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Long Phuong porcelain is appreciated for its shiny glaze, durable porcelain, delicate design and impact resistance.

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Synthesize 100+ beautiful and high-class Long Phuong Porcelain tea sets

The teapot Long Phuong porcelain is always favored by customers because of its unique, compact design, smooth, white, non-stick glaze, suitable as a gift because of the sophistication and elegance of each product. 

What types of Long Phuong Porcelain tea sets are there?

Long Phuong flower tea set

  • Hoa Nho

Creeper flower Tea Set with a unique, delicate and sharp vine pattern, it is currently one of the products that are loved and welcomed by many customers. The gold-plated contours enhance the beauty of both classic, elegant and modern luxury.

bộ ấm trà Hoa Nho
Creeper flower Oval tea set
  • Ngoc Diep

Tea Set with flower 014 of Long Phuong is a product with a novel design, combined with Ngoc Diep flower to create an extremely delicate and luxurious product, with a unique color blend. Create elegant, casual, and at the same time shine aristocratic. This will be a set of teapots that will make people fall in love.

Bộ ấm trà hoa dây xanh
White oval pot type 2 set flower pattern 014

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High-class porcelain tea set with gold rim

  • Thien Ma

Heavenly horses Tea set PT 1 Long Phuong high-class porcelain porcelain teapot set with luxurious yellow color and traditional patterns, this gift set represents the wish of "successful unique design", successful success. The Heavenly horses Tea set is heated at a temperature of 1380 degrees Celsius, so it has good thermal shock resistance. *SPECIAL SAFE, NO LEAD, NO CADIUM, NON-TOXIC

bộ ấm trà Thiên mã
Heavenly horses Tea set PT1
  • Gold border

Tea Set With Gold AH23-9405 - High-class Porcelain designed extremely simple, meticulous, suitable for customers who love lightness and comfort. With a shape design made by hand by artisans, bringing a simple, classic and modern beauty.

bộ ấm trà sứ long phương
Porcelain tea set with gold

White pocerlain Tea Set

  • White tea set

Long Phuong White Shallow Teapot - High - class Porcelain are manufactured and retailed so that customers can replace broken kettles but cups are still intact and in need of next use. The kettle has no textures, so it is suitable in combination with plain white cups.

  • Phinh Thon

Phinh Thon Tea Set - Long Phuong White Pocerlain possessing high-class enamel color with pure and luxurious white color with a relatively compact size, it is convenient for users to place in many different spaces such as living room, office ...

bộ ấm trà Phình Thon
Phinh Thon Tea Set

Unique beautiful porcelain tea set

  • "Quan Ho" Tea Set

"Quan Ho" Tea Set is an exclusive product of Long Phuong. The set of teapots printed with Quan ho" is a beautiful set of Quan ho motifs with images of brothers and sisters helping you to enjoy and feel the aroma and sweetness in each sip of tea. Classic design, poetic texture.

  • Son Thuy tea set

Landscape Tea set PT1 Inspired by the ancient temple of But Thap, through the skillful hands of Long Phuong workers, a charming painting has been created, in which are typical traditional architectures of Kinh Bac land.

Bộ ấm trà sơn thủy
Landscape tea set

Outstanding features of Long Phuong Porcelain tea set

Components of the teapot set

A tea set is simply understood as a tool used to make and enjoy tea. A set includes: teapot, tea cup, tray (depending on the set), dishes and teapots ... Depending on different needs and preferences, you can choose a suitable product set.

bộ ấm trà đẹp, chất lượng
Beautiful, quality cup set

Outstanding features of the beautiful tea set in Long Phuong

  • High durability
  • Anti-fouling, anti-scratch, good heat resistance
  • Unique design, various models
  • Health safety

Premium tea set
Premium tea set

What are the benefits of a tea set?

Brew and enjoy tea

Cup set for drinking tea as know as teapot it is an indispensable item for people with hobbies drink tea. The nice set of tea will contribute to making tea taste better and have aesthetic value to make the space more ethereal, elegant and emotional, which is popular with tea drinkers.

Bộ ấm trà sứ trắng cao cấp Long Phương
Long Phuong Porcelain Tea Set

Meaningful gifts

The teapot set in recent years has become one of the products chosen by many businesses as employee gifts, partner gifts... because of its convenience, affordable price and variety in designs and models. code.

Jasmine tea set
Meaningful and quality gift sets

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How to preserve high-class household porcelain

  • If the stains on the kettle are not much, you can use fresh lemon juice mixed with a little vinegar to wash it. In addition, you can use rice water to wash dishes.
  • After cleaning the teapot, carefully dry it so that the kettle is always dry, avoiding the product being moldy and touching.

Bộ ấm trà Sơn Thủy mang vẻ đẹp cổ điển
Landscape tea set has a classic beauty

Where to buy quality, good price set of teapots?

Currently, on the market, there are many units supplying and producing household porcelain lines with many different designs and richness. However, not all places guarantee prestige.

Come to Porcelain Long Phuong you can rest assured about those issues. Long Phuong Porcelain with more than 22 years of experience in the field of household porcelain, serving thousands of long-term customers, hundreds of small and medium enterprises. As a close partner of Samsung, Neptune, BIDV, Vietcombank… We are confident to bring you high quality products with the best prices in the market.

Long Phuong porcelain is one of the leading brands in the field of household porcelain and fine art porcelain. Not only favored by the quality but also the product design is extremely diverse and rich with more than 400 different models.

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Long Phuong Porcelain Company - High-class household porcelain production unit
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