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Kim Lai gift set

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Kim Lai gift set - Bringing art to every living space

Kim Lai gift set is a symbol of the enthusiasm and passion that Long Phuong Porcelain wants to convey to customers, which is the desire for strength and majesty that every individual or business desires.

Bộ sưu tập Kim Lai
Kim Lai collection comes from Long Phuong Porcelain

1.  Artistic inspiration in design ideas

Thousands of years ago, the first ancient cities in the world were formed and developed so brilliantly that we still "turn our heads and admire the sunrise". All of them express human's desire to constantly improve. Stemming from that meaning, Long Phuong Porcelain was launched Gift set "Kim Lai".

Classy beauty adorns the living space

Prosperous cities, with proud skyscrapers, splendid houses, modern squares... are symbols of the ever-developing excitement of the economy.

Kim Lai's design reflects the landscape of splendid high-rise buildings. This collection draws artistic inspiration from Art Deco architecture.

The borders are luxuriously gilded

Strong lines with characteristic shapes, although simple, exude mysterious beauty and power. It not only shows the trend of streamlining in design but still has a luxurious beauty.

2.  Kim Lai – A classy highlight for the living space

Kim Lai gift set Not only does it shine with the strong and sharp beauty of the angular lines of high-rise buildings, but it also retains its elegance thanks to the arched patterns, creating a soft and seductive effect. design.

The entire golden pattern border on the flowerpot is embellished with 9-10 gold, shining brightly. This is a special highlight that creates undeniable luxurious value for the owner of this product, as well as enhancing every space in which it is present.

Kim Lai rice bowl set is brilliant in high-quality yellow

3.  What products does the Kim Lai collection include?

Kim Lai collection includes dining table sets (soup bowls, rice bowls, plates...), tea sets, and flower vases. Each set has its own luxurious packaging, suitable for giving gifts to friends, partners, and relatives during Tet, New Year, and Housewarming.

  • Kim Lai dining table set with 8 pieces

With exquisite design and outstanding quality, Kim Lai dinnerware set is a more perfect gift choice for occasions such as housewarming, holidays... The special thing that makes Kim Lai collection attract kitchen lovers and home addicts lies in the "Clean Porcelain" material, ensuring safety. all for health.

Kim Lai dining table set with 8 pieces
  • Kim Lai tea set

Kim Lai tea set Includes 14 items, including 1 pot, 6 cups, 7 plates for pots and tea, flexible and suitable for many different types of tea table spaces. Kim Lai tea set is plated with high quality 24K gold, creating an extremely luxurious and classy highlight for your tea enjoyment space.

Kim Lai tea set
  • Kim Lai flowerpot

Kim Lai flower vase Long Phuong porcelain represents modernity with unique designs and motifs. This product is available in 3 different sizes (13cm, 20cm, 30cm), suitable for many types of spaces and meets customers' diverse needs in decoration.

Kim Lai flowerpot

4.  Why should you choose Kim Lai as a Tet gift, a gift for partners and customers?

Kim Lai collection with motifs depicting a model and magnificent city. Bringing "Kim Lai" home is bringing hope for a brilliant and splendid future for the new year.

The joy of giving a gift is seeing your practical gift being loved and used. Select Long Phuong Porcelain Giving gifts to support Vietnamese brands, both stylish and practical.

Kim Lai – High quality, meaningful gift set

5.  Instructions for buying Kim Lai Gift Set

To purchase products or get more detailed information, please visit our official website at https://store.longphuong.vn/.

Here, you can choose a Kim Lai gift set and send contact information to Long Phuong Porcelain via Email or directly contact Hotline 0989 595 866. Long Phuong's staff is happy to advise in detail. and provide information on quotes, as well as attractive incentives and discounts.

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