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Bowl of rice

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Bowl of rice

Rice bowl 3.6 inch


Collection of 20+ beautiful rice bowl models, good prices, genuine Long Phuong Porcelain

Bowl of rice It is an indispensable item in every family meal or culinary enjoyment occasion. The bowl has a suitable design, helping to store rice conveniently and save space. Clean lead-free ceramic material ensures safety for users' health and is easy to clean after each use.

Bát cơm đẹp sứ long phương
Suggesting more than 20+ models of high-quality ceramic rice bowls

1. What does the Long Phuong Porcelain Rice Bowl include?

High-quality Long Phuong Porcelain rice bowls are made from clean porcelain, do not contain lead, and are absolutely safe for consumers' health. This product line includes three main types, each of which brings unique beauty and convenience, suitable for every family meal or holiday occasion.

1.1. High quality white ceramic rice bowl

Long Phuong's high-quality white porcelain rice bowls are crafted from pure ceramic materials, undergoing a strict production process to ensure perfect whiteness and smooth surface. This product is not only beautiful but also very durable, resistant to impact and high temperatures, and easy to use in microwaves and dishwashers.

bát ăn cơm bằng sứ
Beautiful, delicate white porcelain rice bowl

1.2. Flower bowl of rice

Long Phuong's flower rice bowl is a wonderful combination of traditional art and modern technology. With sophisticated patterns, hand-painted or high-quality printed, each bowl brings elegance and distinct style. This product is suitable for cozy family meals or as a meaningful gift.

bát ăn cơm gia đình
Model of rice bowl for flower shops

1.3. Gold or gold-plated rim

Long Phuong's line of gold-rimmed or gold-plated rice bowls is the perfect choice for those who love luxury and sophistication. The gold border is meticulously crafted, not only creating a striking highlight but also maintaining color durability over time. This product is the perfect highlight for the dining table, helping to enhance the noble and classy beauty.

mua bát ăn cơm viền vàng
The bowl has a gold-plated rim

2. Suggest beautiful, unique and well-priced rice bowl models

2.1 Rice bowls for restaurants, hotels, and wedding centers

Long Phuong Porcelain's rice bowl models for restaurants, hotels and wedding centers are designed with sophistication and class. Products usually have pure white color, smooth surface, easy to clean and maintain long-lasting beauty. Elegant design, suitable for luxurious parties, helps enhance the beauty of the dining table and makes a good impression on diners.

bát ăn cơm dành cho nhà hàng
Rice bowl comes in two sizes: 4.4 or 4.5 inches
bát cơm nhật
4.5 inch Japanese rice bowl

2.2 Rice bowl for Vietnamese cuisine restaurant

For Vietnamese cuisine restaurants, Long Phuong Porcelain provides traditional and friendly rice bowl models. These bowl models often have folk motifs or are simple yet sophisticated, creating a cozy and close feeling. Porcelain quality is durable, resistant to impact and high temperatures, making it easy for restaurants to use and preserve.

bát ăn cơm truyền thống
Traditional and folk motifs
bát ăn cơm hoa xanh
Thanh Xuan flower rice bowl model
bát cơm sứ cao cấp
Hoa Lau rice bowl model

2.3 Gold-plated rice bowl

Long Phuong Porcelain's gold-plated rice bowl model is the perfect choice for those who love luxurious and noble beauty. The rim is meticulously gilded, not only creating a striking highlight but also maintaining color durability over time. These bowls are often used during holidays, important events or as meaningful gifts.

bộ 10 bát cơm viền vàng
Rice bowl with gold-plated rim
bát ăn cơm hoàng kim
Each border is meticulously gilded

2.4 Rice bowls have unique patterns and motifs

Rice bowls with unique patterns and motifs from Long Phuong Porcelain bring diversity and unique style. Each bowl is sharp and durable. These bowl models are suitable for families who want to add vibrancy to the dining table or those who love to collect artistic porcelain.

Bát cơm đẹp
Lac Hong rice bowl model
Bát cơm mạ vàng kim lai
Kim Lai rice bowl model

3. Outstanding features of Long Phuong Porcelain rice bowl

3.1 Compact and convenient design

Long Phuong Porcelain Rice Bowl is designed with a compact size, suitable for use, convenient for use in any kitchen space. Elegant and sophisticated design, suitable for all dining table decoration styles from traditional to modern. The product not only serves daily needs but is also an aesthetic highlight to make meals more delicious.

bát ăn cơm độc đáo
Compact and convenient design

3.2 Lead-free, clean porcelain - safe for health

Quality and health safety are always the top priorities of Long Phuong Porcelain. Rice bowl products are made from clean porcelain, free of lead and toxic chemicals, ensuring absolute safety for consumers' health. Long Phuong Porcelain Rice Bowl meets strict food safety testing standards, giving you complete peace of mind when using it.

Bát cơm sứ long phương
Lead-free, clean porcelain - safe for health

3.3 Heating twice at 1380 degrees Celsius

Long Phuong Porcelain Rice Bowl is fired twice at a high temperature of 1380 degrees Celsius, creating outstanding durability and good heat resistance. This firing process helps completely remove impurities, while enhancing the hardness and toughness of the product. Thanks to that, the rice bowl is not only beautiful but also durable over time, resistant to impact and long-term use.

mua bát ăn cơm đẹp ở đâu
Burned twice at 1380 degrees Celsius

3.4 The porcelain is tough and the enamel is shiny

Long Phuong's ceramic material has tough properties, making the product highly durable, minimizing scratches or chipping upon impact. Genuine, glossy porcelain enamel not only creates a luxurious appearance but is also very easy to clean and sanitize. You won't have to worry about stubborn stains sticking to the surface of the bowl, just wipe gently and the bowl will be as clean as new.

Bát cơm đẹp sứ long phương
The porcelain is tough and the enamel is shiny

4. Where to buy genuine Long Phuong rice bowls?

HOTLINE: (+84) 989 595 866

Email: esales@longphuong.com.vn

Showroom system:

Hap Linh Industrial Cluster, Bac Ninh City

5th floor, 37, Cua Nam, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

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0989 595 866