Ceramic sugar bowl – 3.2-3.5 inches – With lid


Ceramic sugar bowl – 3.2-3.5 Inch – With high-quality lid Long Phuong has a sturdy lid, limiting the growth of bacteria, ensuring user health safety. Suitable for storing spices such as salt, sugar, MSG... The product is designed in a small, convenient size, suitable for kitchen spaces, restaurants, hotels...

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Ceramic sugar bowl 3.2-3.5 Inch – With lid  is made of high-quality Long Phuong white porcelain specialized to store spices such as sugar, salt, pepper and put directly on the table of families, restaurants, restaurants. The porcelain is designed compactly, conveniently, lightly held with white without textures to bring a luxurious beauty.


The bowl is made from high-quality white porcelain, genuine enamel but lightly held to help users feel secure not afraid of being broken. Thick porcelain helps preserve sugar from melting, from insects spoiling spices.

Âu đường sứ trắng cao cấp 3.2-3.5 Inch - Có nắp
Products are meticulously made in all stages

High-strength bowl is heated at a temperature of 1200-1300 degrees Celsius, reducing harmful substances such as lead, metal oxides ... ensure safety and health for users. The product is highly applicable. Used a lot in restaurants, luxury hotels or on family dining tables.

Âu đường sứ trắng cao cấp có bề mặt nhẵn mịn, lớp men sáng bóng, không phai màu.
The surface of the product is smooth, the glaze is shiny, and the color does not fade.

The bowl has the pure white, the design looks simple, but has a unique and luxurious Western style. Combining brocade mem material is a popular and aesthetically pleasing enamel line on the market.

Âu đường sứ trắng cao cấp không chứa chì và cadium nên rất toàn cho sức khỏe người dùng.
The product does not contain lead and cadmium, so it is very safe for users' health.

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Product's name Sugar Container - High-class White Porcelain
Material, substance High-class porcelain
Size 3.2 inch – 8.5*5.6cm
Weight 0.16kg
Designs Round shape
Color White
Quality Meet quality standards QCVN12-4:2015/BYT
Weight 0.16kg
Origin Long Phuong Factory

in the set

1 bowl
Suitable for Family/Party/Restaurant & Hotel/Outdoor/Wedding Party

Details of the product size of Long Phuong Au sugar

kích thước âu sứ đựng đường
2 size Porcelain Sugar bowl

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    White porcelain, beautiful look very luxurious

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    Durable beautiful porcelain

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    Very nice design, suitable for my home tableware

  4. Anh Vu

    The design is very nice

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    The porcelain quality is very well

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    fast delivery, very enthusiastic consultants

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    Very beautiful products, good porcelain quality

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    Received the goods and very satisfied, packed very carefully

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