1. Commit

Long Phuong is committed to selling brand new and quality goods. At the same time, the product that the customer receives must be intact and true to the information described on the website

2. Delivery

Long Phuong delivers goods through shipping partners.

Before receiving the goods and paying, please open the box and carefully check all the products in front of the shipping unit.

If the item is full, correct product and intact Only then will the customer pay and receive the goods. In case the goods are missing, incorrect, or damaged, please refuse to receive the goods and please immediately call the hotline 098.959.5866 for the fastest support.

We are still responsible for the loss or damage when you have VIDEO OPENING ORDER OPENING VIDEO when the order is still intact for proof.

3. Exchange or return goods

There are many objective and subjective reasons leading to customers wanting to exchange/return products.

First of all, Long Phuong Sincere apologies to you unfortunately encountered these cases. We hope you understand and continue to support us more, and Long Phuong also promises to fix it to make its service better and better.

- Step 1: If you have a need to exchange or return goods, please notify Long Phuong's customer service immediately within 3 days From the time of receipt of goods through fanpage or contact HOTLINE: 098.959.5866

After receiving the exchange/return request, Customer Support will respond to the customer within 24 business hours.

- Step 2: Return Policy:

Long Phuong does not support return and exchange in the following cases:

  • Product has been used.
  • The product lost the manufacturer's box / box.
  • The products are free gifts.
  • Errors arise due to improper use by customers, accidents.

The rest Long Phuong will support to return to you.

Time to apply for return: Within 03 days since the customer received the product.

For defective goods, Long Phuong will support the shipping fee for customers. In case of exchange because you want to change the product because you are not satisfied or for any other reason, you will bear the shipping fee for both ends: ship to - ship back.

Long Phuong does not support shipping fees and does not recommend this case.


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