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Rectangular disc

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Long Phuong rectangular plate is durable and beautiful 

Long Phuong rectangular plate loved for its flexibility in decoration and perfect geometric arrangement to help optimize display space, inspiring exquisite culinary creations. 

đĩa chữ nhật đa dạng kích thước
Long Phuong rectangular ceramic plate models.

What types of Long Phuong rectangular dishes are included? 

Long Phuong rectangular plates include plates designed in rectangular shape, each type has its own application. 

  • Rectangular plate for napkins 
đĩa khăn ăn
Napkin plates used in hotel restaurants.
  • Traditional rectangular plate 
đĩa chữ nhật truyền thống
Traditional rectangular shape.
  • Rectangular dish containing spices 
đĩa gia vị
The plate can be used as a spice tray.
  • Leaf-shaped rectangular plate
đĩa lá chữ nhật
Stylized rectangular disc.

Outstanding features of Long Phuong rectangular disc? 

Possessing modern square lines, rectangular ceramic plates are a familiar plate model commonly used in restaurants. The platter can present a variety of dishes from chicken, shrimp, fish, sushi or even dishes with sauce. 

xếp hình hoàn hảo
Shape helps optimize display space.

Porcelain white glaze helps food display attractively. The simple design helps the product fit into many spaces from traditional to modern. 

sắc men sang bóng
Minimalist elegant beauty from monochrome white porcelain.

Long Phuong rectangular plates are manufactured according to high-quality European ceramic standards, using clean raw materials, free of impurities, ensuring safety for health. The product is fired at a temperature of 1380 degrees Celsius, making the porcelain bone durable and resistant to heat shock...

What is the purpose of Long Phuong rectangular disc? 

The rectangular disc at Long Phuong is designed to meet a variety of user needs. 

    • Used as a food display plate, can display a variety of fried, stir-fried, boiled dishes...
    • Used to place napkins in restaurants and luxury hotels
    • Or use it as a spice dish
công năng linh hoạt
The plate can be flexibly arranged for many dishes.

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How to use and preserve Long Phuong rectangular plates

To ensure longevity and aesthetics for rectangular discs, customers should pay attention to: 

  • When newly purchased products need to be gently cleaned to remove dirt. 
  • Temper porcelain by exposing the product to boiling water at 100 degrees Celsius so that the porcelain surface expands, preventing the disc from cracking when exposed to sudden high temperatures. 
  • Use specialized gentle detergents, do not use strong detergents. 
  • White ceramic products without patterns can be used comfortably in the microwave or dishwasher, but products with patterns should not be used. Because it can cause the colors on the patterns to easily fade. 
  • When not in use, products should be washed, dried and stored in a dry place. 

Things to know when choosing to buy Long Phuong rectangular plates

To choose and buy a suitable rectangular plate, customers should refer to the following tips:

  • Choose the size appropriate to your needs. 
  • Consider the product's features and intended use to choose the most optimal product. 
  • Choose products with shiny enamel, not rough, peeling...
  • You can gently tap the two products together and listen to the sound to distinguish good porcelain (good porcelain will emit a very sharp, resonant sound like metal). 
  • Consult Long Phuong staff for advice for the best support.

Where to buy quality, cheap Long Phuong rectangular plates?

To buy genuine Long Phuong rectangular disc, please contact us via:

Long Phuong Group Joint Stock Company

Head office: Hap Linh Industrial Park, Bac Ninh City

Transaction office: 59 Cua Bac - Truc Bach - Ba Dinh - Hanoi

Showroom 1: 5th floor No. 37 - Cua Nam - Hoan Kiem - Hanoi

Showroom 2: 45 Nguyen Thai Hoc – Ong Lanh Bridge – District 1 – City. HCM

Hotline: 0989 595 866


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