Restaurant marketing plays an extremely important role in promoting brand and revenue growth. So restaurant marketing How to attract customers? Please refer to the article below, Long Phuong Porcelain will share 30 effective ways to promote the development of your restaurant or eatery.

Chia sẻ cách marketing nhà hàng thành công
Learn 30 effective restaurant marketing strategies

1.   What is the concept of restaurant marketing?

Restaurant marketing is a way of researching and learning about customer desires, including menu preferences, space preferences and a variety of other factors related to your restaurant. By meeting these requirements, you can attract customers to the restaurant and at the same time create a positive and profound impression on them.

restaurant marketing
What is the concept of restaurant marketing?

2.   What is the purpose of restaurant marketing?

Marketing helps business owners understand customer needs, connect their desires with their internal resources, and stay alert about trends and competitors. By developing products to meet customer preferences and fit the market, they can create value for their businesses.

marketing nhà hàng là gì
What is the purpose of restaurant marketing?

3.   The important role of restaurant marketing

Marketing is not simply a way to attract customers to your restaurant, but it also plays an important role in creating a memory in the minds of customers. Thanks to this, your restaurant will build a trustworthy and strong brand in the minds of customers. A trustworthy and strong brand is a decisive factor for the restaurant's support and sustainable development.

tầm quan trọng của marketing nhà hàng
The important role of restaurant marketing

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4.   Top 30 effective marketing ideas for restaurants, hotels, and eateries

4.1. Develop a strategy and have a communication plan

The media (Public Relations – PR) is the process of building stories and messages to create content. Understand that customers will discuss and spread messages about your business. Although you can influence public opinion, the reality is that communication is a complex field, as this can have a positive or negative effect on a business's reputation.

restaurant marketing strategy
Develop communication strategies and plans

4.2. Consistency in the restaurant

If European style restaurant, luxury, mid-range to high-end customers. So the facilities or even each set of dishes, tools on the table When eating, you must use high-quality porcelain, safe for the health of customers.

The quality not only needs to meet safety standards, be durable, and have good heat resistance, but the design also needs to be suitable.

The most reasonable choice is the white porcelain dish model, no patterns, basic, uncomplicated design to honor the way the food is presented.

30 cách marketing nhà hàng
Consistency in the restaurant

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4.3. Cooperate with restaurant and travel review websites

If your restaurant's target customers are mainly foreign tourists, consider listing your restaurant on international food review websites or apps. Foreign tourists often want to learn carefully about a restaurant or eatery before deciding to come.

thắng lớn với 30 cách marketing nhà hàng
Cooperate with restaurant and travel review websites

4.4. Use seeding for advertising

Seeding in F&B can be simply understood as sowing a good seed, saying good things about it restaurant you, then cultivate more useful information... Seeding has now become a popular and effective online marketing method.

Unlike PR and media, seeding helps you reach people naturally and skillfully, not only providing information but also creating curiosity and desire for your restaurant.

marketing nhà hàng hiệu quả
Use seeding for advertising

4.5. Optimize Google SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is also a part of Marketing strategy for restaurants. Here's how to optimize your website and improve its organic position on search engines. In addition to using Google advertising (Google AdWords) to display ads in high positions, you can also manage and optimize your website yourself to make it easier for Google to understand the message you want to convey and Bring your website to higher positions in natural search results.

SEO google
Optimize Google SEO

4.6. Marketing restaurants using Local SEO

Local SEO helps enhance business presence in local search results, building customer trust through physical existence. Local SEO is a combination of keyword optimization and location optimization.

SEO local
Marketing restaurants using Local SEO

For example, you can SEO Local like this Address to buy quality dishes and dishes from Long Phuong porcelain restaurant in Bac Kan, good price

4.7. Build an attractive, professional website

A restaurant's website is similar to the storefront, it is the first thing customers will see and review. An excellent website helps a restaurant attract the attention of many diners.

Building and maintaining a complete, attractive, and professional website not only comes naturally, but is also an effective marketing method for your restaurant.

marketing website
Build an attractive, professional website

4.8. Marketing for food on the Google platform

Google is the most popular search engine in Vietnam and worldwide. When users search for a keyword related to restaurants, your ad will appear in the top 4 priority results on Google's search results page. This helps you reach potential customers directly when they are searching for the products or services you offer.

marketing món ăn
Google marketing for food

4.9. Marketing restaurants on Facebook

To build an impressive and attractive restaurant Fanpage for customers, you need:

  • Come up with a unique concept: Choose the main color tone that matches the restaurant's brand
  • Article genre orientation: Determine the type of content you want to share
  • Plan to post: Set a reasonable posting schedule, choose the time frame when the target audience usually accesses social networks
  • Interact regularly
  • Promotions: Use Fanpage to announce promotions, special events, and attractive offers.
marketing nhà hàng trên facebook
Marketing restaurants on Facebook

4.10. Promotional cooperation with KOLs and KOCs

Influencers, including Influencers, KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), and KOCs (Key Opinion Customers), are all individuals who have influence over a specific community or field. They can be famous artists, inspirational people, social activists, bloggers, YouTubers, or simply reputable consumers.

hợp tác KOL KOC
Promotional cooperation with KOL KOCs

4.11. Restaurant marketing on Instagram

Instagram is an environment dedicated to young people expressing their daily lives through photo sharing. Therefore, the average age of people using this platform is often very young, and is especially popular with the art community, influencers (KOLs),...

