Set up the party table How to make it very professional and luxurious? In this article, Long Phuong Porcelain will guide you how to set up a party table properly and suitable for each style. See now!

hướng dẫn bày trí bàn tiệc
How to set up a professional banquet table.

1. What is a party table setup?

Party table setup is the process of arranging and arranging utensils and eating utensils according to a specific standard or style. This job requires the service staff (setup person) to have mature knowledge and practical skills. 

Setting up the banquet table correctly helps make the customer experience better. At the same time, it is also a highlight showing the professionalism and thoughtfulness of the restaurant. Thereby, contributing to attracting and attracting more customers to the restaurant.  

set up là gì
Set up a professional banquet table to create an exciting highlight in the customer experience.

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2. Popular types of banquet table setups according to each style.

2.1 Set up a banquet table for a traditional Asian restaurant.

Asian-style dining tables often use round tables with rotating plates, which is both convenient for enjoying food and creating a close and intimate atmosphere. 

The banquet table setup for an Asian-style restaurant It's not too complicated, specifically as follows:

  • Check the tablecloth to see if it has been replaced and is clean. 
  • Prepare necessary utensils, including: millet plates, rice bowls, dipping plates, porcelain spoons, spoons, spoon and chopstick rests, spice jars, flower vases, toothpick jars, cups, napkins...
  • The plate must be placed 2cm from the edge of the table and  in a central position facing the guest's seat. Each seat has a plate like that. 
  • The rice bowl is placed face down on the millet plate. 
  • Place spoons and chopsticks 2cm away from the plate to the right. 
  • Chopsticks are placed on the chopstick rest at position ⅓, so that the chopsticks feet are 2cm from the edge of the table. 
  • The spoon is placed on the spoon rest, 2cm away from the chopsticks and 2cm away from the edge of the table. 
  • The bowl of dipping sauce is placed to the right of the millet plate, 2cm away from the millet plate.
  • The glass of filtered water is placed on top of the chopsticks, 1cm away from the chopsticks. 
  • The wine/beer glass is placed 1cm away from the filtered water, at a 45 degree angle. 
  • Central utensils such as flower vases, fish sauce bottles, and soy sauce bottles are placed in the center (if it is a round table), or placed symmetrically at both ends of the table (if it is a square table). Fish sauce jar on the left, soy sauce on the right, handle facing out. 
  • The napkin is folded neatly and placed in the bowl, tilted up at a 45 degree angle. 
  • Last time, check and adjust the distance of the tools. At the same time, put the chairs back in a straight line. 

In addition, in some cases where the restaurant welcomes European guests to eat Asian dishes, the basic setup is still the same as above, only adding a fork (for convenience for customers to use when they don't know how to use chopsticks). 

set up bàn ăn kiểu á
Traditional Asian banquet tables always use chopsticks.

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2.2 Set up a European-style restaurant banquet table.

European style dining table are often neat and have more types of food utensils. 

  • Check the tablecloth. 
  • Prepare eating utensils, including: placemats, dinner plates, napkins, bread plates, cutlery, cups, vases, spice jars...
  • Place the positioning disc in a position opposite the seat, 2cm from the edge of the table.
  • Fold the napkin neatly and place it on the plate. 
  • The knife is placed on the right, the fork is placed on the left of the positioning plate, 2cm away from the plate and the edge of the table. Note, the blade must be facing left. 
  • The bread plate is placed to the left of the positioning plate, with a butter knife attached to it. 
  • The red wine glass is placed on the main dish knife, 2cm away. 
  • The white wine glass is placed on top of the red wine glass, 1cm away and 45 degrees to the right. 
  • The glass of filtered water is placed below the red wine glass and white wine glass, about 1cm apart. 
  • Vase of flowers placed in the middle. The salt and pepper jar is placed in front of the flower vase. Pay attention that the logo must face away from the center or straight towards the door. 
  • Staff will move clockwise when serving guests. 
set up kiểu âu
European-style banquet tables are always elaborate with many types of cutlery and glasses.

