The era is developing, people's needs are not only enough to wear, but also "experience delicious food, fashion style". This is promoting the strong development of the restaurant model across the country in particular and around the world in general.

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Learn about the restaurant model with Long Phuong Porcelain

1.  What is the definition of a restaurant model?

Restaurant model is how a restaurant business is organized and operated, including elements such as space design, menus, customer service, management, marketing, and other business practices.

Restaurant model defines how the restaurant operates, creates the customer experience, and manages all aspects of the business.

What is a restaurant? Common types of restaurant classifications

2.  Features of restaurant business models

TypeA restaurant can be a fast food restaurant, a restaurant serving food prepared on the spot, a buffet restaurant, a fine dining restaurant, etc.
MenuIncludes the food and beverage that the restaurant offers to customers.
StyleThe style of the restaurant can be classic, modern, oriental, western, or a combination of different elements.
SpaceSpace layout includes tables and chairs, interior decoration, lighting and open space.
ServiceHow employees interact with customers, including serving food, drinks, and other support.
Food qualityEvaluation of the quality, taste and preparation of the dishes.
PriceAverage price of the food and drinks offered.
Book a table and waitReservation process, waiting time, and customer schedule management.
Capacity to containThe maximum number of customers a restaurant can serve at a time.
CreationAbility to generate new menu ideas, customer experience and marketing.
ManageHow to organize, manage employees, manage inventory and finances, and ensure smooth operations.
TimeFrom 6 to 24 hours. Some restaurants are open 24/7
đặc trưng của mô hình nhà hàng
Features of restaurant business models

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3.  Synthesis of the most popular restaurant models today

3.1. Buffet self-service restaurant model

Buffet self-service restaurant model is a type of restaurant in which customers can choose freely from a list of available food and drinks, and then serve themselves according to their personal preferences.

1DiversityOffering a wide variety of dishes and drinks from main courses to desserts, customers have control over how much and what kind of food they want to enjoy.
2Menu changesChange the menu daily or seasonally, bringing something new and unique to the customer experience.
3Fixed priceCustomers pay a fixed price to join the Buffet and have the right to eat and drink everything the restaurant has to offer.
4Open and comfortable spaceBuffet restaurant has a large and comfortable space, allowing customers to freely move between food trays.
5Special offerOrganize special events such as holiday buffets, seasonal events or special dishes to attract guests.
6Suitable for many occasionsSuitable for events such as weddings, family gatherings, anniversaries and occasions, offering a variety of experiences.
Buffet restaurant
Buffet self-service restaurant model

3.2. Business model of a popular restaurant – Casual Dining

The model of a popular restaurant (Casual Dining) is a type of restaurant that serves affordable and reasonable food and drinks to the majority of people. Usually common dishes in daily life.

1Good priceFood and drinks are priced lower than in fine dining or specialty restaurants.
2Diverse menuThe menu includes a variety of popular dishes and drinks, suitable for everyday meals.
3Comfortable spaceDesign the space to create a feeling of comfort and friendliness for customers.
4Quick serviceFast, efficient service, suitable for customers with limited time.
nhà hàng bình dân
Popular restaurant business model

3.3. Business model of European-style high-class restaurant – Fine Dining

The European-style high-end restaurant model (Fine Dining) often brings a luxurious and sophisticated space and serves high-quality dishes.

1Architecture and DecorationClassical or modern architecture combined with traditional European elements. Exquisite decoration, chandeliers, paintings and jewelry details.
2Menu and FoodExtensive menu, quality, fresh ingredients. Dishes from different European cuisines.
3Service and ServingProfessional, dedicated service. Employees are trained to create a good customer experience.
4Meal timeEncourage enjoying meals for a long time, comfortable space, soft music.
5Suitable for special eventsProvide space for anniversaries, conferences, family events and business meetings.
mô hình nhà hàng cao cấp châu âu
European-style high-end restaurant business model

3.4. Fast Food restaurant business model

Fast food restaurant model (Fast Food) is a type of food business with the main characteristics of providing food quickly, conveniently and often at affordable prices.

