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Long Phuong porcelain is appreciated for its shiny glaze, durable porcelain, delicate design and impact resistance.

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150+ authentic Long Phuong high-end porcelain tableware items

The tableware Long Phuong Usually made entirely from porcelain and fired 3 times in a kiln at high temperatures. Every product is then coated with a layer of enamel  on the outside to increase durability, scratch resistance and high heat resistance.

High quality porcelain tableware, genuine Long Phuong

Long Phuong Porcelain is known as a high-class household porcelain brand with more than 400 diverse product designs, unique, novel, and convenient designs and produces essential porcelain lines such as: tea sets, dishes, fine art porcelain, condiment containers, ceramic tableware...

What types of porcelain tableware are there?

Condiment set – Porcelain tableware

  • fish sauce dispenser

High-Class White Porcelain Vinegar and oil bottle with lid is a specialized container for sauces and soy sauce to serve seasoning directly on the dining table to suit each person's taste. The product is high-grade white porcelain produced and distributed directly by Long Phuong.

Dụng cụ bàn ăn bằng sứ cao cấp
Fish sauce dispenser
  • The spice dish has two compartments

White Porcelain Twin spices dish is made of durable porcelain, shiny and smooth enamel, the product converges the sophistication of the craftsman's hands, creating products that are also sophisticated enough to make everyone fall in love. every time I see it.

Dụng cụ bàn ăn bằng sứ chính hãng
The spice dish has two compartments made of high-quality porcelain

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  • Thanh Ca spice plate

Thanh Ca spice plate is a product used to store condiments such as salt and pepper, chili salt, fish sauce, soy sauce, chili sauce, etc. This is a unique product line that is chosen by many restaurants and hotels. Because of its compact design, it is convenient to use.

Dụng cụ bàn ăn bằng sứ giá rẻ
Thanh Ca spice plate
  • Spice tray

In every family's meal, it is indispensable for the spices in each dish, the product helps to decorate your kitchen space even the smallest items. Spice tray is designed in a rectangular shape, giving it a fancy feeling, different from the traditional round disc models.

Dụng cụ bàn ăn bằng sứ Long Phương
Spice tray

Decorative set – Tableware made of porcelain

  • Bo De flower vase

Bo De flower vase with a unique design to arrange real flowers, fake flowers, decorate the dining table, bring a delicate and simple space for families, restaurants ... The product will easily combine with all kinds of decorative flowers, quality White porcelain exalts the beauty of flowers.

Dụng cụ bàn ăn bằng sứ độc đáo
High-Class White Porcelain Twist vase AS-7103
  • Garlic flower vase

The flower vase is designed with a unique and novel design with delicate and artistic curves. In particular, the bottom of the flowerpot is stroked in the shape of a garlic bulb, bringing class and elegance to the product. Meticulously shaped, balanced and fired at high temperature, lọ hoa củ tỏi có màu men sáng bóng, bền đẹp theo thời gian.

  • Put chopsticks and spoons

Put chopsticks and spoons helps to avoid letting the tip of the chopsticks and spoon touch the table, ensuring safety for users. Convenient to use when combining both chopsticks and spoons. Suitable for use in families, restaurants, hotels to bring a luxurious and sophisticated space.

Dụng cụ bàn ăn bằng sứ ấn tượng
Put chopsticks and spoons
  • Porcelain square ashtray

White porcelain ashtray is an item associated with men. With the habit of smoking to reduce work stress, the ashtray is like a soulmate, catching all the chaos. Currently, there are many designs of ashtrays, from different materials: plastic, stainless steel ... but the ashtrays made of origin are the most popular because of their durability and affordable price.

Dụng cụ bàn ăn bằng sứ chính hãng Long Phương
White porcelain Square ashtray

Some other types of porcelain tableware

  • Spoon – Soup Ladle

Spoon – Soup Ladle made from high quality white porcelain Long Phuong is one of the most popular tableware products on the market. With European standard production technology, all products of Long Phuong Porcelain are guaranteed of high quality and durability.

Dụng cụ bàn ăn bằng sứ giá tốt nhất thị trường
High-Class White porcelain straight soup spoon
  • Wine bottle

Pocerlain Wine bottle is a product commonly used in restaurants, used to store wine, protect wine from insects flying in and keep the aroma of wine. Be wine is refined in all stages. The surface of the product is smooth, the glaze is shiny, and the color does not fade.

