Customers can order directly at the showroom, by phone or on the online website:

1. Steps to place an order on the website

Step 1:  Select the item you are interested in to view product information, prices…

Step 2:  When want to buy any product, click the button  "Buy now" , the system will put the selected product in the cart. You can choose "Add to cart" to add another product, or adjust the quantity for the selected product.

Step 3:  Fill in your necessary information so that we can contact you easily, please type correctly and stamp.

Step 4: Click "Order” to send orders, as soon as we receive your information, we will contact you directly by phone or Email to confirm the order.

2. Steps to purchase at the Showroom

​- For customers who buy goods at the showroom, please pay 100% of the order value (applicable to same-day delivery).

– For customers who require delivery in other provinces outside the scope of free delivery, please pay 100% of the order value and shipping fee (if any).


CEO of Long Phuong Group Joint Stock Company, with more than 20 years of exploration and research to obtain the best formulas and professional experience, Long Phuong Porcelain has produced more than 400 designs of all kinds of household porcelain, Significant contributions to Vietnam's ceramic industry.

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