You are looking for promotional gifts for Business? Click on this article now. Long Phuong Porcelain Suggest the most unique promotional gifts 2023.

1. What are promotional gifts? What does promotional gift mean?

Promotional gifts Also known as promotional gifts. It is a form of gift that corporate companies use in their marketing communications campaigns. 

The purpose is to promote the company's image, increase brand awareness, and at the same time promote more shopping behavior of customers. 

ý nghĩa qùa tặng khuyến mãi
Promotional gifts both promote the brand and engage customers

Promotional giftsi means many things to both businesses and customers:

  • It is an effective marketing strategy for businesses, helping to promote the company's image, increase brand awareness...
  • Show your gratitude to your customers
  • Promote shopping behavior of customers, increase sales for businesses.

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2. Suggest 20+ promotional gifts for the most economical businesses

2.1. Ca Lipton 

Lipton cup Made from high-quality porcelain, shiny enamel, can hold many different drinks, convenient, very suitable for cooking. gift.

ca sứ quà tặng khuyến mãi
The porcelain mug is a luxurious gift that customers love when they receive it

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2.2. Seasoning plate with 2 compartments 

Seasoning plate Designed with user-friendly compartments. High quality, luxurious white porcelain will make the recipient satisfied when given.

đĩa gia vị  quà tặng khuyến mãi
Convenient two-compartment condiment plate

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2.3. White porcelain square ashtray

Porcelain ashtray It is used to store cigarette butts, to prevent dust from scattering and embers from flying around. Made from high quality porcelain, bright white enamel color, suitable for any space. This is also a practical promotional gift.

gạt tàn quà tặng khuyến mãi
Small gift but very polite

2.4. Keychains

It is a small and beautiful item, but often appears in every customer's journey. This gift is really helpful.

quà tặng khuyến mãi móc khoá
Keychains are cheap gifts

2.5. Logo printed helmet

Helmets are really practical gifts for customers. It both helps protect customers when participating in traffic, as well as a way to promote indirect images for businesses.

mũ bảo hiểm quà tặng khuyến mãi
Helmets are also a gift that many businesses choose

2.6. Umbrellas/umbrellas

This is also a meaningful gift when customers receive it. This gift is not only useful, but also shows the business's interest in customers. Do not forget to print your logo to increase brand recognition.

ô che
Umbrella gifts

2.7. Raincoat

Raincoats are traditional, friendly, low-cost gifts suitable for any business. Customers also love this practical gift.

áo mưa quà tặng khuyến mãi giá rẻ
Raincoat gift

2.8. Spices of white porcelain bar ca 

Plate of spices bar ca Compact design, deep inside with soft curves, increasing the aesthetics of a condiment container. Your customers will surely love this gift.

quà tặng khuyến mãi gia vị thanh ca
Elegant style spice container

2.9. White porcelain hole spoon

Spoon (spoon) is a small but mighty product. It is an indispensable item from any family's dining table. With a reasonable cost, businesses can use this as a meaningful gift. 

thìa sứ quà tặng khuyến mãi
Porcelain spoons are very popular gifts

2.10. White porcelain chopsticks holder

Chopsticks holder made from white porcelain High quality, smooth glaze, easy to clean. Products to help the dining table become neater and more luxurious – a practical promotional gift.

ống đũa quà tặng khuyến mãi
Practical gifts for customers

2.11. White porcelain flower pot

Compact but unique, eye-catching design. Flower vase Used as decorative flower arrangements, bringing elegant and elegant beauty to the space. This is definitely a promotional gift that every customer wants to receive.

quà tặng khuyến mãi bằng lọ hoa
The flower vase is a very meaningful gift for any customer who receives it

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2.12. Clock

Wall clocks not only have the function of telling the time, but can also be used as a beautiful decoration in the house. Therefore, watch gifts will also be welcomed by customers. 

đồng hồ
Watches are chosen by many businesses as gifts because of the reasonable cost and very polite

2.13. Average Thermostats

bình giữ nhiệt
Gift of thermos bottle

Thermos flasks are used to store hot food and drinks. Through this gift, businesses show thoughtful attention to their customers. This is a meaningful gift that businesses can prepare as gifts for customers.

2.14. Porcelain sugar jars 

Porcelain sugar jar Designed with a convenient lid to prevent insects and dust from entering. Very suitable for storing spices such as salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, etc. This gift is sure to make any customer fall in love.

quà tặng khuyến mãi bình sứ
A gift with a reasonable cost, but very polite

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2.15. Pen

Pens are familiar items for office workers, teachers, and students. Businesses can engrave business logos to increase brand recognition with customers.

quà tặng khuyến mãi bút viết
Pen gift

2.16. Balo

Depending on the promotion program, businesses can choose the types of backpacks that are suitable for their customers. Backpacks on customer journeys indirectly spread the brand of the business further.

 ba lô
Backpacks are used by many businesses as gifts that customers love

2.17. Cloth bag

There are many factories that accept fabric bags, creating many choices for businesses. With a small cost, cloth bags also convey the message of environmental protection very effectively. This is also a way to impress your business to customers. 

túi vải
Cloth bags are gifts that are both useful and convey many messages to customers

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2.18. Backup charger

Power banks are extremely useful items for those who travel long distances, and the cost is low. Therefore, businesses can choose as a very reasonable promotional gift.

sạc dự phòng quà tặng khuyến mãi
Power bank gift

2.19. Mouse pads

The mouse pad is extremely practical for office customers. On the market, mouse pads are produced in a variety of sizes, colors and images. Businesses have a lot of options for this type of gift.

tấm lót chuột
Gift mouse pad

2.20. Computer shockproof bag

The shockproof bag helps protect the computer from bumps while on the go. This is also a practical gift that businesses can use as a gift.

túi chống sốc máy tính quà tặng khuyến mãi
Shockproof bag gift

2.21. Super tepid

The kettle is a practical and intimate item. Therefore, the gift will be very popular with customers.