1Prices and MenusThe menu is diverse with simple dishes such as hamburgers, sandwiches, fries, soft drinks and some other dishes with affordable prices.
2Service speedFast service speed. Usually ready-made dishes, customers receive food in a short time
3Space and environmentComfortable space, suitable for dine-in or take-out
4Shipping and delivery service– Offers delivery service and even has an online ordering app for the convenience of customers
mô hình nhà hàng ăn nhanh
Fast Food restaurant business model

3.5. Banquet Hall restaurant business model

Banquet Hall restaurant model is a type of restaurant business specializing in providing services for organizing and organizing large events such as weddings, conferences, seminars, anniversaries, corporate parties and events. other special.

1Huge space– Provide large space for events with large number of participants. Can be customized according to the size and type of event
2Equipment and Facilities– Equipped with modern sound, lighting and projection equipment. Provide tables and chairs, menu tables, stages and waiting rooms.
3Diverse menu- Provide a diverse menu to suit the requirements of customers. Includes starter, main course, dessert and drinks
4Event organization service- Professional staff with experience in event organization. Assist in the planning, preparation and execution of event elements
nhà hàng Banquet Hall
Banquet Hall restaurant business model

3.6. Franchise restaurant business model

A restaurant franchise is a business model in which the owner of a successful restaurant brand (franchisor) allows another person (franchisee) to open and manage branches or other business units under their own name. trademark.

1Provide supportBrand owners provide diverse support to franchisees with guidance on operations, management, marketing and other business aspects.
2Standards and proceduresComes with specific standards and processes for the product and customer experience. Ensure consistency in quality and experience
3Fees and ratesFranchisee has to pay an initial fee and can share a percentage of the revenue or profit with the owner of the brand
4Rapid expansionThe brand expanded rapidly and has a presence across many different locations. No big investment required for each business unit
Franchise restaurant
Franchise restaurant business model

3.7. Model of hot pot restaurant at the table

The model of hot pot restaurant at the table is a type of restaurant or eatery where customers can choose and grill food directly on their table.

FeaturedGrilled Hot Pot Restaurant at the Table
Describe– Each table is equipped with a temperature-adjustable grill or electric stove, along with a steamer for hot-pot cooking.
Menu- Diverse menu with different types of meat, seafood, vegetables and hot pot sauces. Customers can customize the way they cook and create dishes to suit their own tastes.
Customer Target:– People who enjoy interactive and fun culinary experiences. Group of friends or family who want to enjoy the space to socialize and cook together.
Space:– The environment is cozy and fun with a large dining table to serve many people. Open or discreet space, depending on the style of the restaurant.
Experience:– Customers cook their own food on the grill and participate in the cooking of hot pot. Create a social and fun environment when cooking together.
mô hình nhà hàng lẩu nướng
Model of hot pot restaurant at the table

3.8. Snack Bar restaurant business model

The Snack Bar restaurant model is a type of restaurant or small eatery, usually focusing on providing short snacks, drinks and snacks.

1Simple menu– The menu focuses on snacks, fast food and drinks such as sandwiches, mini pizzas, soft drinks, coffee, juices, light cocktails
2Comfortable space– Provide a comfortable space with simple tables and chairs for customers to relax, eat and rest
3Focus on convenience– Serve food and drinks easily, convenient for eating in or taking away
4Suitable for dating and meeting friends– Suitable for light date, meeting friends and short relaxation
5Various styles– There can be many different styles, from classic to modern and creative
nhà hàng snack bar
Snack Bar restaurant business model

3.9. Restaurant model in the Trade Center

A restaurant model in a Trade Center is a type of restaurant business located in a commercial center, usually designed to serve both shoppers and visitors.

FeaturedRestaurants In The Mall
Describe– located in or near the main traffic area of ​​the mall. Integrate outdoor spaces or large windows to enjoy natural light and commercial views.
MenuThe menu is diverse with dishes from different cuisines to satisfy many tastes.
Customer Target:Shoppers in the mall want to rest and enjoy a meal in a comfortable space. People who like to combine culinary experiences and shopping entertainment in one trip.
Space– Interior design is comfortable, convenient and convenient for enjoying food. Set up many tables and chairs to serve many customers and optimize space.
Experience– Customers can rest, recharge and enjoy a meal after shopping. Enjoy pleasant spaces and commercial views through windows or outdoor spaces.
nhà hàng tại trung tâm thương mại
Restaurant model in the Trade Center

3.10. Bistro . restaurant business model

Bistro restaurant model is a form of small restaurant, usually providing a comfortable and cozy space, creating a relative environment between a regular diner and a high-class restaurant.

