Ceramic bowl for bird's nest - 6-7-8 inches - With lid


Ceramic bird's nest soup bowl - 6-7-8 Inch - With Long Phuong lid, limits the growth of bacteria, ensuring user health safety. The product is suitable for making bird's nest, storing soup... It is one of Long Phuong's best-selling products.

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Ceramic bowl for bird's nest - 6-7-8 inches - With lid is a specialized product to make chicken, bird stew with Chinese herbs, stew with wormwood super delicious and nutritious. Long Phuong porcelain pots have many advantages such as: good heat retention and heat transfer, durable in different thermal environments of the kitchen, flexible use in the microwave.

Ceramic bird's nest soup bowl - 6-7-8 Inch - With lid
High quality white porcelain pot


Inside the Long Phuong High-Class Porcelain White Soup Tureen is designed with a deep bottom. Helps to hold a lot of food, no risk of spilling. Pots withstand heat well. No matter how hot the food is, it is not afraid of cracking or wear and tear during use.

The Tureen is uniquely designed, eye-catching
The Tureen is uniquely designed, eye-catching

With high-strength shiny glaze fired at 1200-1300 degrees Celsius, it can eliminate toxic substances such as lead, metal oxides, etc., to ensure safety for users' health.

Strong and durable porcelain, shiny porcelain
Strong and durable porcelain, shiny porcelain

In addition, the tureen is very easy to clean during use, because it is coated with a shiny enamel outside, which is very convenient to clean, clean, limit scratches during impact. Bring comfort and peace of mind during use.

Thố Tiềm Sứ Trắng Cao Cấp có nắp
The tureen set is designed with an eye-catching lid

With all the above advantages, have you conquered the potential tureen with genuine enamel? If you are still wondering about choosing the right product, this is a great suggestion that you should not miss.

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Product's name High-Class Porcelain White Soup Tureen
Material, substance High-class porcelain
  • 6 inch = 15.3*8.3 cm
  • 7 inch = 17.9*9.7 cm
  • 8 inch = 20*11.3 cm
Weight 0.54kg – 1.13kg
Designs Round shape
Color White
Quality Meet quality standards QCVN12-4:2015/BYT
Weight 0.54kg – 1.13kg
Origin Long Phuong Factory
Suitable for Family/Party/Restaurant & Hotel/Outdoor/Wedding Party

Details about product size Long Phuong porcelain Tureen

Details about product size Long Phuong porcelain Tureen

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Long Phuong- is a manufacturer and supplier of high-class luxury household porcelain, commitment to bring great experiences to customers. Here, we own a team of knowledgeable staff with knowledge of high-end ceramics, the company is always ready to serve and advise customers in choosing the right product.

In addition to providing all kinds of pots, we also provide products that have both use and artistic value such as kettles, household appliances, feng shui items, .... and receive printed logos in large quantities of gift products for businesses. The shipping method and return policy are very simple, you can order online at home very conveniently.

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  1. doduong123

    Beautiful, light white porcelain

  2. But Nguyen

    Product quality is very good

  3. Anh Vu

    Recognition of good porcelain quality, smooth gloss 5 stars for the shop

  4. Nguyen Hoai

    Fast delivery, excellent quality, 5 stars

  5. Huy Hoang

    Convenient compact design, 5 stars

  6. Huyen Trang

    Good quality, enthusiastic staff, 5 stars

  7. Trung Ta

    The design of the cup is very beautiful, I am very satisfied with both the product and the service

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