Shareholders' meeting gifts express gratitude for the contributions of shareholders in the development of the business. Together Long Phuong Porcelain Shop Refer to the most practical shareholder meeting gifts!

What gifts to give to shareholders in the annual general meeting of shareholders?
What gifts to give to shareholders in the annual general meeting of shareholders?

1. What is the purpose of the shareholders' meeting gift?

Annual shareholders meeting is an opportunity for the Board of Directors to meet and express gratitude to the shareholders who have accompanied and placed their full trust in the enterprise. Therefore, Prepare gifts for shareholders help:

  • Expressing the corporate gratitude to shareholders
  • Through this, businesses indirectly introduce their products to a wider audience. 
  • If unique gifts, meaning, receiving the response of everyone's sharing, then this is an effective marketing tactic for businesses.
  • Shareholders' meeting gifts help businesses affirm their professional and thoughtful working style, causing sympathy for shareholders.
  • The preparation of gifts for shareholders also helps the atmosphere of the meeting become more energetic, attracting more shareholders.
  • In particular, this is also one of the criteria for shareholders to consider sticking with the company for a long time.
mục đích quà tặng đại hội cổ đông
Giving gifts to shareholders to appreciate their contributions in the development of the business

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2. Top 15+ most meaningful shareholder meeting gifts

2.1 Practical shareholders' meeting gifts

Porcelain Mug  

Long Phuong porcelain cups are always the preferred gift choice of businesses in all events. Durable quality, full flavor retention for hot drinks. Various designs, from plain porcelain cups to unique textured porcelain cups. Long Phuong accepts to design and print logos at the request of businesses. Long Phuong porcelain cup is the perfect gift for shareholders.

gift ceramic cups
Long Phuong porcelain cup – great gift choice

Porcelain vases

Different from the mass products on the market, Long Phuong porcelain vase is extremely unique and luxurious. Each design of Long Phuong's flowerpot conveys many meaningful messages. This is definitely a classy gift for shareholders.

lọ hoa sứ quà tặng
Unique and meaningful Long Phuong porcelain vase gifts

High quality leather briefcase

Shareholders are usually business people. So the leather briefcase is a pretty reasonable choice, both fashionable and luxurious  but still practical. 

quà tặng cặp da
Leather briefcase – polite gift

Technology gift set

The gift set includes technology items such as power banks, universal chargers, wireless headphones, usb, ...

For business shareholders, this is a convenient gift that is also very luxurious for them. 

quà tặng công nghệ đại hội cổ đông
Very luxurious and practical technology gift set

Office gift set

Businesses can choose gifts to pair into sets such as: leather notebooks, pens, leather wallets, thermos mugs... The gift just shows the delicate concern of the business. It is also well received by shareholders.

set quà tặng văn phòng
A gift close to shareholders

Functional food gift set

Consumer trends pay more and more attention to health. Therefore, this gift of the business conveys thoughtfulness and dedicated care to its shareholders. 

quà tặng thực phẩm chức năng

Meaningful health gift

This is a traditional gift that businesses still use. A fashionable T-shirt, printed with a meaningful logo. Shareholders are also very proud to wear the corporate shirt with their own contribution in it. 

áo phông quà tặng đại hội cổ đông
T-shirts are close gifts


This is a small gift but very delicate and elegant. The gift will be very useful to male shareholders, helping them to be more attentive in meetings, going to events, going to work...

cà vạt quà tặng
Elegant gift set

Shopping vouchers 

Businesses can integrate their products and business items here. The gift is quite useful, and helps to stimulate shopping very well. 

thẻ quà tặng mua sắm
Shopping vouchers are applied by many businesses as shareholder gifts

Tea and cake gift set 

Traditional but still very practical gift set that businesses can choose. Don't forget to design a luxury box, print a professional logo to help elevate the gift. 

set quà tặng bánh kẹo

Practical traditional gift set


The frequency of travel, travel, business... of shareholders is often very large. Therefore, suitcase is a very useful and practical gift for shareholders.

quà tặng vali
Useful gifts for shareholders

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2.2 Premium shareholder meeting gifts

Gifts of porcelain teapots 

Long Phuong porcelain teapot set is a great luxury gift in important events such as the general meeting of shareholders. With quality smooth enamel, diverse designs, durable porcelain, luxurious box. This is definitely a meaningful gift for shareholders. 

