High-Class White Porcelain Deep oval plates


White Porcelain Deep oval plate has an oval shape at both ends, a deep heart, suitable for displaying stir-fried dishes, cooked with water, dishes with sauce, salad... The plate is designed with different sizes depending on the intended use of each person. *SPECIAL SAFE, NO LEAD, NO CADMIUM, NON-TOXIC

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High-Class White Porcelain Deep oval plates are produced exclusively in Long Phuong. With a unique and fancy design, minimalistic and elegant colors, it still brings a sense of luxury. The plate is thick enough, light weight does not feel heavy when holding.

Premium white porcelain deep mango plate


The deep oval plate is designed with a unique design, the deep plate helps users comfortably store food without fear of spilling out.

Made from clean raw materials, fired at high temperatures, eliminating all toxic metals and impurities. Customers can be completely assured to use the product because the product is safe for users' health and is environmentally friendly.

Đĩa xoài sâu sứ trắng cao cấp Long Phương

Today, when life is full, there is no longer the concept of "eating well and wearing warm" but having to "eat well and dress well". Each meal is the connection between family members together. So to complete a warm and delicious reunion meal, a beautiful set of dishes will be an indispensable condiment in every family.

Dĩa xoài sâu sứ trắng cao cấp

To create a product white ceramic plate quality, craftsmen have to think and skillfully shape for a long time from the process of idea formation, testing, perfecting, re-adding to perfecting, and then producing the final product for sale. market. The product converges the sophistication of the craftsman's hands, creating products that are also extremely sophisticated that make everyone fall in love every time they admire them. The motto of Long Phuong Porcelain is "bringing perfect beauty in each product, every product, big or small, is the crystallization of quintessence, wisdom and effort".

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Product's name Premium white porcelain deep mango plate
Material, substance High-class porcelain
Size 10inch-25.5*16.2*4.2cm


Weight 0.52kg- 1.34kg
Designs Oval figure
Color White
Quality Meet quality standards QCVN12-4:2015/BYT
Weight 0.52kg- 1.34kg
Origin Long Phuong Factory
Suitable for Family/Party/Restaurant & Hotel/Outdoor/Wedding Party

Kích thước đĩa xoài sâu sứ 10 inch, 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch



Long Phuong Porcelain– is a manufacturer and supplier of ceramic household items, high-class porcelain gifts, committed to bringing great experiences to customers.

Here, we own a team of knowledgeable staff about ceramics, the company is always ready to serve and advise customers in choosing the right product.

In addition to that, we also provide products that have both use value and artistic value such as teapots, household items, worship items, .... and receive logo printing on a large number of corporate gift products.

Shipping method and return policy are very simple, you can order online at home very convenient.

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4 reviews for Đĩa xoài sâu sứ trắng

  1. But Nguyen

    The quality of the porcelain is excellent

  2. Anh Vu

    Very fast delivery, well packed

  3. Huy Hoang

    Good quality porcelain, smooth and hard to chip

  4. Trung Ta

    The store wrapped the goods very well, the quality of the disc is also very good. 5 stars for the shop

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