Sum Vay porcelain cup 700ml


Sum Vay ceramic cups are part of the newly launched mug collection of Long Phuong Porcelain. The product is loved by customers because of its many outstanding advantages such as: aesthetic design, convenient lid design, large capacity, especially high-quality porcelain that helps preserve the flavor and nutrients in the product. drinks.

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Sum Vay porcelain cup is a line of ceramic cups with lids, improved in design to suit many customers, especially young customers, office workers, students, etc. With a capacity of up to 700ml, the beautiful Sum Vay ceramic cups help Users can comfortably store and prepare favorite drinks such as tea, coffee, juice, nut milk, etc.Not only is it a convenient and safe beverage container, Sum Vay high-quality ceramic cups also represent the civilized green lifestyle of users. 

ly sứ đẹp sum vầy
Sum Vay ceramic cups are very suitable for the style of modern young people who have a civilized green lifestyle.

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Sum Vay ceramic cups are made from selected ceramic materials, are not contaminated with heavy metals, are not catalyzed with chemicals, thus do not change the flavor of drinks, regardless of whether they are fermented drinks, alkaline or acidic. 

chất liệu sứ sạch an toàn
The product is completely free of lead and cadmium and is safe for health.

Aesthetic design with youthful, modern high-flared cup shape. The lid is also made from porcelain and is designed with ears that make it extremely easy to twist and open. In addition, the silicone gasket helps the cup mouth fit tightly, helping to avoid overflow and retain heat better. In addition, the lid is also designed with a very convenient straw hole.

ly sứ sum vầy có kiểu dáng trẻ trung
Cute patterns on white porcelain background.

Pocelain Mugs Sum Vay is fired at a temperature of 1380 degrees Celsius, making the porcelain bone strong and durable, with smooth, hard glaze, limiting scratches and chipping, and extremely easy to clean. 

ly sứ trắng sum vầy phong cách
Convenient carrying handle helps users easily carry it everywhere.



Product's name Sum Vay porcelain cup
Material, substance High-grade porcelain
Capacity 700ml
Weight 0.2kg
Designs High flare
Origin Long Phuong Factory
Quality Meet QCVN 12-4:2015/BYT . standards
Suitable for Gifts for individuals/businesses/units/organizations

Sum Vay porcelain cup - a meaningful green living gift

The pattern on the Sum Vay ceramic cup is a peaceful flow of memories with sweet memories of mother, childhood, and homeland that any of us have. Therefore, the Sum Vay ceramic cup is a practical and humane green gift that you can give to relatives or friends. 

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