Cuisine can be considered a cultural beauty of the Vietnamese people. Vietnamese dishes are extremely rich and diverse. Spices create the bold flavors of the dishes as well. For those who love cooking, the top 20 dishes should definitely not be missed. Top 20 spices to have in the kitchen that Long Phuong Porcelain shared

1.      What is cooking seasoning?

Spice được định nghĩa là các loại thực phẩm hoặc các chất hóa học được thêm vào món ăn để tạo hương vị. Sự kết hợp của các loại gia vị không những mang lại hương vị cho món ăn mà còn nó còn có tác dụng dược học tốt cho sức khỏe của người sử dụng. Một số loại gia vị có tác dụng tốt cho dạ dày, hệ tiêu hóa như nghệ, gừng.. hoặc tốt cho đường huyết, giảm căng thẳng, cải trí nhớ.

2.      Must-have spices in Vietnamese kitchens

2.1 Basic types of seasonings that are indispensable in the kitchen

  • Salt

Salt is an indispensable cooking spice in every dish. Salt not only makes the dish more flavorful, but also has the ability to deodorize and clean in the steps of food preparation. In addition, salt contains iodine, minerals that help prevent diseases such as goiter, underdevelopment of the brain, etc.

Salt is one of the must-have spices in the kitchen
Salt is one of the must-have spices in the kitchen
  • Sugar

Like salt, sugar is the most basic cooking spice in every kitchen. Sugar has the ability to quickly replenish energy when the body is weak and tired. However, you should also limit the use of too much, which will lead to obesity and diabetes.

những gia vị cần có trong bếp người Việt
Sugar is the basic spice to have in the kitchen
  • Garlic, red onion, green onion, mixed herbs

These are common spices in every kitchen space. Their combination gives dishes rich aromas and flavors. In addition, garlic and onions are considered as one of the valuable medicines that help the body prevent many diseases such as colds, runny nose, etc.

tỏi và hành là những gia vị cần có trong bếp
the necessary spices in the kitchen: garlic, dried onion, red onion, green onion...
  • Chili – Pepper

Chili and pepper are the ingredients that make the dish spicy. In addition, chili contains a large amount of vitamins A and B, which effectively relieve pain and stimulate blood circulation. Pepper aids digestion, relieves pain, prevents gingivitis.

ớt và tiêu là những gia vị cần có trong bếp
Chili and pepper are the spices that make the dish spicy
  • Fish sauce

Fish sauce is a special condiment that can be called a typical Vietnamese seasoning. In every Vietnamese family meal, a cup of fish sauce is indispensable in the middle. Fish sauce is made from fish, shrimp ... contains a lot of protein capable of providing energy for the body.

nước mắm là những gia vị cần có trong bếp
Fish sauce is a typical Vietnamese dipping sauce
  • Cooking Oil

Cooking oil is often used to fry food. Nowadays, Vietnamese people often use vegetable oil to ensure health during consumption. However, when using cooking oil, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Do not use frying oil over and over again with many types of dishes

Do not use too much cooking oil to process food

Dầu ăn là những gia vị cần có trong bếp
Cooking oil is the raw material used for frying
  • Vinegar

Currently on the Vietnamese market there are two main types of vinegar: rice vinegar and apple cider vinegar. Vinegar is often used to spice up salads... In addition, vinegar also has good health effects such as: supporting the digestive system, reducing heartburn ...

Giấm là những gia vị cần có trong bếp
Vinegar - a must-have in the kitchen
  • Turmeric – Ginger

Turmeric and ginger not only create a rich and beautiful flavor for dishes, but they also have a very good effect on the intestines and stomach: reducing inflammation, stomach ulcers, reducing abdominal pain, good for the system. Digest…

Nghệ và gừng là những gia vị cần có trong bếp
Turmeric and ginger are good for the digestive system
  • MSG

MSG is a very familiar spice in all Vietnamese culinary dishes. However, it is necessary to know how to use it to a certain extent:

You should only add MSG to some dishes

Do not let the dough stand at high temperature for too long because they are easy to turn into harmful substances. You should only add MSG when the food is almost cooked.

Bột ngọt là những gia vị cần có trong bếp
MSG - a must-have in the kitchen
  • Soy

Soy sauce is often used by many Vietnamese families as a dipping sauce instead of fish sauce because it has a natural sweet taste, not too salty, which is very suitable when served with dishes including boiled, fried, grilled...

Nước tương là những gia vị cần có trong bếp
Soy sauce has a natural sweetness, moderate saltiness
  • Chili sauce

This is considered an extremely popular spice in Vietnam, even Vietnamese chili sauce is loved by many countries around the world because they have a moderate spicy taste mixed with natural sweetness, helping to stimulate the body. user's taste buds.

Tương ớt là những gia vị cần có trong bếp
Chili sauce - a favorite condiment in Vietnam
  • Ketchup

Like chili sauce, ketchup, also known as ketchup, is often used when eating fried chicken, deep-fried dishes...

