Present for customers It is a bridge connecting customers and businesses closer together. Long Phuong Porcelain Suggest top gifts for customers that are meaningful with the most appropriate cost. 

gợi ý quà tặng khách hàng tinh tế, ý nghĩa
Top effective, low-cost customer gifts

1. What is customer gift?

Present for customers is one of the marketing campaigns of the business, by using gifts to give to customers to show gratitude, build and strengthen the relationship between the business and customers.

Customers are king, the central factor that any business is aiming for.

To impress and retain good customers, not only by focusing on product quality or service quality. Businesses need to focus on customer care. Giving gifts to customers on many occasions is one of the effective ways to make a strong impression on customers.

quà tặng khách hàng là gì
Customer gifts are one of the effective marketing methods for businesses

What are gifts? When should gifts be given?

2. What is the purpose of customer gifts?

Present for customers express many purposes of the business to customers:

  • Helps to maintain and develop bilateral relationships between businesses and customers.
  • As a bridge to show the gratitude of the business to the customers.
  • Create a good impression and image of your business in the eyes of customers.
  • This is also a marketing channel that brings good efficiency but also saves costs for businesses.
  • It is also a measure to stimulate demand and bring high sales to businesses.
mục đích quà tặng
Giving gifts to customers is a way to create and maintain a good relationship between businesses and customers

3. On what occasions should customer gifts be used?

Businesses can build campaigns present for customers on many occasions, such as:

3.1 Opening gifts

Opening a company, opening a store, opening a new branch... are suitable opportunities for businesses to build campaigns. present for customers. This is a rare opportunity for businesses to show their impressive image to customers.

tặng quà khai trương
This is an opportunity for businesses to impress customers

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3.2 Gifts on the occasion of the establishment of a business

This is a great opportunity for businesses to express their gratitude to their customers. At the same time, it is also an opportunity for businesses to show their professional image in the eyes of customers. 

kỷ niệm thành lập doanh nghiệp
This is an opportunity for businesses to promote their brand image in the eyes of customers

3.3 Customer's birthday gift

Businesses should show care to customers on occasions like these. Customers will be very impressed, keeping goodwill towards the business.

birthday gifts
Customers clearly feel the thoughtfulness of the business

3.4 Mid-Autumn Festival gifts 

Mid-Autumn Festival is a great holiday with many profound meanings. Give gifts to customers On this occasion, it shows the connection between the business and the customer. For some businesses, the Mid-Autumn Festival is also a special occasion for them to strongly promote their brands. 

mid-Autumn gift
Mid-Autumn Festival gifts

3.5 New Year's Eve gifts 

This is an opportunity for businesses to show gratitude to customers after 1 year of companionship, in order to promote long-term attachment between businesses and customers. 

tết dương lịch
Giving New Year's gifts to customers shows the business's thoughtfulness to its customers

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3.6 Gifts for Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year is a big holiday. Giving gifts on this occasion is not only a cultural feature of the Vietnamese people but also a thank you, promoting a good relationship between businesses and customers.

tết âm lịch
Lunar New Year is a great occasion for businesses to send gratitude to customers

3.7 Gifts on advertising and promotional occasions 

Customers always look forward to the promotional opportunities of the business. Therefore, this is an opportunity for businesses to market and promote sales for their company. 

quà khuyến mãi
Regularly build gift-giving promotions to boost purchasing power

3.8 Gifts for customers on the occasion of 8/3, 20/10

On these occasions, women not only receive attention from society, but also favor businesses more than ever. This is also an opportunity for businesses to launch marketing campaigns to promote the best sales.

