Northern family dinner tray What dishes are usually available? Northern cuisine is delicately expressed through each simple, everyday dish on the family tray. Together Long Phuong Porcelain Find out more than 30 typical Northern family meal trays skillfully presented by housewives in this article!

mâm cơm đặc trưng của người miền bắc
Bữa cơm gia đình thể hiện nét văn hoá ẩm thực đặc trưng của người miền Bắc!

1. Meaning in every Northern family meal 

Family dinner tray It is not simply a daily meal but also carries the meaning of friendship, education, health, and preserving family culture.

The family dinner tray is a symbol of connection, love and reunion. After a hard day's work, the whole family can sit down around a tray of rice, whether poor or hearty, they are very happy.

The family meal tray is also a great place for character education for young members. Those are lessons about behavior culture, about the ethics of respecting superiors and subordinates, about how to care for those around you...

The family tray nourishes each of us both physically and mentally. It is like a miniature cultural space that is extremely important in the growth of each person. Therefore, taking care of each meal is an important thing that any housewife should do!

The moment the family gathers together happily on the tray of rice!
The moment the family gathers together happily on the tray of rice!

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2. Suggested 30 menus for Northern family meals

2.1 Menu 1 – delicious family meal 

  • Roasted chicken
  • Pork leg cooked fake civet
  • Stir-fried leek with garlic
  • Boiled amaranth
thực đơn số 1
Pork leg cooked with imitation civet is a traditional dish of the Northern people.

2.2 Menu 2 - nutritious northern family meal tray

  • Shrimp in tomato sauce
  • Jellyfish salad
  • Roasted meat served with pickles
  • Ear rolls 
  • Malabar spinach soup with shrimp
thực đơn số 2
Nem thien and mannequin are the folk delicacies of the North

2.3 Menu 3 – simple family meal 

thực đơn 3
A tray of rice with lots of boiled, low-fat items

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2.4 Menu 4 – frugal northern family meal tray 

  • Vegetable soup
  • Spring rolls 
  • Boiled sweet potatoes 
thực đơn 4
Exchange dishes with spring rolls with shrimp and meat

2.5 Menu 5 – family meal tray at the weekend 

  • Roasted chicken
  • Pancakes with bread 
  • Thien Ly stir-fried chicken intestines
  • Crab soup cooked with melon and spinach
  • garden eggs 
  • Steamed sweet potato
thực đơn 5
Thien Ly fried chicken heart is a delicious dish that is very popular with husbands in the meal

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2.6 Menu 6 - family meal tray, extremely easy to cook 

  • Zucchini soup cooked with ground shrimp
  • Grilled red tilapia and rolled with rice paper
  • Purple rice
  • Fruit dessert 
thực đơn 6
Delicious and healthy rice tray with lots of green vegetables and fish

2.7 Menu 7 – Northern family meal tray 

  • Fried shrimp and pork belly
  • Sour meatball 
  • Lean meat rolls with vegetables
  • Spinach soup cooked with minced meat 
  • Boiled spinach 
  • Purple rice, sweet potatoes, cashews 
thực đơn 7
A tray of delicious, easy-to-make dishes

2.8 Menu 8 - change dishes with the delicious northern weekend menu

  • Lentil soup cooked with banana and beans served with vermicelli 
  • Grilled Pork Pork 
thực đơn 8
Fish cooked with banana, turmeric, and Northern flavor

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2.9 Menu 9 – daily dishes of northerners 

  • Braised meat with quail eggs
  • Pan-fried chicken with sauce
  • Boiled fruits and vegetables
  • Pumpkin and shrimp soup
thực đơn 9
Daily rice tray is easy to cook

2.10 Menu 10 – hearty rice tray 

  • Carp with tomato sauce 
  • Sour fish soup 
  • Braised meat with copra
  • Meat molded eggs 
  • Pickles and raw vegetables served as a side dish
  • Purple sweet potato 
thực đơn 10
A hearty tray of rice

2.11 Menu 11 – Northern family's daily dishes

  • Grilled pork belly 
  • Fried beans 
  • Vegetable soup cooked with minced shrimp
  • Boiled okra 
thực đơn 11
The rice tray is in harmony with vegetables and meat

2.12 Menu 12 – Northern family rice tray is both simple and nutritious

  • Shrimp braised with coconut meat
  • Fish soup with bamboo shoots
  • Grilled sweet Potato 
  • Served with raw vegetables 
thực đơn 12
Fish soup cooked with sour bamboo shoots with Northern taste

2.13 Menu 13 – delicious dishes of the northern family every day

  • Fish soup with bamboo shoots
  • Lolot leaf rolls 
  • Boiled vegetables 
  • Served with raw vegetables 
thực đơn 13
Simple daily meal tray

2.14 Menu 14 – daily dishes for northern families that are easy to cook 

  • Fried shrimp with meat 
  • Boiled chicken 
  • Boiled amaranth 
  • Minced meat spinach soup 
thực đơn 14
Braised shrimp with rich meat served with rice

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2.15 Menu 15 – summer tray of northern people 

  • Boiled pork belly
  • Fish fry
  • Crab soup with jute vegetables - salted eggplant
  • Plum - jackfruit dessert
thực đơn 15
Crab and eggplant soup is the perfect pair in family meals in the North

