Spring gifts express the wish for a year of smooth sailing, luck, and auspiciousness. Together Long Phuong Porcelain Check out the most meaningful spring gifts!

gợi ý quà tặng đầu năm
What gifts to give on the occasion of spring?

1. What are spring gifts?

Opening spring is the beginning of spring, also known as a series of activities to welcome the new year of Vietnamese people. Students open their pens. Farmers open crops. Workers are open. Traders open goods for the day. The company is open in spring. Commoners are leaving...

During the spring opening ceremony at the beginning of that year, in addition to the celebration, people usually give each other gifts with the desire to wish each other good luck, fortune, and all the best. Is called spring gifts

quà tặng khai xuân là gì
Giving gifts at the beginning of spring is a beautiful culture of Vietnamese people

2. What is the meaning of spring gifts?

In enterprises, the spring opening ceremony is often held very solemnly. Businesses also pay great attention to preparation spring gifts for employees, for customers, for partners. 

  • Best wishes for the new year.
  • Encourage morale, increase employee engagement.
  • Wishing you a happy, peaceful and prosperous new year.
ý nghĩa quà tặng đầu năm
Spring gifts are wishes for a good new year

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3. Suggestions for the top 15 lucky spring gifts 

3.1 Spring gifts – Thien Ma teapot set

Thien Ma is a mascot in legends. On a high-class white porcelain background, Thien Ma motifs are prominently and luxuriously bordered with gold. The teapot set with the meaning of flying high, flying far, with the power of speed to win at work, will be the dish Meaningful gifts for spring break.

quà tặng khai xuân với bộ ấm chén thiên mã
The set of teapots sends the best wishes for success

3.2 Quà tặng khai xuân- lọ hoa cá Koi

Different from traditional flower vases, the Koi fish vase of Long Phuong porcelain is designed in the form of a hexagon with 6 balanced sides. It is a symbol of strength, stability and steadfastness. 

A special highlight is the image of the yin and yang Koi fish symbolizing strength, luck, fortune, balance and harmony.

This meaningful early spring gift is sure to conquer anyone given it. 

lọ hoa cá koi quà tặng khai xuân
This meaningful early spring gift is sure to conquer anyone given it.

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3.3 Spring gifts – Kim Lai flowerpot

Kim Lai flowerpot is a unique product only available at Long Phuong. The design image on the flowerpot is the skyscraper - the symbol, the aspiration for the continuous rise of the economy. The product is plated with real gold, bringing luxury and affirming the class for the gift.

This is a really great spring gift. 

lọ hoa kim lai quà tặng khai xuân
This is a really great spring gift.

3.4 Spring opening gift – Loc Phat dish set

New Year's prosperity - prosperity is what any business wishes. Please use Loc Phat dishes from Long Phuong porcelain as a gift to spread that message to customers and partner của bạn. 

The gift dish set
A meaningful gift set to open the spring with the wish of a prosperous and prosperous new year

3.5 Gifts for the opening of spring - An Khuong dish set

Gift sets of dishes at the beginning of the year to pray for a warm and prosperous year. 

The An Khuong dish set of Long Phuong porcelain is made from high quality white porcelain. The design is both sophisticated, beautiful, and useful. The gift sends wishes for a peaceful and full of new year. 

bộ bát đĩa an khương quà tặng
The gift to open spring is both practical and meaningful

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3.6 New Year's gifts – Hoang Kim dish set 

Pure white porcelain, splendid gold border. Hoang Kim dish set is both elegant and luxurious, definitely the perfect spring gift that everyone wants to receive. 

bộ bát đĩa hoàng kim quà tặng khai xuân
Luxury gift set

3.7 Gifts for the first spring of the year – Cat Tuong dish set

The dish set is made from high quality white porcelain, shiny and luxurious enamel color.

With auspicious and lucky meanings, the Cat Tuong dish set will be a lucky early spring gift for the recipient. 

quà tặng bộ bát đĩa cát tường
Gift sets express good luck and good luck in the early spring

3.8 Lucky spring gifts – Nhu Y dish set

If your business wants to send a "wish - auspicious" wishes at the beginning of the year, Long Phuong porcelain's Nhu Y dishes will help you convey that message. 

