Van Hanh dinner set


Van Hanh tableware is the word Wishing you all the best of luck and dreams to your loved ones in the new year.With 10 items including 6 rice bowls, 3 plates and 1 bowl suitable for a reunion dinner on New Year's Day, this is an indispensable dish set in your kitchen.

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Van Hanh dinner set in the Tet gift collection of 2023 by Long Phuong Porcelain Porcelain, with 10 items including 6 rice bowls, 3 plates and 1 bowl, this will be a suitable gift set for a reunion dinner on New Year's Day. With discsSquare shape, oval shape, clear cubic lines represent the Earth, solidity, and at the same time represent prosperity and long-term development. The set of products will be wishes for a peaceful and happy career, wishing the giver a solid career.

Van Hanh dinner set
High-class Van Hanh dish set


Van Hanh dish set is a product line with extremely minimalist design, suitable for all architectural spaces, from traditional and idyllic to luxurious and modern. And the strength of the durable porcelain, the reef enamel is resistant to strong impacts, good heat resistance, safe to use in the microwave, dishwasher, helping to preserve the full flavor of the dish. The main Van Hanh dish set fully meets the criteria in terms of aesthetics and quality.

Van Hanh dish set
Japanese rice bowl and virtual rice bowl 8″

The word "Happiness" in Chinese means luck, blessing. Sending Van Hanh dishes means sending wishes of luck and dreams to customers, partners or family members on the occasion of the New Year.

Van Hanh dish set
Gourd square plate and Japanese rice bowl

Each product with a shiny, smooth glaze exudes a luxurious and high-class beauty for your family's dining table. The product is also chosen as a gift because of its high sophistication, showing the sincere heart of the giver. Not only children who work far away return home with Tet gifts for their families, but partners also often send New Year's gift boxes to each other, because each Tet gift represents the wish for a safe year. prosperity, good fortune.

Van Hanh dish set
Gourd square plate and Japanese rice bowl

In addition to Van Hanh dishes, Long Phuong Porcelain has more 100 samples of tableware for you to choose in many different styles



Product's name Cat Tuong dish set - LONG PHUONG Premium White Porcelain
Material, substance High-class porcelain
Weight  2,5 kg
Designs Round shape
Color White
Quality Meet quality standards QCVN12-4:2015/BYT
Weight 2,5 kg
Origin Long Phuong Factory

in the set

Virtual Sauce Bowl 20cm (8″) (1 pc)

20cm (8″) square plate (1 cái)

22cm (9″) square dish (1 cái)

8″ virtual gourd square plate (1 cái)

4.5″ white rice bowl (6 pieces)

Suitable for Family/Party/Restaurant & Hotel/Outdoor/Wedding Party


Long Phuong With more than 20 years of experience in the field of ceramics, we are always confident to bring customers products that ensure all 3 factors: beauty, quality and safety. With the working motto of "bringing perfect beauty in each product, every product, big or small, is the crystallization of quintessence, wisdom and effort". Long Phuong Porcelain Shop is proud to be a unit specializing in the production and distribution of top quality and prestigious household porcelain products in Vietnam.

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