Tall flared porcelain mug 200 ml


The 200ml porcelain mug is an indispensable friend of office workers. The product is very suitable for drinking water, tea and coffee. The product is fired at a temperature of 1380 degrees Celsius so it is safe to use for the whole family.

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Tall flared porcelain mug 200 ml is a product made from high quality, natural, benign materials, does not contain toxic substances, safe for health. High quality white porcelain flared mug is fired at a high temperature, not being eroded by alkalis or acids in the drink, helping the drink not to be degraded or changed in taste.

Ca sứ cao loe 200ml cao cấp Long Phương
Long Phuong Premium White Espresso cup


Long Phuong Premium White Espresso cup 200ml safe for health, does not change the taste of the drink. Shiny enamel surface, hard, keep the product always new after a long time of use.

Ca loe sứ trắng Kiểu dáng trẻ trung, hiện đại
Youthful styling, modern

Elegant design, youthful and modern design, delicate patterns, with many meanings. Good heat retention and heat resistance, keep the hot or cold of the drink well.

Porcelain material is safe, benign, can be used many times, contributes to reducing waste and does not pollute the environment.

High quality porcelain, shiny enamel
High quality porcelain, shiny enamel

List of the products porcelain mugs are provided at Long Phuong Porcelain with a variety of designs

The quality of products:

  • Strong impact resistance
  • Strong and durable porcelain
  • Exquisite colors
  • Luxurious style
  • The surface of the product is bright and shiny
  • High thermal shock resistance because it is fired in a tunnel kiln with a temperature of 1380 degrees Celsius
  • Good to use in microwave, dishwasher
  • The product is baked at 1380 degrees Celsius, so it has removed all lead and toxic substances in the soil


Product's name High quality Premium White Espresso cup 200ml
Material, substance High-class porcelain
Size 8,8 x 8,1 cm
Weight 0.18 kg
Designs High quality flared white porcelain
Color White
Quality Meet quality standards QCVN12-4:2015/BYT
Origin Long Phuong Factory
Suitable for Family/Party/Restaurant & Hotel/Outdoor/Wedding Party
ca loe sứ trắng dung tích 200ml
Size details of Premium White Espresso cup 200ml 200ml capacity


At Long Phuong, customers are "always the center" with the service motto "satisfying arriving customers, satisfying departing customers". Bringing the Company's close and friendly product image to domestic and foreign consumers. Always listen and understand the wishes, psychology and contributions of customers to constantly improve quality.

Long Phuong household porcelain always meets the standards of product quality, durable porcelain, all ingredients are refined, selected from clay, benign, do not contain harmful substances such as lead, cadmium … increase safety and health for users.

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  1. But Nguyen

    Purchased for the third time, the quality is very good, from the product to the customer service

  2. Anh Vu

    Very fast delivery, very good porcelain quality, 5 stars

  3. Huy Hoang

    The staff is very helpful and the delivery is also fast

  4. Trung Ta

    I am very satisfied with the service of the shop, good products, very enthusiastic consultants

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