 

set up bát đĩa nhà hàng là gì
Setting up restaurant dishes is a basic business that every restaurant must understand.

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2. Basic restaurant dish setup standards that every restaurant needs to know. 

Set up dishes for a dining table The most basic is the first job that needs to be trained by any restaurant. Here are the Standard set up restaurant dishes thông thường nhất:

The first thing, the dining table and food utensils need to be clean and hygienic, without strange odors, neatly arranged. 

  • Arrange the utensils from the outside to the inside to suit the enjoyment of dishes in the standard order: starter, main course, dessert...
  • Plates will be displayed about 2cm from the edge of the table, placed in front of the guest's seat. 
  • Eating bowls are placed face down on millet plates, and arranged according to the number of people on a table, placed in an arc on the turntable. 
  • Napkins are placed at the top plate or bowl. 
  • Spoons and chopsticks are placed on chopsticks and spoon rests. about 2-3 cm from the plate.
  • The drinking glass is placed on the upper right, about 1.5cm from the plate.
  • The salt and pepper jar is placed on the dining table in the middle of the table. 
  • Decorative vases are also placed in the center of the table. 
tiêu chuẩn setup cơ bản
The first standard for a dining table is cleanliness and neatness.

3. Standard set up dishes according to the style of each restaurant.

3.1 Standard of sep up dishes in Asian restaurant style

Asian-style restaurants will usually use 1 of 3 types of tables: square, round or rectangular tables. If it is a round table, there will be a turntable to make it easier for customers to pick up food. The number of guests sitting on a table is usually from 6 to 10 people. 

The necessary food items on the Asian-style dining table will include: millet plate, rice bowl, chopsticks spoon, chopstick holder, spice bowl, napkin, vase, toothpick jar, drinking glass, wine cup...

The dining table will be set up as follows:

  • Tables and chairs must be clean, no strange smell. The distance between the chairs is from 50 -60 cm apart, about 15-20 cm from the edge of the table, placed in front of the tableware.
  • The plate is placed below, the top is the eating bowl, on the bowl is the folded napkin. 
  • Spoons and chopsticks are placed on the spoon and chopsticks shelf. Place on the right side, 2cm from the plate, 2cm from the edge of the table. 
  • Spice jars, toothpicks, decorative flower pots are placed neatly in the center of the table. 
  • The individual seasoning bowl is placed in front of the millet plate, about 1-2cm away. 
  • Cups and cups are also placed to the right in front of the millet plate.
nhà hàng kiểu á
A dining table is set up in Asian style.

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3.2 Standard set up dishes in European restaurant style 

European-style dining table will be more organized and a variety of utensils. Depending on the menu, the number of utensils as well as the arrangement will vary. But the basic rule remains:

  • Corresponding to a sitting position is a space on the banquet table that is fully arranged with plates, cutlery, spoons, glasses. 
  • The main dish is placed neatly, in the middle of the seating position. A small plate can be placed on top, a napkin on top. The bread plate is placed to the left of the main plate, and a butter knife can also be placed on it. 
  • The knife is placed to the right of the main dish, and the fork to the left. The side cutlery will be placed outside the main cutlery, and can be changed according to the menu.
  • The wine glass is placed above, 1.5cm from the main knife, and a glass of water is placed to the right of the wine glass. The cup used first is placed on the right, and the glass used later is placed on the left. 
  • The salt and pepper jar is placed on the dining table, the position depends on the size of the table. 
  • Use a specialized knife suitable for the dish. And avoid placing more than 3 tools of the same material side by side. 
nhà hàng kiểu âu
Typical European-style dining tables often have enough cutlery, spoons and spoons.

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3.3 Standard setting up dishes in Vietnamese restaurant style

The standard of setting up the dining table of a Vietnamese-style restaurant is quite simple. Food serving utensils include: bowls, millet plates, chopsticks spoons, chopsticks stand, napkins, water glasses, sauce cups, spice jars, decorative flower vases...

Normally, the dining table is arranged for 6 people, or more depending on the needs of the guests, according to the following rules:

  • The dining table must be politely clothed. Tablecloths are washed, ironed, and evenly spread on the dining table. The linens are usually white or light colors in harmony with the restaurant space. 
  • The eating bowl is placed on a plate with a napkin, facing the guest sitting position, 2cm from the edge of the table. 
  • Spoons and chopsticks are placed neatly on the spoon and chopsticks shelf. 
  • Glass of water placed in front, 1cm from the tip of the chopsticks. 
  • The bowl of dipping sauce is placed in front of the bowl. 
  • Other utensils such as spice jars, toothpicks, flowerpots are neatly placed in the middle of the dining table. 
nhà hàng việt
A style dining table is set up in a typical Vietnamese style.

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3.4 Standards for setting up dishes of a wedding restaurant 

Wedding guests are often very crowded, dining is also very fast, so setting up the table needs to be quick and neat. 

  • The floor, under the table must be clean and free of garbage. 
  • The dining table is usually spread with 2 towels, 1 cover and 1 napkin. Towels are spread flat, evenly balanced corners. 
  • The food utensils include dishes, napkins, spoons and chopsticks ... according to the standards of the restaurant and at the request of the party owner with a suitable setup. 
  • Depending on the type of table, the arrangement of tools is suitable for the aesthetic space of the party.
nhà hàng tiệc cưới
There are many styles of dish setup for the wedding restaurant.

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3.5 Standard set up dishes of buffet restaurant

Features of buffet restaurant Customers serve their own food. Therefore, employees do not need to set up a personal table, but will only set up a shared dish display area. 

  • The display table serving food is placed in the most suitable spacious position for guests to easily move and pick up the food.  
  • The drinks table is separate from the food table. 
  • Plates are stacked at the top of the table. Guests will take their plates from there and choose their own dishes. Other utensils such as knives, spoons, forks, napkins, glasses will be placed in a separate area. 
  • Dishes will be served hot first.
buffet restaurant
Setting up dishes for a buffet restaurant is not too picky.

4. Criteria for choosing dishes to set up a restaurant

Each restaurant will have its own standards when choosing dishes. However, here are the general standards that each restaurant needs to keep in mind:

  • Choose quality dishes, ensure safety for users. To ensure quality dishes used in restaurantsRestaurant owners should choose units that provide dishes with full quality testing documents. Do not buy floating goods, unknown origin.
  • Choose durable dishes. In the process of serving guests, dishes are often broken. Therefore, choosing dishes for hotels and restaurants should give priority to choosing good impact-resistant and durable dishes. 
  • Choose dishes that match restaurant style. Choose dishes with designs and patterns that match the style of the restaurant. White porcelain dishes are suitable for almost any space and style of restaurants. Moreover, it is also very convenient to replace when broken. 
  •  Choose dishes that fit your budget. One of the ways to save money for restaurants when buying dishes is to order dishes at the direct manufacturer to receive the most attractive prices and discounts. 
  • Choose a reputable supplier. Long Phuong Porcelain is a unit that directly produces and supplies household porcelain for restaurants and hotels across Vietnam, fully meeting the required criteria of dishes for hotel restaurants
tiêu chuẩn chọn bát đĩa setup nhà hàng
White porcelain dishes match the style of most restaurants.

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5. Where to buy reputable and quality restaurant set up dishes?

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Long Phuong Porcelain is the leading prestigious address in the dishware market for Vietnamese hotels and restaurants.

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6. Conclusion 

Above, Long Phuong Porcelain has just provided readers with information about Standard set up restaurant dishes. We hope that you have received a lot of useful information from this article! 

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