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Collection of 100+ beautiful tableware sets, good prices, genuine Long Phuong

To choose tableware Being convenient, full of dishes, and suitable for the style and preferences of the family or the needs of the restaurant or hotel business is not easy. Let's see suggestions for beautiful dining table sets, good prices, and enough dishes in the article below. Text

bộ đồ ăn cao cấp
Long Phuong Porcelain tableware

1. What items does the tableware include?

Long Phuong Porcelain's high-quality porcelain tableware includes many convenient and sophisticated items, making your meals more luxurious and perfect. Specifically, the dining table set includes the following items:

1.1 Porcelain bowl for soup

Porcelain soup bowls are designed with many different designs and  sizes, suitable for serving soups, soups... The bowl has depth, thick and durable porcelain, lead-free clean porcelain that is not only safe for health but also helps retain heat for a long time, easy to clean without worrying about residue or yellowing.

tô sứ đựng canh
Bowls for soup, soup, pho, vermicelli...
tô đựng canh sứ long phương
Beautiful ceramic soup bowl

1.2 Samples of ceramic plates for main dishes

The Long Phuong Porcelain tableware set includes many models of porcelain plates to hold main dishes, meeting all conveniences, usage needs and presentation styles. Disc models include:

Round disc

Round plates are the most traditional and popular choice, suitable for all types of dishes. Round plates help present dishes in a beautiful and sophisticated way.

đĩa sứ đẹp
Multi-sized disc set suitable for all needs
round plates
Flat round plate - The national plate used by everyone

Square plate

Square plates bring modernity and freshness to your dining table. With its new, eye-catching square shape, it is quite suitable for displaying modern dishes or uniquely decorated dishes.

square plates
Square plate comes in 3 sizes
đĩa sứ hình vuông
Thanh Le plate - simple yet sophisticated beauty

Rectangular disc

Rectangular plates are suitable for grilled dishes, rolls or sushi. With a large surface area, rectangular dishes help your cooking add some more appeal when displayed.

đĩa sứ hình chữ nhật
Unique rectangular plate
bộ đĩa sứ chữ nhật đẹp
Rectangular disc models of all sizes

Type plate templates

In addition to traditional plates, Long Phuong Porcelain also provides plates with unique, creative designs and sophisticated patterns. These plates are not only used to hold food but can also be used as decorations, creating a highlight for your dining table.

đĩa hoa đào
Peach blossom ceramic plate
đĩa lạc hồng
Lac Hong round plate

1.3 Rice bowl and dipping sauce bowl

Bowl of rice or bowl of tea

Rice bowls are an indispensable item in every family meal or culinary enjoyment occasion. The bowl has a suitable design, helping to store rice conveniently and save space. Clean lead-free ceramic material ensures safety for users' health and is easy to clean after each use.

bát sứ ăn cơm
Compact and convenient white porcelain rice bowl
chén ăn cơm
Tea bowl

Dipping bowl 

With a compact, convenient design, the dipping bowl is easy for you to place sauces, spices or dipping sauces, making the dish more attractive and delicious.

dipping bowl
Dipping bowl - Thanh Ca seasoning bowl

1.4 Some other ceramic tableware


Spoons and spoons are definitely an indispensable item in every meal. Compared to models made from metal, ceramic spoons are indeed not used often but are mainly used when eating soup, tea or some other dishes. unique dish… 

However, in terms of aesthetics, porcelain spoons will definitely bring a feeling of safety, cleanliness, luxury, and sophistication when setting up banquet trays for guests.

thìa sứ
High quality ceramic spoon
porcelain spoon
Long Phuong Porcelain Spoon

Put chopsticks and spoons or put down chopsticks

In Vietnamese culinary culture, chopsticks and spoons were rarely used in the past, but as life and economy develop, daily living needs are increasingly improving. Vietnamese people no longer only have the concept of "eating well and dressing warmly" but are gradually focusing on the experience of "eating well and dressing well". Therefore, it is not difficult to see in hotel restaurants, even on everyday family dining tables, chopsticks and spoons are quite common items.

kê đũa bằng sứ
High quality ceramic chopsticks
kê đũa thìa bằng sứ
The spoon and chopsticks rest is also known as the spoon and chopsticks rest

2. Suggested dish set models for families and restaurants 

2.1 High-end tableware for restaurants

Asian restaurant

Our high-end dining table sets for Asian restaurants are designed to serve typical dishes of the Asian region. These are high-quality porcelain products, with a simple but luxurious design, suitable for the formal space of the restaurant.

bộ bàn ăn nhà hàng
High quality Asian restaurant ceramic plate set

European restaurant

European restaurants require sophistication and class in every detail. Our high-end tableware for European restaurants includes carefully selected porcelain plates and bowls, with delicate lines and harmonious colors, helping to enhance the beauty of the food and restaurant space.

bộ bàn ăn kiểu âu
High quality European restaurant ceramic plate set

Buffet restaurant

Buffet restaurant tableware needs to be flexible and diverse to serve many different types of dishes. We provide high-quality ceramic products, including plates, bowls and accompanying accessories, helping Buffet restaurants organize parties professionally and attract customers.

bộ bàn ăn buffet
Ceramic plate set for Buffet restaurant

Traditional Vietnamese cuisine restaurant

Featuring traditional Vietnamese dishes, our high-end dining table set for this restaurant is designed with porcelain patterns suitable for the country's culinary culture. The product is highly durable and easy to preserve, helping restaurants maintain the best service quality.

bộ bát đĩa hoa lau
Traditional Vietnamese cuisine restaurant

2.2 Full set of tableware and good price for the family

High quality white porcelain tableware

Our high-quality white porcelain dining table set is the optimal choice for your family. With a simple but luxurious design, this product not only brings convenience but also highlights the kitchen and dining room space.

bộ đồ ăn sứ trắng
High quality white porcelain tableware

Eye-catching floral tableware

If you love variety and color, our floral dining table sets will be the ideal choice. With eye-catching and fresh patterns, this product helps highlight meals and creates a friendly and cozy feeling for your family.

bộ đồ ăn họa tiết sang trọng
Lac Hong tableware

Dining table set with gold or gold plated edges

A gold-rimmed or gold-plated dining table set is a delicate combination of luxury and class. This product not only enhances the meal but also brings perfection in every decorative detail.

bộ bàn ăn mạ vàng Kim Lai
Kim Lai gold-plated dining table set

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3. Why should you choose Long Phuong Porcelain?

3.1 Premium quality

Long Phuong Porcelain uses high quality porcelain material, safe for health, ensuring durability and long-lasting shine.

Modern production process, complying with international standards for safety and quality.

3.2 Diverse and sophisticated design

The products are designed with many different styles, from classic and elegant to modern and unconventional.

Rich and artistic motifs and patterns help create a unique and beautiful dining room space.

3.3 Customer care service

Warranty policy and dedicated after-sales support.

Professional consulting service, helping customers choose products that suit their needs and style.

3.4 Reputable brand

Long Phuong Porcelain has more than 20 years of experience in the field of household porcelain production, achieving many high quality achievements such as Vietnam National Brand, Vietnam Gold Star, Vietnam Brand Gold Cup for WTO integration... along with a series of prestigious international quality certificates such as SGS, ISO...

3.5 Reputable brand

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