You can utilize a combination of Viral Marketing and Influencer Marketing strategies to spread your brand to a larger number of people.

marketing nhà hàng trên instagram
Restaurant marketing on Instagram

4.12. Run ads on zalo

With a significant increase in the number of daily users (currently surpassing 120 million people on Zalo), Zalo has naturally become an extremely effective marketing communication channel. In the Vietnamese market, about 50% of consumers use smartphones to shop and place orders, showing great potential from this online market.

marketing nhà hàng zalo
Run ads on zalo

4.13. Build media content on YouTube

YouTube Restaurant Marketing is the use of the world's largest video posting platform - YouTube to share videos related to restaurants and dishes for free for the purpose of advertising the restaurant brand image, promoting food and Their services are closer to customers. Writing scripts and making food review videos on YouTube has become an indispensable part for food lovers.

marketing nhà hàng trên youtube
Build media content on YouTube

4.14. Restaurant marketing on Tik Tok

Tiktok is a video social networking platform that is not only an entertainment tool but has also become an important marketing tool, especially for industries such as technology, fashion, beauty and the culinary and home industries. row.

marketing nhà hàng trên tik tok
Restaurant marketing on Tik Tok

4.15. Create attractive content about food

Content Marketing includes many different forms such as text, images, video, audio, and other elements capable of conveying a message. You need to do well in content that makes customers feel attractive and attractive, along with calls to action for people to enjoy and experience.

tạo content marketing nhà hàng
Create attractive content about food

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4.16. Make a membership card or loyalty card

Besides focusing on attracting new customers to your restaurant, you must pay special attention to old customers who return to you. Because they are the main source of income to help you maintain your business.

Give them attractive vouchers and incentives to both stimulate demand and show gratitude. Promotional programs need to be designed to balance restaurant profits and customer benefits.

làm thẻ thành viên
Make a membership card or loyalty card

4.17. Take advantage of email marketing to introduce restaurants or offers

Email has become one of the most effective and successful marketing methods in the vegetarian restaurant industry. Every time there is an interesting new dish, you can send an email notification to your entire customer list to attract them quickly.

To ensure your email doesn't end up in spam, make sure the email content is engaging and presents the food in an attractive way.

sử dụng email marketing nhà hàng
Take advantage of email marketing to introduce restaurants or offers

4.18. Organize minigames at the restaurant

In the restaurant industry, there are many effective ways to integrate “Game” elements into your marketing strategy. Popular methods include giving away free drinks, giving out promotional vouchers, and setting up points systems.

You can explore customer psychology through the use of a points system and organizing reward programs on your website or Fanpage.

tạo minigame
Organize minigames

4.19. Reach customers with advertising on Google, Facebook, Tiktok, Zalo, Youtube

Promote your image through all means:

  • Advertising on social networks: Facebook, Google, Tiktok, Zalo, Youtube
  • Advertise by distributing flyers, printing billboards in some surrounding, densely populated areas.
chạy ads trên google và facebook
Reach customers with advertising on Google and Facebook

4.20. Apply the “OLD but GOLD” strategy

Even though we are living in the era of Technology 4.0, using flyers is still valuable in your restaurant marketing strategy. You can distribute leaflets in neighboring residences. Or you can even partner with local motels, hotels, and amusement parks. Here, you can create a 10% promotion on all food and beverages for customers booking rooms at partner hotels.

chiến lược Old but Gold
Apply the “OLD but GOLD” strategy

4.21. Upgrade the quality of food and service

Good service is clearly reflected in the way your staff supports customers. From the moment a customer steps foot in the restaurant until they pay and leave, staff need to ensure that customers feel comfortable at all times. Sometimes, you can add welcome touches like flowers or candy on special occasions. This is a way to help your restaurant create a deep impression in the minds of customers.

nâng cấp chất lượng dịch vụ
Upgrade the quality of food and service

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4.22. Build and update new seasonal dishes

Each season of the year brings its own unique ingredients and flavors. Therefore, changing the menu to reflect the fresh ingredients of the harvest season will bring new, delicious and more nutritious flavors.