Sốt cà chua là những gia vị cần có trong bếp
Tomato sauce aka ketchup

2.2. Specialized types of seasonings in the kitchen

  • Five spice powder

Five flavors include 5 ingredients: cinnamon powder, cloves, anise, cumin. Five flavors means 5 flavors sour, salty, sweet, and bitter. This is a special spice often used to cook typical dishes such as roast pork, roast duck, BBQ...

Ngũ vị hương là những gia vị cần có trong bếp
Five flavors - specialized seasoning for roasted and grilled dishes

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  • Curry powder

Curry powder is made from yellow-orange curry fruit that is often used to cook curries. In addition, it also has good health effects such as supporting the heart, anti-inflammatory, reducing blood sugar, preventing cancer ...

Bột cà ri là những gia vị cần có trong bếp
Curry powder – seasoning for curries
  • Clove

Cloves have a sweet, spicy taste, aroma, and hot properties. Because cloves have a very strong smell, when cooking, just use a moderate amount to create the smell.

Đinh hương là những gia vị cần có trong bếp
Cloves have a characteristic aroma and pungent taste
  • Cinnamon

Cinnamon is often used to marinate baked goods, eliminate odors and fishy odors when preparing meat and fish. In addition, in traditional medicine, cinnamon also has the effect of treating eye pain, asthma cough, nourishing postpartum women ...

Quế là những gia vị cần có trong bếp
Cinnamon – seasoning seasoning for grilled dishes
  • Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is often used with vegetable salads or dipped with spring rolls, spring rolls… Not only that, mayonnaise contains abundant vitamin E to help fight cancer-causing cells and anti-oxidants.

Sốt mayonnaise là những gia vị cần có trong bếp
Mayonnaise - seasoning for salads
  • Margarine

Margarine is often used when eating baked goods to give the dish a moderate greasy aroma. Margarine can help reduce bad cholesterol, is often used by dieters, reduces the risk of high blood pressure ...

Bơ thực vật là những gia vị cần có trong bếp
Margarine – moderately greasy taste
  • Shrimp paste

Shrimp paste is a typical condiment that only Vietnam has. Vietnamese people often eat tofu with shrimp paste or use shrimp paste as a seasoning to taste in broths / vermicelli broth... In addition, shrimp paste contains DHA to help develop brain, prevent cardiovascular diseases...

Mắm tôm là những gia vị cần có trong bếp
Shrimp paste is a typical Vietnamese condiment

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3. Notes on the principles of seasoning coordination when cooking

3.1 Eliminate the fishy smell of fish

Fish often has a very strong fishy smell, so to make the dish delicious and bold, people often prepare it thoroughly before cooking: use lemon, vinegar and salt to mix to remove the fishy smell of the fish.

cách phối hợp những gia vị cần có trong bếp
Combine the spices needed in the kitchen into a deodorant

3.2 Mix seasoning or seasoning

Vietnam has 3 regions and each region has different climate and weather characteristics, so the taste of each region also changes.

The south eats sweet less spicy, the central part eats spicy, salty and less sweet, the north eats bland and the spiciness will change with the seasons (usually winter will eat more hot spicy food)

nguyên tắc phối hợp những gia vị cần có trong bếp
Seasonal and regional seasoning combinations

3.3 Combine spices to suit each family's taste

Depending on the taste of each family member, there will be different processing and seasoning. Some people like to eat sweet, some people like to eat light, spicy... that's why you should consider processing to increase or decrease the spice for the dish.

hướng dẫn phối hợp những gia vị cần có trong bếp
Combine seasonings to suit the taste of family members

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4.      Suggestions for containers of spices that need to be in the kitchen made of high-quality, genuine porcelain

To keep spices intact, you should store them in a cool, dry place and keep them in secure containers.

Đồ sứ đựng những gia vị cần có trong bếp
Pepper sprinkler – Container for spices needed in the kitchen

The utensils made from porcelain are always high strength, thick, sturdy. For spices such as fish sauce, soy sauce, if stored in porcelain, the preservation and flavor retention will be higher

Đồ gia dụng sứ đựng những gia vị cần có trong bếp
Utensils made from high-quality porcelain

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Long Phuong Porcelain spice container is manufactured using the most advanced machinery from Germany, the product is fired 3 times at a temperature of 1380 degrees Celsius.

Vịt mắm - Đồ đựng những gia vị cần có trong bếp
Duck fish sauce – Container for spices that need to be in the kitchen

Refer to the utensils containing certain cooking spices that must be owned in the kitchen:

5.      Where to buy genuine and beautiful porcelain condiment containers?

On the market today, there are many different models and materials of spice containers, but you should choose the product lines made from porcelain because porcelain has high durability, the ability to keep the full flavor of spices better. , preserved for a longer time without changing the quality of the seasoning.

những gia vị cần có trong bếp của người dân Việt
High quality porcelain condiment container

If you are looking to buy quality and beautiful condiment porcelain, come to Long Phuong Porcelain, we have more than 22 years of experience, producing more than 400 diverse product designs and knowledgeable staff. will definitely bring you the most worthy experience.

những gia vị cần có trong bếp của mọi nhà
Long Phuong Porcelain – A unit that produces porcelain that holds the spices needed in the kitchen

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