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Long Phuong porcelain toothpick jar is compact, aesthetic

Long Phuong porcelain toothpick jar is one of the best-selling product codes on Long Phuong's e-commerce platforms. The thoughtfulness in each small design helps the product conquer users, becoming a delicate small item, helping to perfect the dining table space more professionally. 

lọ tăm long phương gọn nhẹ
Porcelain toothpick jars help the dining table become more neat and sophisticated.

What products are there in Long Phuong porcelain toothpick jars? 

Long Phuong porcelain toothpick jars include white ceramic toothpick containers designed both with and without lids: 

  • Bottle of toothpicks without lid 
lọ tăm bầu
The toothpick tube is shaped like a crab basket.
  • Round toothpick jar with lid 
lọ tăm tròn
Round toothpick tube with convenient lid.
  • Hexagon shaped toothpick jar with lid 
ống tăm lục lăng
Aesthetic hexagon shaped toothpick tube.
  • Straight toothpick jar without lid 
ống tăm thẳng
Simple straight cylindrical toothpick tube.

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Outstanding features of Long Phuong porcelain toothpick jars? 

The product is the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics. Each product is meticulously cared for to bring the most perfect version to users.

Slender, compact, easy-to-hold design helps users use conveniently. Made from high-quality ceramic material, the toothpick jar has both a luxurious beauty and is very safe and user-friendly. The smooth enamel surface also makes cleaning easy.

đặc điểm của ống tăm
Outstanding features of Long Phuong toothpick tube.

The monochromatic beauty of white porcelain helps the product become a suitable version in every space, from family dining tables to professional dining tables at restaurants and hotels. 

Purpose of use of toothpick jar 

Using toothpicks after meals is a habit and culture of Vietnamese people for many generations. Therefore, the birth of toothpick jars with the purpose of protecting toothpicks from the invasion of bacteria, mold and dust, directly protecting the oral health of users.

mục đích sử dụng
Toothpicks are most hygienic when stored in ceramic toothpick tubes.

In particular, among many types of materials (plastic, wood, metal), using ceramic toothpicks is still the most superior. The ceramic toothpick tube is not affected by the weather, is always dry, and does not allow mold to penetrate and damage the toothpick. 

How to use and preserve ceramic toothpick jars 

The longevity and aesthetics of the product will be longer when customers grasp the following tips:

  • Gently clean to remove dirt when first purchased. 
  • Long Phuong white ceramic toothpick jars can be safely used in microwaves and dishwashers without any problems. 
  • Use specialized detergents to ensure the porcelain enamel always stays beautiful and shiny. 
  • When not in use, products should be washed, dried and stored in a dry place.  

But what you need to know when buying ceramic toothpick jars 

To choose and buy a satisfactory ceramic toothpick bottle, customers need to note:

  • Based on usage needs, choose toothpick jars with lids or toothpick jars without lids. 
  • Choose products with shiny enamel, not rough, peeling...
  • You can gently tap the two products together and listen to the sound to distinguish good porcelain (good porcelain will emit a very sharp, resonant sound like metal). 
  • Consult Long Phuong staff for advice for the best support.

Where to buy quality, cheap Long Phuong porcelain toothpick jars? 

To buy genuine Long Phuong porcelain toothpick tubes, customers contact us via: 

Long Phuong Group Joint Stock Company

Head office: Hap Linh Industrial Park, Bac Ninh City

Transaction office: 59 Cua Bac - Truc Bach - Ba Dinh - Hanoi

Showroom 1: 5th floor No. 37 - Cua Nam - Hoan Kiem - Hanoi

Showroom 2: 45 Nguyen Thai Hoc – Ong Lanh Bridge – District 1 – City. HCM

Hotline: 0989 595 866


Shopee: https://shopee.vn/sulongphuongofficial

Lazada: https://www.lazada.vn/shop/long-phuong-porcelain

Tiki: https://tiki.vn/cua-hang/su-long-phuong-official

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