In addition, this also creates curiosity for customers about the taste of new dishes and stimulates them to expect creativity from the restaurant.

xây dựng thực đơn theo mùa
Build and update new seasonal dishes

4.23. Free Wifi – effectively increases recognition

When customers connect to the restaurant's wifi network, an advertising window about the restaurant will automatically display, asking users to perform a few small operations to access free wifi. During this process, icons and images related to the restaurant will appear continuously. This helps create an impression and create recognition for the restaurant's brand in the minds of customers.

free wifi trong nhà hàng
Free Wifi – effectively increases recognition

4.24. Take advantage of word of mouth marketing methods

Word of mouth marketing is a useful marketing measure. Word of mouth marketing is becoming more important than ever in a business's marketing strategy. Customers often trust advice from relatives and friends more than they trust traditional advertising. This form is currently very popular, typically Reviewers have created the most effective word-of-mouth marketing trend.

marketing truyền miệng
Take advantage of word of mouth marketing methods

4.25. Unique restaurant design style

To advertise effectively, we need to choose the right style and consider factors such as color, lighting, and layout to create an attractive space for customers. At the same time, we also need to consider making effective use of space and following feng shui principles to ensure business success.

thiết kế nhà hàng độc đáo
Unique restaurant design style

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4.26. Create attractive content for the restaurant's food and drinks

Combining beautiful photography with engaging language is important. Good articles and attractive images will make customers or passersby feel interested and stop to learn about the restaurant's location and menu.

content món ăn hấp dẫn
Create attractive content for the restaurant's food and drinks

4.27. Check in at the restaurant with gifts

Customers often check in when they come to enjoy the food and place, with many photos being shared on social media.

Please try to apply it give a gift or promotional discounts for those who check in, enhance the restaurant's image by decorating the place beautifully and uniquely or creating a lively and attractive check-in corner.

check in tại nhà hàng
Check in at the restaurant

4.28. Partner with food delivery apps

Nowadays, ordering food and drinks through applications such as GrabFood, GoFood, Beamin, Now, has become very popular. So, partnering with these shipping partners is a good way to expand your customers and increase your revenue, while bringing your brand in front of a large audience.

hợp tác với các app giao đồ ăn
Partner with food delivery apps

4.29. Build a 0 VND Marketing strategy

Create inspirational stories or stories that cause controversy in the community, which leads to the interest of a large number of social network users. However, this method is like a double-edged sword. If you are not skillful in the way you convey it, it will lead to content that is considered negative, negatively affecting the restaurant's image.

chiến lược marketing nhà hàng 0 đồng
Build a 0 VND Marketing strategy

4.30. Create crowd effects

Occasions such as grand openings or opening new branches are ideal times to take advantage of the crowd effect. You can organize these Promotionsv Special offers like giving away the first 100 glasses or organizing a lucky draw to attract customers.

hiệu ứng đám đông
Create crowd effects

5.   How to build a standard restaurant marketing strategy

5.1. Draw customer portraits

When starting a marketing strategy, identifying the right target audience is the most important step. Understanding this subject is indispensable for effective business.

Identifying your target audience helps you understand your customers' habits and needs, as well as the problems that concern them. For example, you can find out who decides to come to the restaurant, whether they usually come alone or with a group, and what sources they look for information from.

vẽ chân dung khách hàng
Draw customer portraits

5.2. Market survey and research

This step is extremely important, because it will determine the effectiveness of the restaurant's marketing strategy. Market research helps you comprehensively assess the market in which you operate, including your competitors, potential competitors, their scope of operations, and customer preferences.

  • To better understand the market, you need to answer the following questions:
  • Which market segments are currently underserved?
  • Is the market segment large enough to generate significant profits for you?
  • Is your market competitive? Who are your competitors?
  • What are your competitors' weaknesses?
  • Where does your competitive advantage lie? It could be about quality, price, geographical location, service, or other factors.
nghiên cứu thị trường
Market survey and research

5.3. Determine goals and budget

The main message is the restaurant's identity and commitment to customers. When choosing a marketing message, two important principles should be followed: use concise and clear language, and must prominently represent the restaurant's entire identity.

xác định mục tiêu
Determine goals and budget

5.4. Strategize and communicate effectively

Choosing the right marketing method will help you optimize resources and reduce marketing costs. Below are some popular forms of advertising on the market:

  • Traditional advertising through means such as flyers, posters, business cards,...
  • Promote on media such as television or radio.
  • Organize promotions, events, happy hours, incentives for members,...
  • Online advertising via platforms such as YouTube, Google, Facebook, Instagram, ...
xây dựng marketing nhà hàng
Strategize and communicate effectively

5.5. Set budget and sales goals

Usually, we divide goals into three stages: short-term (to attract customers immediately), medium-term (brand building), and long-term (customer trust).

Marketing budget depends on specific goals. If the restaurant has been in business for a long time, you can rely on previous sales and marketing costs to calculate the cost per product and per customer.

xác định mục tiêu doanh số
Set budget and sales goals

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6.   Conclusion

Hope to share about these restaurant marketing strategy of the Long Phuong Porcelain will bring you useful information.

In addition, if you are looking for a supplier of decorative items, dining table dishes made from porcelain Please contact Long Phuong Porcelain.

Long Phuong has a professional strategic consulting team that has successfully provided consulting support to thousands of restaurants and hotels across the country.

sứ long phương cung cấp bát đĩa nhà hàng
Long Phuong Porcelain – Providing high-end restaurant dishes

Long Phuong is ready to support restaurant marketing, run free media advertising for customers, a team of style-oriented consultants and Set up dining tables from restaurants and hotels Affordable to 5-star restaurants.

In particular, Long Phuong also provides trial tableware products for customers completely free of charge.

top 30 marketing nhà hàng hiệu quả
Long Phuong porcelain restaurant dishes

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