Dụng cụ bàn ăn bằng sứ làm quà tặng
High quality white porcelain wine beers
  • Toothpick holder

Toothpick holder is a product commonly used in Vietnam because of the Vietnamese culture of using toothpicks after meals, the product has a lid that helps keep the toothpick from bacteria in the environment from entering, limiting dirt. In addition, with an eye-catching design, the product helps the dining table become more sophisticated.

Dụng cụ bàn ăn bằng sứ dành cho nhà hàng
Toothpick tube with luxurious cap
  • Chopsticks holder

Chopsticks holder is made of high-quality white porcelain, strong and thick porcelain, but when holding it, it is not heavy in the hand, creating a sense of convenience and comfort for the user. The wand has a straight, square shape with four corners. The product converges the sophistication of the craftsman's hands, creating products that are also extremely sophisticated that make everyone fall in love every time they admire them.

Dụng cụ bàn ăn bằng sứ trắng cao cấp
High quality white porcelain chopsticks holder

Outstanding features of Long Phuong porcelain tableware

High durability

All products made from Long Phuong's porcelain are carefully censored from the selection of raw materials to the production of finished products. Therefore, Long Phuong porcelain is always tough, has a long life, has good impact resistance.

Safe for users' health

Because it is fired 3 times at a high temperature of up to 1380 degrees Celsius, the excess substances in the porcelain such as lead, cadmium ... are removed, ensuring absolute safety for users even when placed in the microwave oven. dishwasher.

Dụng cụ bàn ăn bằng sứ trắng chính hãng
Strong and durable porcelain, safe for users

Strong impact resistance, high heat resistance

Set of dishes with thick, tough porcelain, shiny enamel, smooth white should have high durability, good impact resistance.

Purpose of using Long Phuong porcelain tableware

Porcelain tableware of the Long Phuong are loved by many housewives, choose to buy because of reasonable prices, diverse designs. As common items in every corner of people's kitchen, in recent years, sets of dishes, cups, vases, spoons and spoons have been chosen by many units, establishments or even businesses. logo printed gifts, employee gifts, customer gratitude gifts...

Mua dụng cụ bàn ăn bằng sứ giá rẻ
Genuine high-end porcelain housewares

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How to use and maintain high-class porcelain

  • Tableware made from porcelain, if not well maintained, will easily stain and stain. Therefore, you should clean before and after using porcelain.
  • Care tips for porcelain tableware: you can use rice or bean water to wash it. Rice water and bean water have the ability to eliminate fishy odors, can wash porcelain without too much grease. When washing, you should use a sponge or soft cloth. Then dry it and put it on the shelf to quickly dry the tool
  • In addition, you need to avoid letting porcelain tableware get wet, avoid storing it in places where insects or cockroaches can crawl in.
mua dụng cụ bàn ăn bằng sứ ở đâu
How to preserve household porcelain for a long time?

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Notes to know when buying porcelain tableware

  •   Provider: Currently, when social networks are growing, consumers are also more convenient in online shopping. You should choose a reputable supplier to order. You should refer to some notes as follows: product origin, warranty, exchange, commitment during transportation.
  • Product quality: you can use a small spoon or tap the porcelain with your fingers, hear the "cook" sound, the product is of good quality.
  • Price: In addition to product quality, you should choose to buy places with reasonable prices.
Cheap quality ceramic dining tableware
Notes when buying high-class household porcelain

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Where to buy quality, cheap tableware?

Currently, on the market, there are many units supplying and producing household porcelain lines with many different designs and richness. However, not all places guarantee prestige.

Come to Long Phuong Pocerlain you can rest assured about those issues. Long Phuong Porcelain with more than 22 years of experience in the field of household porcelain, serving thousands of long-term customers, hundreds of small and medium enterprises. As a close partner of Samsung, Neptune, BIDV, Vietcombank… We are confident to bring you high quality products with the best prices in the market.

Long Phuong porcelain is one of the leading brands in the field of household porcelain and fine art porcelain. Not only favored by the quality but also the product design is extremely diverse and rich with more than 400 different models.

dụng cụ bàn ăn bằng sứ cao cấp Long Phương
Long Phuong Porcelain - A unit that produces high-class household porcelain
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