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Suggested 20+ beautiful ceramic soup bowl models at Long Phuong

Porcelain bowl is one of the indispensable dishes in every Vietnamese family meal. Because of ancient culinary culture, when there is rice, there must be soup and vegetables. Together Long Phuong Porcelain See 50+ beautiful, genuine porcelain bowl models at great prices below.

tô sứ long phương
Suggested 50+ Long Phuong Porcelain soup bowl designs

1. The most beautiful porcelain bowl models in Long Phuong

1.1 Plain white ceramic bowl, multi-sized

Outstanding with perfect whiteness and smooth surface. High quality ceramic material ensures high durability, good heat resistance, and is safe for health. Simple but luxurious design, plain white porcelain bowls are the ideal choice for family meals or formal parties.

white ceramic soup bowl
white ceramic soup bowl

A variety of sizes helps you easily choose the right bowl for each type of dish, from soup to other dishes.

tô đựng canh
Everyone has national soup bowl models
tô đựng canh nhiều kích cỡ
Soup bowls of many sizes

1.2 Flower porcelain bowl

Bringing sophistication and artistry through beautiful, meticulously hand-painted patterns. Each porcelain bowl is polished and meticulous from the smallest stages of distilling ingredients to shaping and gluing flowers. Not only is it highly applicable thanks to its diverse sizes, light weight, and tough porcelain, but it is also highly aesthetic, making the dining table more prominent and attractive.

tô canh đẹp
Beautiful bowl of soup with eye-catching patterns

The patterned ceramic bowl at Long Phuong is printed with high technology, durable, and the glossy enamel adds sophistication and prominence.

tô canh hình hoa
Orange Passion Flower Soup Bowl
tô sứ hàng hoa
Cam Vi flower soup bowl

Besides, Long Phuong also offers customers porcelain bowls with traditional designs and ideal sizes for displaying pho or similar dishes.

tô sứ truyền thống
Traditional pho bowl model

1.3 Unique ceramic bowl

It is called a unique porcelain bowl because the bowl's design is stylized and novel, such as square shape, petal shape, etc. With unique designs, modern styles or unique cultural imprints, suitable for those who love new things and want to express their own style.

tô đựng súp độc đáo
Soup bowl, unique soup container

1.4 Porcelain bowl with rim

Adorned with luxurious gold trim, combining classic and modernity, these models are suitable for luxurious parties or special occasions, expressing a sophisticated, noble and classy aesthetic for the table. eat.

tô sứ đẹp
Porcelain bowl with gold rim

1.5 Stylized ceramic bowl

Creative and unique design, bringing newness to the dining table. Not too fussy in design but still exudes delicate beauty. These designs are not only beautiful but also made from clean, lead-free ceramic material that is safe for health.

tô canh hoa dây xanh
Green String flower bowl
tô đựng canh lạc hồng
Lac Hong tofu

2. Characteristics of porcelain bowls in Long Phuong

3.1 High quality porcelain

  • High durability: Long Phuong porcelain bowl is made from high-quality ceramic material, going through a strict production process, ensuring high durability, good heat resistance and difficult to scratch.
  • Health safety: The product does not contain lead, cadmium, mercury... and is safe for users' health. Porcelain material is waterproof, does not stain, and is easy to clean and disinfect.
  • Inspection process: Each product ensures quality, complies with strict testing procedures before reaching consumers, ensuring it meets the highest standards of durability and safety.
tô canh sứ trắng đẹp
High quality white porcelain soup bowl

3.2 Sophisticated and diverse design

  • Various styles: From simple, modern designs to traditional designs and sophisticated patterns, Long Phuong porcelain bowls meet the diverse needs and preferences of consumers.
  • Exquisite lines: Each bowl is meticulously cared for, the pattern details are hand-drawn or printed sharply, creating a delicate and luxurious beauty.
tô sứ cao cấp
Exquisite and diverse design

3.3 High applicability

  • Suitable for any space: With many different sizes and designs, Long Phuong Porcelain bowls and soup bowls can be used in homes, restaurants, hotels, or as luxurious gifts.
  • Multifunction: The product can be used to store soup, soup, pho, or other dishes, retains heat well and does not change the flavor of the dish.
tô canh to
The design is suitable for all Vietnamese family meals

4. Where to buy genuine Long Phuong porcelain bowls?

  • HOTLINE: (+84) 989 595 866
  • Email: esales@longphuong.com.vn

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