2.16 Menu 16 – daily dishes with northern standards

  • Char siu meat
  • Stir-fried chopsticks with kidney
  • Vegetable soup
  • Jackfruit - watermelon dessert
thực đơn 16
Daily rice tray

2.17 Menu 17 – daily dishes of northerners 

  • Shrimp rim
  • Chicken bone soup cooked with crocodile
  • Fried beans with onion sauce
  • Sauteed spinach
  • Mango – watermelon
thực đơn 17
Daily dishes that are easy to cook and easy to make

2.18 Menu 18 – a meal every family member likes

  • Lolot leaf rolls
  • Braised ribs with quail eggs
  • Stir-fried vegetables
  • Pork ribs soup cooked with mushrooms and mushrooms
  • Dessert of melon - plum
thực đơn 18
The rice tray is full of nutrients

2.19 Menu 19 – delicious, easy-to-make winter dishes 

  • Pork rib soup with potatoes and carrots
  • Fried spring rolls
  • Vegetables
  • Tangerine dessert
thực đơn 19
Northern style fried spring rolls dipped in sweet and sour dipping sauce is a favorite dish of Northerners

2.20 Menu 20 – typical daily dishes of northerners

  • White radish and carrot soup with minced meat
  • Pickles
  • Stir-fried sausage
  • Fried sausage
  • Braised fish with green galangal and banana
  • Grape dessert
thực đơn 20
Stir-fried pork sausage served with pickles is a delicious dish for winter meals

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2.21 Menu 21 - Extremely simple northern family meal tray 

  • Pumpkin soup with minced meat
  • Frozen meat
  • Fried Tofu
  • Pickled Sauerkraut
  • Pomegranate dessert
thực đơn 21
Frozen meat is a traditional dish of the Northern people

2.22 Menu 22 – simple family meal for busy days

  • Gio Thu 
  • Onion melon
  • Boiled cauliflower vegetables
  • Sugarcane dessert
thực đơn 22
The meal is simple but nutritious enough for a small family

2.23 Menu 23 – warm family meal 

  • Roasted chicken with lemongrass and lime leaves
  • Chicken bone soup cooked with kohlrabi
  • Pickled Onion Pickle
  • Banana dessert
thực đơn 23
A typical winter meal of the North

2.24 Menu 24 – delicious northern weekend dishes 

  • Pig tail soup cooked with bottle gourd
  • Frozen pork leg meat
  • Sauerkraut, celery, pickled palanquin
  • Dessert: watermelon
thực đơn 24
Frozen meat served with sauerkraut served rice

2.25 Menu 25 – simple northern delicacies every day

  • Stir-fried squash top with garlic
  • Fried squid cake
  • Pickles
  • Mango dessert
thực đơn 25
Simple everyday food

2.26 Menu 26 - family meal prepared quickly but still has enough quality

  • Boiled cabbage
  • Meat stew egg
  • Dessert: grapefruit
thực đơn 26
Simple and quick daily dishes for a small family

2.27 Menu 27 – simple winter rice tray

  • Braised black carp with melon
  • Boiled cabbages
  • Dessert: guava
thực đơn 27
Braised fish with pickles North standard

2.28 Menu 28 – daily dishes of northerners

  • Fried spring rolls
  • Stir-fried stomach with pineapple
  • Duck bamboo shoot soup 
thực đơn 28
Daily dishes of Northern people

2.29 Menu 29 – delicious dishes every day in the north

  • Stir-fried beef with star fruit
  • Vegetable soup cooked with perch 
  • Boiled fruits and vegetables
thực đơn 29
Crispy fried beef with star fruit

2.30 Menu 30 – daily dishes with northern standards

  • Grilled meat 
  • Stir-fried melon heart 
  • Boiled spinach 
thực đơn 30
Stir-fried tripe with pickles is simple but served with rice

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2.31 Menu 31 – typical summer rice tray of Northern families

  • Crab soup
  • Fried beans with onion fat
  • Roasted meat burns to the edge
  • Salted eggplant 
  • Grapefruit dessert
thực đơn 31
Typical rustic dishes on summer days

2.32 Menu 32 – Northern people's daily rice dishes

  • Beef tendon with potatoes
  • Lolot leaf rolls
  • Onion and cucumber mixed sweet and sour
  • Mango dessert
thực đơn 32
Delicious everyday dishes

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3. Notes when processing a family rice tray in the North

To prepare a delicious northern family meal, cooks should note:

  • Northerners like dishes that are elegant, gentle, not too strong, not too spicy like the Central people or too sweet like the Southerners, and appreciate the natural sweetness of food.  
  • Northerners like to use special spices to season their dishes such as: fish sauce, Ca cuong essential oil, vinegar, shrimp paste, etc.
  • The spices are loved by the Northern people such as: lemon, vinegar, crocodile, pepper, chili, ginger, onion, garlic, basil, apricot leaves, lemongrass...
  • In summer, people in the North like to eat boiled, steamed, sour soup... In winter, they like to eat salty braised dishes... 
người miền bắc nấu ăn
Spices that Northerners love to use when cooking.

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4. Conclusion 

Above, Long Phuong Porcelain just suggested to readers over 30 Northern family dinner tray along with notes when processing to make the dish most delicious. Hope the article is useful to readers! 

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