The product set includes 22 items, pure white porcelain, free of lead, cadmium, absolutely safe for users. 

bộ bát đĩa quà tặng khai xuân như ý
Wishing a new year to achieve many wishes with Nhu Y dishes

3.9 Spring gift - Doan Vien dish set 

The product set is designed to be simple, making it easy to blend in with all styles on the dining table from traditional to modern. Pure white porcelain exudes fresh energy but no less luxurious. This gift is sure to be loved by many. 

quà tặng bộ bát đĩa khai xuân
The gift set is polite but full of meaning

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3.10 New year gift – Van Hanh dish set

Set of high-quality white porcelain products, extremely suitable as a gift for New Year's Day. A gift to send good luck and all the best of the business to customers and partners

bộ bát đĩa vạn hạnh quà tặng khai xuân
Exquisite spring gift

3.11 Gifts to open spring – Happy dish set

This set is very popular as a gift. The designs of the product set are harmoniously combined, with 13 practical basic items to make the table in the first days of the year more luxurious and attractive. This will be a gift to send wishes for a happy and warm new year to the recipient. 

quà tặng khai xuân bộ bát đĩa hạnh phúc
A gift to wish a happy new year

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3.12 New Year's gifts – lucky charms 

The shape is designed according to feng shui standards: The mouth is flared like a funnel, the neck is tight, the middle body is enlarged to the maximum, the bottom of the bottle is gradually shrinking. With the desire to attract fortune, not to lose fortune, bring luck to the owner. The vase is really an extremely meaningful New Year's gift.

quà tặng bình hút lộc
Wishing a gift for a prosperous new year

3.13 Gifts on the occasion of the first year of spring – beer 

On the first day of the new year, you can give your partners and customers a glass of delicious wine. 

Long Phuong white porcelain wine beige is classically designed, like a gourd, smooth and luxurious white enamel. A little quintessential spicy scent, helping to make the first day of the year luckier and happier. 

quà tặng be rượu
A glass of good wine is a traditional Vietnamese spring gift

3.14 New Year's gifts – gilded paintings 

With many themes, each with its own meaning, gilded paintings are also a unique spring gift. The paintings with themes such as: smooth sailing, successful code, happiness - fortune - life ... will be meaningful wishes on the occasion of the first year. 

quà tặng tranh mạ vàng
Luxurious gilded painting, bringing many lucky meanings for the new year

3.15 Gifts on the first day of spring – mascot statue 

You can choose the mascot of 12 animals, or the mascots that have the meaning of money and good luck such as: toad, dragon, Pi Xiu, horse, turtle, carp... The mascot statue is a luxurious and meaningful spring gift. means. 

tượng linh vật quà tặng
The mascot statue expresses the wish for a new year of wealth and prosperity

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4. Note when choosing spring gifts you need to remember!

  • Choose gifts with meaningful names. In the first days of the new year, Vietnamese people have a lot of taboos. Therefore, when choosing gifts, you should choose gifts with auspicious names. 
  • Prioritize choosing gifts with colors or numbers that bring luck. 
  • Should print separate brand logos with wishes to make the gift more unique, impressive and meaningful.

5. Address to provide prestigious spring gifts 

Long Phuong Porcelain is a supplier of prestigious and top quality porcelain gifts in Vietnam. 

  • The gift samples at Long Phuong They are very diverse in terms of design, style, and price. 
  • All gifts of Long Phuong are luxuriously boxed.
  • Fast and professional working process.
  • Order logo printing on request
  • Attractive discounts for corporate customers

6. Conclusion 

Above, Long Phuong Porcelain has just suggested the top dishes spring gifts meaning. Hopefully, the article is useful to readers. 

If you have any need for gifts, don't forget to call the hotline 0989.595.866 / live chat on the website / on Fb Long Phuong porcelain / email "Esales@longphuong.vn” to receive advice and quotes directly from Long Phuong!

quà tặng khai xuân tại sứ long phương
Visit Long Phuong porcelain website to refer to many samples of household porcelain as meaningful spring gifts!

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