ấm siêu tốc
Super fast warm gifts

2.22. Piggy

Funny and cute pigs are often displayed in formal positions in the house. The presence of the gift is a reminder of the memory of being given the gift. Such a gift will leave a deep impression of the customer on the business.

heo đất
Gift of piggy bank

2.23. Cup set with logo printed 

Made from high quality white porcelain, diverse designs. Long Phuong porcelain has many teapot model made from white porcelain, convenient for businesses that need to print logos as gifts.

ấm chén in logo làm quà tặng khuyến mãi
High quality logo printed teapot set from Long Phuong Porcelain

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2.24. Porcelain bowl with logo printed

Long Phuong porcelain bowl famous for its exceptional durability, tough porcelain, bright white enamel, not yellowing over time. Plain white porcelain without texture, convenient for businesses want to print logos as gifts. In particular, customers when receiving gifts like this will be very impressed with the luxurious image of the business.

bát sứ quà tặng khuyến mãi
Gift set of dishes with logo printed

3. Solutions for promotional gifts and savings in combos

3.1. Combo gift solution promotion under 50K

Includes gifts such as:

  • Children's school supplies set
  • Mini plant pots
  • Mini stuffed animals
  • Phone cases
  • Keychains
  • Porcelain chopsticks
  • Porcelain vases
  • Porcelain toothpick
  • Porcelain pouring pot

quà tặng dưới 50k
Gifts under 50k

3.2. Combo gift solution promotion from 60-100K

Includes items like:

  • Porcelain sugar jug
  • Porcelain bowl
  • Porcelain plate
  • Singer
  • Nail clippers
  • Umbrellas
  • Raincoat
  • Towel
  • Spice box
quà tặng dưới 100k
Gifts under 100k

3.3. Combo solution for promotional gifts from 100-150k

Suggest some dishes like:

  • Porcelain bowl
  • Various kinds of deep porcelain plates, unique shape of Long Phuong Porcelain
  • Average Thermostats
  • Essential oil diffuser
  • Glass cup
  • Set of spoons and forks
  • Set of vases and pens
quà tặng dưới 150k
Practical and polite gifts under 150k

3.4. Combo solution gift promotion from 150-200k

With this price segment, you can choose gifts such as:

  • Food container
  • Backup charger
  • Set of thermos cups
  • Porcelain European with lid
  • Combo Long Phuong porcelain singer
  • Combo Long Phuong Peach Blossom Porcelain Plate
quà tặng dưới 200k
Gifts under 200k

3.5. Combo solution for promotional gifts from 300-500k

With this price segment, businesses can choose from many polite gift combos:

  • Long Phuong Porcelain has a lot of luxurious dishes and cups suitable for this price.
  • You can also choose from herbal tea combos, cooking pot sets, tupperware boxes...
quà tặng dưới 500k
Courteous gift combo

See more gift samples according to promotional combos:

3.6. Combo solution for promotional gifts from 500-700k

Businesses can use this luxury gift combo for high value orders. Gifts for this segment could be:

  • High-class dishes and pots from Long Phuong Porcelain.
  • Or gift sets of personal items…
quà tặng dưới 700k
Luxury gift combo

3.7. Combo solution for promotional gifts over 700k

If the budget for the corporate promotional gift campaign is extensive, let's refer to the premium gift combos such as:

  • Premium tea, cake, and wine sets
  • And check out the extremely luxurious combos of teapots and dishes from Long Phuong Porcelain!
quà tặng trên 700k
Premium gift combo

4. Reveal the best ways to use promotional gifts to reach more potential customers for your business

In order for the promotional gift campaign to be effective, businesses should note the following:

  • Various forms of promotions to attract new customers to join.
  • Create scarcity to stimulate customer engagement.
  • Promote on all social platforms of the business to create spread and attraction.
  • Organize customer events to impress and create attention.

5. Address to buy unique and prestigious promotional gifts 

Long Phuong Porcelain is a leading unit in the household porcelain industry in Vietnam, specializing in providing ceramic gifts to big partners such as: Samsung, Dabaco, Vietcombank, Shinhanbank, BIDV, Vinpearl, Acecook...

Products at Long Phuong Porcelain have diverse and unique designs with many prices suitable for each segment of businesses and customers.

Long Phuong porcelain serves the needs of printing brand logos on products according to customers' wishes. 

At Long Phuong Porcelain, there is an attractive discount policy for corporate customers. 

6. Conclusion 

Long Phuong Porcelain just made suggestions about promotional gifts for your readers. Hopefully the article will help readers make more informed choices when buying promotional gifts. 

gợi ý quà tặng khuyến mãi
Visit Long Phuong website to see more samples of household porcelain

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