1Cozy space- Compact, comfortable and warm space. Create a friendly and comfortable environment for customers
2Diverse menu- Diverse menu with dishes from all kinds of ingredients. Dishes from meat and seafood to vegetables and desserts. Seasonal changes and chef's creativity
3Food quality– Focus on providing high quality moist food and delicious food. Using fresh and quality ingredients
4Good price– Premium experience but prices remain reasonable and competitive
5Friendly service– Friendly, professional and personal service. Create a comfortable and relaxing environment for customers
6Suitable for small gatherings– Suitable for small gatherings, dating and family events
7Decoration and style- Simple and delicate decoration. Shows focus on quality food and culinary experiences
nhà hàng bistro
Bistro . restaurant business model

3.11. Vegetarian cuisine restaurant business model

A vegetarian restaurant model is a type of restaurant or eatery that focuses on providing dishes and foods that do not contain meat or animal products such as vegetables, beans, nuts, fruits and other foods. other plants.

FeaturedVegetarian Food Restaurant
Describe– The menu is completely vegetarian, no meat, fish, poultry, eggs and animal products are used. Use vegetarian ingredients such as vegetables, beans, tubers, fruits and vegetarian alternatives. Create creative and appealing dishes to satisfy different tastes.
Customer Target:– Those who adhere to a vegetarian diet or want to explore a vegetarian culinary lifestyle. People who care about health, the environment and the ethics of food choices.
Space:– Thiết kế nội thất thoải mái, gần gũi và thân thiện với môi trường. <br> – Sử dụng màu sắc và vật liệu tự nhiên để tạo cảm giác ấm cúng và môi trường thoải mái.
Experience:– Khách hàng có thể thưởng thức những món ăn chay độc đáo và hấp dẫn, tạo cảm giác mới mẻ và thú vị cho thực đơn hàng ngày. <br> – Tạo ra môi trường hữu ích để họ có thể chia sẻ và khám phá lối sống ẩm thực chay cùng nhau.
nhà hàng chay
Vegetarian cuisine restaurant business model

3.12. Café Aperitif . restaurant business model

The restaurant model focuses on creating a luxurious and relaxing space where customers can enjoy snacks and drinks before dinner or after a working day.

Design– Exquisite interior design with soft lighting and soft music background. –
MenuThe menu is diverse with light dishes such as bread, cheese, canapé, cold meat, seafood. Beverages include cocktails, wine, beer, juice, and hot drinks like tea and coffee.
Customer Target:– People who want to relax and enjoy time before dinner or after a working day. Exquisite food and drink enthusiasts.
Space:– Cozy interior design, with comfortable tables and chairs and a private space. – Simulation of European space, especially France and Italy.
Experience:– Khách hàng có thể tận hưởng món ăn nhẹ và đồ uống ngon trước bữa tối, tạo cảm giác hứng khởi cho bữa ăn chính. <br> – Tạo nơi gặp gỡ bạn bè và gia đình, cùng nhau tận hưởng không gian tinh tế và thư giãn.
nhà hàng cafe
Café Aperitif . restaurant business model

3.13. Seafood restaurant business model

The business model focuses on providing seafood dishes and foods, including shrimp, crab, fish, squid and other seafood.

FeaturedSeafood restaurant
Describe- Extensive menu with dishes such as sushi, sashimi, grilled seafood, seafood hot pot and many other seafood-based dishes. Requires strict management to ensure the supply of seafood is always fresh and safe.
Customer Target:– People who love seafood and want to enjoy dishes made from seafood. People who care about food quality and healthy eating lifestyle.
Space:– Interior design reflects the sea with blue color and seafood related decoration. Create a comfortable, intimate environment that promotes a fresh dining experience.
Experience:– Customers can enjoy fresh and creatively prepared seafood dishes. Experience the delicious taste of seafood and feel the unique taste.
mô hình nhà hàng hải sản
Seafood restaurant business model

3.14. Hotel restaurant business model

The business model combines both restaurant and hotel services, providing food for both hotel guests and outpatients.

