1.    Objects and scope of transportation:

  • Delivery policy is applied to all customers ordering through the website store.longphuong.vn
  • Long Phuong will handle all shipping requirements for customers nationwide

2.    Shipping method:

A.    Receive goods directly at the Showroom

  • For customers who come to buy goods at the store or through the website store.longphuong.vn
  • Please carefully check the goods, compare the products before receiving the goods.

B.    Delivery

  • Delivery staff will contact customers who do not have time requirements in advance to arrange a reasonable time with customers.
  • For customers with time requirements, the delivery staff will contact and arrange delivery on time as requested by the customer.
  • Except in cases where the time is too urgent, or outside the store's working time, the staff will contact and re-negotiate with the customer's time to be reasonable.
  • Please directly check the product carefully as soon as you receive the goods from the delivery staff, if there is a problem related to the type, model, quality, quantity of goods not as in the order, Please notify us immediately to coordinate handling. If there is no problem, please receive the goods and pay in full.
  • In case for some reason the delivery staff cannot deliver the goods in time, we will contact you again and notify you.
  • When placing an order, please fill in the necessary information completely and accurately as required to facilitate us in providing goods and receiving payment quickly. We are also not responsible for late or lost deliveries due to incorrect information provided by you.
  • Please check the goods carefully as soon as you receive them from the freight forwarder, if there is a problem related to the type, quality, and quantity of the goods that are not the same as in the order, please report immediately. for us to coordinate with the delivery unit handling the goods.

C.    Change or cancel transactions

– In the following cases you can change or cancel the transaction

  1. When Long Phuong has confirmed the product has not been sent.
  2. If the product has been sent, there is a change the customer must bear the shipping fee.

Normally, after receiving order information, we will process the order within 24 hours and respond to customer information about payment and delivery. Delivery time is usually between 2-4 days from the date of closing the order or as agreed with the customer when placing the order. However, there are also cases where the delivery takes longer but only happens in unusual situations. resistance is as follows:

  • Our staff can't contact customers by phone, so we can't deliver.
  • The shipping address you provided is incorrect or difficult to find.
  • The sudden increase in the number of orders caused the processing of orders to be slow.
  • The delivery partner delivers the goods later than expected, causing the delivery to be delayed or the shipping partner to deliver the goods.
  • Regarding the shipping fee, we use an external shipping service, so the shipping fee will be calculated according to the charges of the shipping units depending on the location and volume of the order, when contacting to confirm the order with The customer will notify the specific fee to the customer.

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