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2.3 Set up a Vietnamese-style restaurant banquet table.

Setting up a Vietnamese-style banquet table is quite simple. Food serving utensils include: bowls, plates, spoons and chopsticks, spoon and chopstick rests, napkins, water glasses, dipping sauce bowls, spice jars, decorative flower vases...

The dining table is usually arranged for 6 people, or more depending on the needs of the guests. 

  • The dining table is covered with a polite cloth. Linens are often used in white or light colors to harmonize with the space. 
  • Place the plate facing the guest's seat, 2cm from the edge of the table. 
  • The bowl is placed on a millet plate. On top of the bowl, place a folded napkin. 
  • Spoons and chopsticks are placed to the right of the plate, placed neatly on top of the spoon and chopsticks, the chopsticks are located ⅓ of the length of the chopsticks. 
  • Glass of water placed in front, 1cm from the tip of the chopsticks. 
  • The bowl of dipping sauce is placed in front of the bowl. 
  • Other utensils such as spice jars, toothpicks, flowerpots are neatly placed in the middle of the dining table. 
set up kiểu việt nam
Vietnamese-style banquet tables are simple and always create a cozy feeling at home.

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2.4 Set up a buffet restaurant table. 

Buffet restaurant The feature is that customers serve themselves, so there is no need to set up individual banquet tables, but only need to set up a food display area. 

  • The display table serving food is placed in the most suitable spacious position for guests to easily move and pick up the food.  
  • The drink service table is separate from the food table, so guests can put down their plates and pour their own drinks. 
  • Plates are stacked at the top of the table. Guests will take their plates from there and choose their own dishes. Other utensils such as knives, spoons, forks, napkins, glasses will be placed in a separate area. 
  • Dishes will be served hot first.
set up kiểu nhà hàng buffet
Set up the display area in the buffet restaurant.

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2.5 Set up wedding restaurant banquet tables.

The number of guests attending a wedding party is usually very large and they eat quickly. Therefore, setting up the banquet table needs to be quick, concise, and reasonable. 

  • Before party table setup, employees need to check the floor and under the table to see if it is clean and whether there is any trash left.
  • The dining table is usually spread with 2 towels, 1 cover and 1 napkin. Towels are spread flat, evenly balanced corners. 
  • The food utensil including dishes, napkins, spoons and chopsticks... according to the restaurant's standards and the party host's request with appropriate setup. 
  • Depending on the type of table (round table, square table, rectangular table...), the arrangement of tools will suit the aesthetic space of the party.
set up kiểu tiệc cưới
The wedding table focuses on neatness and convenience.

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3. Note when setting up banquet tables in restaurants and hotels.

To work party table setup To be effective, create a luxurious space, as well as demonstrate the restaurant's professionalism, the setup person should note the following:

  • Make sure the dining table and all utensils are clean, free of strange odors, and neatly arranged. 
  • Arrange the utensils in order from outside to inside to suit the enjoyment of dishes from appetizers to main dishes, then desserts. 
  • The distance between the tools is 2cm up and down, 1cm back and forth. 
  • Avoid some common mistakes when setting up a party table such as:
  • Do not directly touch the plate with your fingers, but always use a towel. 
  • Be careful not to place the discs at an angle, but symmetrically. 
  • Labels on spice jars must be placed facing outwards.
  • The hand holding the knife should not touch the blade. The blade should always be facing inward.
lưu ý khi set up
Food utensils need to be arranged in the correct position and in a straight line.

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5. Conclusion!

Above, Long Phuong Porcelain Group Joint Stock Company just shared with readers how party table setup according to each style. Hopefully through this article, readers will gain a lot of useful knowledge in decorating the banquet table. 

Don't forget to visit Long Phuong's website to see more household porcelain samples for hotels and restaurants! 

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Contact Long Phuong to receive detailed advice on types of dishes used in hotels and restaurants!

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