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The dining room

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Collection of 100+ bowls, plates, bowls and table utensils  indispensable in the Dining Room

To have a dining room Beautiful and comfortable, choosing the right items is very important. Long Phuong Porcelain is a reputable and quality address, providing many options for household porcelain and dining table sets in a variety of styles.

dụng cụ phòng ăn
Essential dining room utensils

1. What porcelain items does the dining room include?

1.1 Porcelain bowl for soup

Soup bowl is one of the indispensable items in every meal. The bowl is usually large in size to hold enough soup to serve the whole family or group of friends.

tô đựng canh
Porcelain soup bowl with square shape
tô đựng canh bằng sứ
Porcelain bowl for soup in popular style

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1.2 Porcelain plate

Porcelain plates are an important part of every family's tableware. They come in many different shapes and designs, suitable for each dish and presentation style. Below are some common types of ceramic plates:

Porcelain round plate

Round plates are the most common type of plate, often used for main dishes such as meat, fish, and vegetables. The round shape makes the plate easy to display and decorate dishes beautifully.

round disc models
Round disc

Porcelain square plate

Square plates bring a more modern and unconventional feel. This type of plate is often used at parties or when dishes need to be presented in a sophisticated and artistic style.

square plates
Multi-sized square discs suitable for all needs
square plates
Square plate gourd

Porcelain rectangular plate

Rectangular plates are suitable for dishes that require a lot of space to display, such as sushi, rolls, or grilled dishes. The rectangular shape helps the dish look neater and more professional.

đĩa chữ nhật
Rectangular leaf plate
đĩa chữ nhật đẹp
Đĩa hình chữ nhật

Porcelain-style plate

Style plates are plates with unique and different designs, often used to present special dishes or on important occasions. These plates not only serve the purpose of eating but also serve as a decorative highlight for the dining table.

đĩa cá
Fish plate with 2 fins
style disc
Nice salad plate

1.3 Rice bowl and dipping bowl

Porcelain rice bowl 

Usually moderate in size, suitable for display and handling. Using porcelain bowls not only ensures hygiene but also brings an elegant and sophisticated feeling. Patterns on porcelain rice bowls often show traditional beauty or modern style, contributing to creating an elegant and luxurious dining space.

Bowl of rice
Bowl of rice

Porcelain dipping bowl 

Dipping saucers are smaller in size than rice bowls, designed to hold dipping sauces such as fish sauce, soy sauce, or chili sauce. There are also ceramic plates containing salt and pepper, dipping sauce... to help add sophistication and aesthetics to the dining table.

dipping bowl
Bowl for dipping sauce

1.4 Other dining room utensils

In addition to the main ingredients which are bowls, bowls, and plates, you can consider using the following items to enhance the delicious food experience at every home meal, creating convenience and sophistication.

Porcelain pepper shaker

This is an essential tool, helping to adjust the amount of pepper accurately with the design of small holes, the ceramic pepper shaker keeps the flavor fresh, prevents exposure to air. The ceramic design is not only durable but also easy to clean after each use.

lọ rắc tiêu
Long Phuong Porcelain pepper shaker

Toothpick jar

Plays an important role in keeping toothpicks neat and hygienic. Porcelain jars for toothpicks not only bring aesthetic beauty but also ensure toothpicks are kept clean and safe for health. The design is usually compact and has a discreet lid.

ống tăm
Toothpick jar

Chopsticks holder

Chopstick holders are the perfect solution for keeping chopsticks neat, clean and easily accessible. Ceramic material makes the chopstick holder durable and easy to clean. The design of ceramic chopstick holders is often simple but sophisticated, suitable for many dining room decoration styles.

các món đồ cần có ở Phòng ăn
Toothpick holder

Porcelain spoon

Spoons are useful for soups or soups. Porcelain spoons not only ensure hygiene and safety, but also add luxurious beauty to the dining table.


Put your chopsticks on a spoon or rest your chopsticks

A chopsticks and spoon rest is a necessary tool to keep chopsticks and spoons from direct contact with the dining table surface, helping to maintain hygiene, adding sophistication and bringing a sense of harmony to the table. eat.

 kê đũa thìa
The spoon and chopsticks rest is also known as the chopsticks rest

2. Suggestions for complete dining room table sets 

2.1 Simple white porcelain dining table set

The simple white porcelain dining table set is a great choice for those who love minimalist style but still retains elegance and sophistication. This set usually includes bowls, plates, dipping bowls, and rice bowls, bringing elegance and easy coordination with other accessories on the dining table.

bộ bàn ăn cao cấp
Dining table set 1
bộ bàn ăn gia đình
Dining table set 2

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2.2 Eye-catching floral dining table set

The eye-catching patterned porcelain dining table set is the perfect choice for those who love prominence and personality. This set often has a variety of patterns, from classic motifs to colorful modern designs, bringing vivid beauty and creating a highlight for the dining table.

bộ bàn ăn đẹp
Dining table set with Lau Lau flower motif
bộ bàn ăn cổ điển
Cuu Long flower dining table set

2.3 Dining table set with gold or gold plated edges

Porcelain dining table sets with gold or gold-plated edges represent class and luxury, and are the ideal choice for formal parties or important occasions. This set often has gilded border details or patterns, bringing noble beauty and creating a royal style.

bộ bàn ăn viền vàng
The dining set with gold trim
dining table
Kim Lai gold-plated dining table set

3. Where to buy household appliances and dining room sets?

3.1 Buy at Long Phuong Porcelain

Long Phuong Porcelain is a famous brand in the field of manufacturing and supplying high-quality porcelain products. Here, you can find a variety of beautiful and functional dining room sets.


  • Bowls, plates, cups, and eating utensils made from porcelain.
  • Dining table set with many styles from classic to modern.
  • Dining room decoration products such as pepper shakers, chopstick holders, and chopsticks and spoon rests.


  • From simple white porcelain to eye-catching patterned porcelain and luxurious gold-rimmed porcelain.
  • Products can be flexibly combined to create dining tables suitable for different tastes and needs.
bộ bàn ăn đầy đủ
Long Phuong Porcelain - Manufacturer and supplier of high-end dishes and table sets

3.2 Purchase information

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