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Synthesis of models of genuine Long Phuong high-class porcelain rice bowls

European ceramic bowl for rice are familiar household items in all Vietnamese meals. Not only is it a food container, but it is also an item to help family meals become more attractive and full of flavor.

âu thố đựng cơm
High quality white porcelain bowl

What are the types of European and porcelain pots?

European and high-class porcelain pots from Long Phuong house include many unique, convenient and high-quality designs and designs.

Porcelain pot with oats

High quality 6-inch ceramic bowl Long Phuong has a sturdy lid, limiting the growth of bacteria, ensuring the safety of users' health. The product is suitable for cooking bird's nest, storing soup... Is one of the best-selling products in Long Phuong.

âu thố đựng cơm cao cấp
Porcelain pot with oats

High quality white porcelain pot

High quality white porcelain pot inside is designed with a deep bottom. Helps to hold a lot of food, not afraid of spilling. Pots withstand heat well. No matter how hot the food is, it is not afraid of cracking or wear and tear during use.

In addition, the pot is very easy to clean during use, because it is coated with a shiny enamel outside, which is very convenient to clean, clean, limit scratches during impact.

âu thố đựng cơm có nắp cao cấp
High quality white porcelain pot

High quality flower bowls

Au Hai Tai high-quality white porcelain is a specialized product to store soup, stewed birds with Chinese medicine, super delicious and nutritious. Au Two Ears High-class White Porcelain doesn't think it's genuine, but it's unbelievably good. Because the design looks simple, but has a unique and luxurious style. Combining enamel material is a popular, highly aesthetic enamel line on the market.

âu thố đựng cơm hàng hoa
Âu sứ có nắp hàng hoa tinh tế

Multi-size porcelain bowl with lid/Porcelain rice bowl

High quality white porcelain bowl Long Phuong also known as rice bowls, rice bowls ... are commonly used items in restaurants, eateries or families who prefer to have rice at the table, both neat, clean, polite and luxurious. The product is available in a variety of sizes to suit small and large dining tables.

âu thố đựng cơm làm quà tặng
Multi-size porcelain bowl with lid

Porcelain sugar jar

Porcelain sugar jar Long Phuong has a sturdy lid, limiting the growth of bacteria, ensuring the safety of users' health. Suitable for storing condiments such as salt, sugar, MSG... The product is small and convenient, suitable for kitchen space, restaurant, hotel...

âu thố sứ đựng đường
Porcelain sugar jar

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Outstanding features of the ceramic rice bowl

High durability

Thanks to the double firing of porcelain at a temperature of 1380 degrees Celsius, the porcelain dishes have high strength, thickness, longevity, or good durability. The Long Phuong porcelain bowl set can withstand high heat applications and is safe to use in the oven, microwave or dishwasher.

Safety for the user

All products made from Long Phuong's porcelain are carefully distilled, refined, and fired twice at a temperature of 1380 degrees Celsius, so all harmful substances such as lead, cadmium, etc. ceramic.

âu thố sứ đựng đường
Chất lượng cao cấp, kiểu dáng sang trọng

High Quality

Long Phuong porcelain products have good heat retention, high durability in different thermal environments, flexible use in microwave ovens. In addition, porcelain bowls and rice bowls are easy to clean because of the shiny enamel layer that does not stain, which is very convenient to clean, wash, and limit scratches if there is a collision. Bring peace of mind to the user.

Various and rich models

Long Phuong Ceramics has launched more than 50 product designs, ceramic bowls are diverse from designs to colors, patterns, textures to sizes.

âu thố đựng cơm hoặc chưng yến
The tough porcelain is safe for users

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The usefulness of the rice bowl

The rice bowl is one of the essential items that every home uses. Capital is a household appliance with a long history imbued with the beauty of Vietnamese culture. In addition, the porcelain bowl set is also chosen by many businesses and units as gifts for partners, customer gratitude gifts, housewarming gifts, friends ...

How to use and maintain high-class porcelain bowls

  • It is recommended to wash the porcelain bowl with warm water or with washing water (with mild detergent properties). To be extra careful, you should put the porcelain bowl in a plastic pot lined with a rubber bottom to prevent it from breaking in case the porcelain slips out of your hands.
  • For tough stains, try placing a ceramic bowl in a basin of 3/4 water, 1/4 hydrogen peroxide, and a few drops of ammonia. First use the faucet to wet the stain, then use a soft cloth to soak the mixture in the water basin and sweep it on the surface of the stain. Put the bowl and porcelain bowl in a sealed plastic bag, after many hours if the stain is still not gone, please redo the operation from the beginning.
Cách bảo quản âu và thố sứ đựng cơm
How to preserve household porcelain

Notes to know when choosing to buy a ceramic rice bowl

  • When buying, please use your fingers to tap on the bowl and ceramic bowl, if you hear a "cong coong" sound like metal, it's a good porcelain bowl. If the sound is cloudy and heavy, it is a poor quality item.
  • Observe the outer surface of the bowl to see if the enamel color is bright or dull, bright, dark, and carefully checked for cracks.
Những lưu ý cần biết khi mua âu thố sứ đựng cơm
Notes to know when buying porcelain bowls

Where to buy quality, good price ceramic bowls?

Currently, on the market, there are many units supplying and producing household porcelain lines with many different designs and richness. However, not all places guarantee prestige.

Come to Long Phuong Porcelain you can rest assured about those issues. Long Phuong Porcelain with more than 22 years of experience in the field of household porcelain, serving thousands of long-term customers, hundreds of small and medium enterprises. As a close partner of Samsung, Neptune, BIDV, Vietcombank… We are confident to bring you high quality products with the best prices in the market.

Long Phuong porcelain is one of the leading brands in the field of household porcelain and fine art porcelain. Not only favored by the quality but also the product design is extremely diverse and rich with more than 400 different models.

Mua âu thố sứ đựng cơm ở đâu
Buy high-class household porcelain, good price at Long Phuong

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