FeaturedRestaurant Hotel
Describe- Diverse menu with breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks suitable for all times. Room service and room service are an important part.
Customer Target:– Customers staying at the hotel and want to enjoy meals in a comfortable environment. Outpatients looking for a varied and comfortable dining experience.
Space:– Interior design reflects the style and amenities of the hotel, along with a comfortable and friendly dining space. Indoor and outdoor dining areas, depending on the design of the hotel.
Experience:– Guests staying can easily enjoy meals at the restaurant in the hotel without leaving the accommodation. Outpatients can enjoy a comfortable and convenient dining experience.
mô hình nhà hàng khách sạn
Hotel restaurant business model

3.15. Wedding restaurant business model  

The business model focuses on providing wedding and event planning services in a separate and comfortable restaurant space.

FeaturedWedding restaurant
Describe– Flexible space design with the ability to divide into many rooms to serve different events. Custom service according to customer requirements, including decoration and menu.
Menu- Diverse menu with dishes and drinks suitable for many types of parties.
Customer Target:– Couples planning to hold wedding receptions and special events. Businesses or organizations that want to organize a conference, meeting or other event.
Space:– Luxury interior design and suitable for wedding and event space. Stage or dance floor area for performances and discussions at events.
Experience:– Customers can organize weddings and events in the space decorated as they like. Experience a comprehensive service from event planning to execution and completion.
nhà hàng tiệc cưới
Wedding restaurant business model  

3.16. Wine restaurant business model

The business model focuses on providing culinary services combined with wine serving and consulting, creating a high-class wine tasting environment.

FeaturedWine Restaurant
Describe– The food pairing menu is delicious and suitable for pairing with wine. Extensive wine library with wines from all over the world. Offers wine consultation, selection and pairing of wines to suit dishes.
Customer Target:– People who love wine and want to enjoy high quality both food and wine. Events and gatherings that want to enjoy a luxurious space and variety of wines.
Space:- Luxurious interior design, creating a cozy and relaxing feeling. Area for displaying and storing wine properly.
Experience:– Customers can enjoy delicious food paired with appropriate wine selection. Experience immersing yourself in a relaxing and aristocratic space, enjoy a relaxing time.
mô hình nhà hàng rượu vang
Wine restaurant business model

How much capital does it take to open a restaurant?

4. Some notes of the restaurant, hotel, and cafeteria business model

4.1 Determine investment size, style and budget

  • Size: You need to determine the target number of guests per day or per hour, based on which you can decide on the size of the restaurant, from the floor area to the number of tables and chairs required.
  • The style of the restaurant also determines the attractiveness and tastes of customers.
  • The investment budget should also be clearly defined so that there is no difficulty in implementing the plan.
mô hình nhà hàng rượu vang
Determine investment size, style and budget

4.2 Choose the right restaurant model

To choose one restaurant business model The right fit you need is based on many factors: local market, supply capacity and human resources, as well as difficulty in management…

ngân sách đầu tư nhà hàng
Choose the right restaurant model

4.3 Interior and space design

The design needs to reflect the style and goals of the restaurant. The space also needs to be considered to ensure the comfort of the customers and the convenient working space for the staff.

thiết kế không gian nhà hàng
Interior and space design

4.4 Choose durable dishes - safe for customers' health

The choose dishes, eating utensils should be taken carefully. Dishes need to be durable to withstand impact and frequent use.

In particular, choosing dishes and utensils that are safe for the health of customers is very important. Products need to comply with food safety and hygiene standards.

chọn bát đĩa nhà hàng cao cấp
Choose durable dishes - safe for customers' health

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5. Summary

Here are the restaurant business model popular in Vietnam. Each model has its own characteristics and advantages and disadvantages. If you have a business intention, learn more details to have the right strategy.

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