Xuan Trieu dinner set


Xuan Trieu dinner set Brings a new, pristine beauty in the early days of spring. With the wish for a new year where everything goes smoothly, peacefully and cleanly. Living table set with many new, eye-catching designs, durable porcelain without motifs, making your living room space more luxurious and fresh.

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Xuan Trieu dinner set with unique, novel and eye-catching designs that combine to create a convenient and useful desktop set. The table set for reception includes a 25cm butterfly plate, 01 leaf plate with two compartments, and a scallop plate all used to hold candies or fruits. 01 bottle of potted flowers, light and compact, does not take up the space of the reception desk. 01 hexagonal toothpick with lid, 01 triangular ashtray, 01 small scallop plate used to store fruit soup powder and 02 320ml LPB cups.


True to the name of Xuan Trieu's porcelain tableware, it brings a fresh and pure beauty in the early days of the new year. With the wish of a new year, everything will be smooth, peaceful and pure. The living room table set with many new and eye-catching designs, durable porcelain without texture brings your living room space to become more luxurious and fresh.

Xuan Trieu dinner set
Xuan Trieu tableware set with pure white color and unique design

Xuan Trieu means just one morning at the beginning of the new year. Normally, Vietnamese people have the custom of going to New Year wishes to relatives and friends on the morning of the 1st. This Xuan Trieu porcelain tableware is compact and convenient, making it easy for homeowners to display snacks to invite guests to wish New Year such as fruits, sweets, etc.

Small plate of clams containing salt and fruit; hexagonal toothpick and triangular ashtray

Porcelain set including 03 plates used to store fruits, candies, dried fruits, jam (shell plate, butterfly plate, leaf plate with two compartments); 01 hexagonal toothpick holder with lid to help preserve bamboo toothpicks from getting wet; 02 small plates of clams used to store salt, powdered fruit soup; 01 high-quality heat-resistant ceramic triangular ashtray, 01 potted flower vase and 02 drinking cups of just enough size for the host to invite guests to a cup of juice, a cup of coffee...

Set đồ sứ để bàn cao cấp
02 high quality white porcelain cups 320ml

The durable porcelain is fired three times at a temperature of up to 1380 degrees Celsius, the outside is also covered by a layer of shiny white glaze, smooth and genuine. Create a luxurious, pure harmony for the whole product set.

Bộ đồ sứ Triêu Xuân để trên bàn tiếp khách
Luxurious European style potted flower vase

The flowerpot has a unique and new design, bringing a classic European-style luxury beauty. The flowerpot has a compact size, convenient to hold and is suitable for any living room space.

Bộ đồ sứ tiện lợi để bàn tiếp khách
Porcelain set for the reception desk

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Product's name Xuan Trieu living table porcelain set
Material, substance High-class porcelain
Size 4.4 inch, 8 inch, 8 inch
Weight 2.15kg
Designs Round shape
Color White
Quality Meet quality standards QCVN12-4:2015/BYT
Weight 2,15kg
Origin Long Phuong Factory

in the set

01 butterfly plate 25 cm (10")
01 Leaf plate with two compartments 27 cm
02 Plates of clams 9 cm
01 potted flower pot
01 hexagonal toothpick with cap
01 4" triangle ashtray
01 plate of clams 18cm (7″)
01 Shift LPB 2 (8.1×9.4x320ml)
Suitable for Family/Party/Restaurant & Hotel/Outdoor/Wedding Party


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