bộ ấm chén quà tặng đại hội cổ đông

Long Phuong teapot set – a luxury gift

Gift set of porcelain dishes 

Long Phuong porcelain dish set is a polite gift that businesses should have in the list of shareholder gifts. Long Phuong porcelain dishes whether flower goods or white porcelain goods are very popular with customers. Because, high quality porcelain. Fired at a high temperature range (1380 degrees Celsius) to completely remove chemicals and heavy metals, safe for users. 

bộ bát đĩa quà tặng đại hội cổ đông
Long Phuong dish set is a gift that any shareholder would love to receive

Gift of a pot of fortune

The vase is a feng shui decorative item that businessmen love. The gift can send the promise of prosperity and fortune to each shareholder when accompanying the business.

quà tặng cổ đông bình hút lộc
Lucky pot is a lucky feng shui gift

Statue of feng shui mascot

Statues of mascots such as toad, dragon, Pixiu, horse, turtle, carp... These are all gifts that can bring luck and fortune to the recipient. Depending on the meaning that each animal in it represents, the business chooses to suit its purpose.

quà tặng tượng linh vật
Mascot statue - meaningful feng shui gift

High quality wall paintings

There are many types of murals on the market. Material variety. Diverse topics. Therefore, businesses also have more choices. 

quà tặng tranh treo tường
Wall paintings – exquisite gifts

Smart watch

Smartwatch is increasingly popular and becomes a meaningful gift. The gift is both young and fashionable, and integrates many modern technology applications. The gift is sure to be loved by shareholders.

quà tặng cổ đông đồng hồ thông minh
Youthful, modern gift

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3. 5 notes when choosing shareholder meeting gifts

To achieve the purpose ofa gift for the general meeting of shareholdersWhen choosing gifts, businesses should note the following:

  • Clearly define the purpose of shareholder gifts to have a reasonable gift selection plan. If businesses want to attract more shareholders, they should prepare attractive and unique gifts. 
  • Know the number of shareholders of the company to make a list of gifts closest to the number. Avoid excess or lack, causing waste, showing a lack of professionalism.
  • Research the preferences, or consumption trends of shareholders to find the gifts that are really suitable for them, creating an impression of the thoughtfulness of the business.
  • Classify gift groups by value or meaning such as: high-class gifts, practical gifts. The "homegrown" gifts of the business itself will also be the most impressive gifts that businesses do not forget!
  • The value of the gift is not directly proportional to the business results of the business. Therefore, businesses should calculate the cost of gifts to suit the situation of their business.

Suggest porcelain gifts for shareholders meeting, businesses should know

4. Telling you the secret to choosing the most chosen shareholders' meeting season gifts

5. Address  to buy prestigious and professional shareholders' meeting gifts

Long Phuong Porcelain is a supplier porcelain shareholder meeting gift prestige, top quality in Vietnam. 

Quality products, variety

All products of Long Phuong are regularly tested and meet new standards to be sold to the market. Businesses have a wide choice of models and designs of products. 

Fast and professional working process

  • Please call directly to the hotline 0989.595.866. Or chat directly with Long Phuong Porcelain on the website to receive a quote and direct consultation. 
  • Customers study to close the quantity, with requirements. 
  • Long Phuong porcelain receives and processes orders, responds to requests for customers to approve. 
  • After unification, Long Phuong porcelain conducts production and delivery. 

Order logo printing on request

  • Please call directly to 0989.595.866 / live chat on the website / on Fb Long Phuong porcelain / email "” for direct consultation. 
  • Staff send quotes with logo printed product market for customers to approve. 
  • Sign a contract and place an order. 
  • Long Phuong sends samples to customers. When meeting the customer's wishes, Long Phuong proceeds to produce according to the ordered quantity. 
  • Before delivery, Long Phuong will conduct acceptance testing, censorship, boxing and delivery to customers. 

Attractive discounts for corporate customers

Long Phuong Porcelain is a direct manufacturer. Therefore, there are attractive incentives and discounts without intermediaries for corporate customers. The larger the quantity, the higher the discount.

6. Conclusion

Above, Long Phuong Porcelain just made suggestions about shareholder meeting gift for readers' reference. Hope the article is useful. Wish readers have more ideas about shareholder meeting gifts for your company!

shareholder meeting gift
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