Women's holidays are always a golden time for businesses to boost sales

4. Top most delicate and meaningful customer gifts 

4.1 Premium customer gifts

Heavenly Horses tea set

This luxury tea set, made from high quality porcelain, plated with real gold, comes from Long Phuong Porcelain. This is Classy gifts that businesses can send to their vip customers. Make sure any customer feels satisfied when receiving this gift. 

bộ ấm chén quà tặng khách hàng
Classy gold plated teapot set

High quality white porcelain tableware Luc Phien

Unique tableware in the shape of fans, bright white porcelain, luxurious. With auspicious connotations, this is an extremely luxurious gift to give to big customers. 

bộ bát đĩa quà tặng khách hàng
Very elegant and beautiful tableware

Ceramic paintings

Ceramic paintings are delicate and unique gifts that businesses can choose to give to customers. Each picture is a story, or a good meaning that businesses can send to their customers. 

tranh gốm quà tặng
Gift of humanity

Lucky potion 

This is a feng shui item that many customers love to use to decorate their homes or offices. It will be even more impressive when used as a gift for customers.

bình hút lộc quà tặng khách hàng
Meaningful gifts for decanters

Feng shui porcelain statue

There are many items you can choose from such as: horse statue, 12 zodiac animal statue, Maitreya statue... With feng shui items like this, businesses should carefully choose the most suitable one.

tượng gốm quà tặng khách hàng
Unique feng shui gift

Premium confectionery gift set

A close and practical gift like this, businesses can use to give customers on major holidays such as Mid-Autumn Festival, Lunar New Year ... 

set bánh kẹo quà tặng
Gifts suitable for the holidays

Hand bag 

If the customer that the business wants to give a gift to is female, then a handbag is also a suitable choice. The handbag is an item that is often accompanied by people, it will evoke a strong impression of the brand with customers. 

quà tặng khách hàng túi xách
Female customers will love this gift

Gold-plated pen

This gift will be suitable for customers who are office workers. Gold-plated pen is both luxurious, practical and close. 

quà tặng bút
Luxury gold plated pen gift

Set of glass cups 

The glass drinking cup set is a useful item for any customer who receives it. Each use is a reminder of the brand in the customer's memory. 

quà tặng khách hàng bộ cốc thủy tinh
Glass cup gifts

Cooking pot set

The gift of a cooking pot shows the close concern of the business to its customers. If the customer of the business is a housewife, this is a practical gift. 

quà tặng khách hàng là bộ nồi nấu ăn
Useful gifts for housewives

4.2 Unique customer gifts

Kim Lai flowerpot

This is a unique product only available at Long Phuong Porcelain. Kim Lai flowerpot contains deep meanings, meticulously handcrafted, bordered entirely of real gold. The gift will leave a deep impression in the hearts of customers.

quà tặng khách hàng là lọ hoa
Kim Lai flowerpot - a gift for high-class customers

Koi fish flower pot

This product is designed with a very unique and convenient shape, which can both arrange flowers and make feng shui decorations. 

quà tặng khách hàng sang trọng với lọ hoa cá Koi
Koi fish flower vase – meaningful gift for customers

Son Thuy flower pot

A luxurious gift that can be used as a very suitable feng shui decoration. Customers will be very impressed with this gift. 

quà tặng khách hàng với lọ hoa sơn thủy
Son Thuy flowerpot - a luxurious and unique gift


With this gift, businesses will really make a good impression on customers who often go away. 

Gifts polite suitcases


This is a useful gift and very close to customers. Businesses should print their brand logo to create a stronger impression. 

đồng hồ treo tường
Impressive wall clock gifts

Crossbody bag 

The compact, convenient crossbody bags, neatly containing wallets, phones, bank cards ... will be very suitable for customers to carry often. To mark a stronger brand, do not forget to print your logo!

túi đeo chéo
Crossbody bag – useful gift

Hand sanitizer gel 

Since the Covid epidemic appeared, hand sanitizer seems to be an indispensable item of every family. This useful gift is like a close companion of businesses to customers. 

gel rửa tay
The gift is a practical hand sanitizer

Stuffed animal 

This gift will be very pleasing to children or young women. It also leaves a strong brand mark. 

thú nhồi bông
Cute stuffed animal gifts


A practical gift, an inseparable item on every move that customers always cherish.

mũ bảo hiểm
Helmets - practical gifts for customers


This is a close and fashionable gift that businesses can send to customers. 

mũ lưỡi trai
Gifts of utility cloth hats


Although it is a small gift, it is very useful to customers when receiving it. 

tai nghe
Headphone gift

Food containers 

Businesses will score points with customers who do housework. They will love these kitchen items.

quà tặng khách hàng hộp đựng thực phẩm
Favorite food box gifts


With a gift like this, businesses can choose from popular T-shirts with logo printed to increase brand recognition.

