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Collection of 100+ beautiful deep dish models, good prices 

Deep dish Long Phuong Porcelain is crafted from high-quality porcelain materials. Long Phuong Porcelain's deep dish products not only ensure durable quality but also bring elegance to the family's kitchen and dining table space.

đĩa sâu đa kích cỡ
Suggestions for beautiful deep dish models - multi-sized

1. What does Long Phuong Porcelain Deep Plate include?

Long Phuong Porcelain deep dish has two main types: white porcelain and floral porcelain. White porcelain often has a sophisticated, simple design, and is suitable for any dining table space. The flower shop is decorated with vibrant patterns, bringing outstanding beauty and elegance to your meal.

đĩa sâu lòng
Deep dish of Cam Vi flowers

2. The most popular deep dish models are Long Phuong Porcelain

2.1 White ceramic deep dish of many sizes

With a simple but no less luxurious design, white ceramic plates bring elegance and easily coordinate with any other utensils.

In particular, with many different sizes, you can easily choose the plate that suits your needs, from pretty small soups to large soups.

đĩa sâu sứ trắng
Multi-sized white ceramic deep dish

2.2 Deep dish with eye-catching patterns

With sophisticated and diverse patterns, from flowers, animals to traditional motifs, this product is not only a plate used to hold food but also an artistic highlight on the dining table. .

đĩa sâu lòng sang trọng
Lac Hong deep dish
đĩa sâu hoa lau
Hoa Lau deep dish

The combination of high-quality porcelain and beautiful patterns creates a perfect product in both form and quality.

đĩa sâu hoa cửu long
Deep dish of Cuu Long flowers

2.3 The deep dish has a unique design

If you are looking for deep-dish plates with unique and different designs, these plates are the ideal choice. Designed with unique lines and special shapes, creating novelty and attraction.

đĩa sâu dáng oval
Oval shaped deep dish – Virtual mango dish
đĩa sâu dáng thuyền
Boat plate

This product not only serves daily needs but is also a unique decoration, expressing the homeowner's own style and aesthetic taste.

đĩa xoắn bô đê
Twisted plate with gold rim

2.4 Deep dish with gold rim

Long Phuong Porcelain's gold-rimmed deep dish brings elegance and nobility to your dining table. With delicate gold borders, these plates not only stand out in appearance but also exude class and elegance.

đĩa sâu lòng viền vàng
Deep plate with gold rim

The combination of high-quality white porcelain and sparkling gold trim is suitable for formal parties or special occasions.

đĩa sứ viền vàng
Virtual circular disc

2.5 Deep dish for salad

The perfect combination of applicability and aesthetic beauty. With moderate depth, the plate helps maintain the fresh flavor of the salad, avoiding spillage when mixing.

đĩa xoài sâu
Deep plate of mango

High quality porcelain material is not only durable and beautiful but also safe for health. The delicate design of white porcelain brings elegant beauty, suitable for any dining table space

các mẫu đĩa sâu đẹp
Thanh Ca mango plate containing salad

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3. Why should you choose to buy Long Phuong Porcelain deep dish?

High quality materials

Long Phuong Porcelain deep dish is made from high-quality ceramic material, ensuring durability, good heat resistance and safety for users' health.

Diverse designs

The product has many different designs and sizes, suitable for many needs. From pure white ceramic plates to eye-catching patterned plates, from simple designs to unique designs, Long Phuong Porcelain plates always meet the preferences and styles of every user.

đĩa sâu hoa dây xanh
Diverse designs, styles and sizes

Easy to clean

The smooth ceramic material makes the plate easy to clean, does not stain and does not retain food odors, ensuring food hygiene and safety.

đĩa sâu dáng mới
Long Phuong Porcelain Plates have the best durability on the market

High applicability

Deep dishes are suitable for storing soups, soups, salads, fruits and many other foods. With a deep design, the plate helps retain soup or sauce, avoiding spillage.

đĩa sâu lòng đựng salad
Versatile and suitable for many different occasions and food display spaces

Health safety

The product does not contain toxic substances, ensuring safety for users' health. High quality ceramic material does not fade or peel with long-term use.

Suitable for many occasions

Long Phuong Porcelain deep dish is not only suitable for daily family meals but is also an ideal choice for parties, events or special occasions.

4. Where to buy genuine Long Phuong porcelain bowls?

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