áo phông
Fashion t-shirt gifts

Pocelain Mugs

Gifts of white porcelain cups are both luxurious and convenient, and ensure the health of users. This gift is suitable for all types of customers. Businesses can choose to print their logo to create a brand impression. 

quà tặng khách hàng cốc sứ
Ceramic mug as a gift

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Porcelain bowl

Long Phuong porcelain has many beautiful porcelain bowl, durable porcelain. Choosing porcelain bowls as gifts is not only luxurious but also extremely loved by customers. 

tô sứ quà tặng  khách hàng
Polite porcelain bowl gifts

4.3 Cheap gifts for customers

Aromatic bag

This is small gift as useful. Customers can hang it on the car, bathroom, bedroom, wardrobe… 

túi thơm quà tặng khách hàng
Scented bag gift


Small gift but warm concern of business to customers. 

quà tặng khách hàng giá rẻ
Gifts with low cost

Cloth masks

Masks are an inseparable item of each person when going out. Most people use disposable medical masks. Therefore, choosing to give cloth masks to customers will create a distinct impression for the business. It is both the concern of the business, and the meaning of protecting the environment very well.

quà tặng khách hàng khẩu trang
Gifts of friendly cloth masks


With low cost, businesses can use as gifts in bulk and still save money. 

khăn mặt quà tặng khách hàng
Practical face towel gift

Plastic fan

The gift will have a strong effect on hot sunny days and frequent power cuts. A fan with logo printed is also quite small, suitable for the budget of small businesses. 

quà tặng bằng quạt nhựa cho khách hàng
Convenient plastic fan gifts

Porcelain toothpick holder

The gift is small but practical, and no less luxurious when the business chooses the porcelain toothpick product of Long Phuong Porcelain. 

ống tăm sứ quà tặng khách hàng
Small but polite porcelain toothpick gift

Porcelain spice dish

The gift helps the dining table become much neater and more luxurious. Household customers will love such gifts.

đĩa đựng gia vị quà tặng khách hàng
Useful condiment plate gifts

Thìa sứ

An indispensable item on the dining table of every family. 

thìa sứ quà tặng khách hàng
Useful porcelain spoon gifts

Logo printed keychain

The gift has a very low cost, businesses can choose as regular gifts for customers. 

móc khóa quà tặng khách hàng
Lovely keychain gift


Office customers or students will love these gifts. 

sổ tay quà tặng khách hàng
Gifts of convenient notebooks


Small but mighty gift. Copying data on the computer will be much simpler when there is a usb. 

usb quà tặng khách hàng
Useful USB gifts

Stickers for kids

If your business's target audience is children, don't forget this cute gift. The kids especially love this gift. 

quà tặng k hách hàng giá rẻ cho trẻ em
Children love this gift

Drawstring bag

A very useful gift for storing small items such as cosmetics, personal belongings, etc.

túi rút quà tặng khách hàng
Practical drawstring gift

Chopsticks millet

Don't underestimate this little gift. It shows polite culture on the table. A useful and meaningful gift. 

kê đũa quà tặng khách hàng giá rẻ
Small but luxurious chopsticks

Porcelain bowl to eat rice

An indispensable product in every household. This will be a polite and practical gift for customers. 

bát cơm sứ quà tặng khách hàng
Porcelain rice bowl gifts

5. Suggesting gift solutions for customers according to combo savings

5.1 Gift combo under 50k

quà tặng dưới 50k
Cheap gift suggestions under 50k

5.2 Gift combo from 50k - 99k

quà tặng dưới 99k
Gift suggestions under 100k

5.3 Gift combo price 100 – 299k

quà tặng dưới 299k
Gift suggestions under 300k

5.4 Gift combo price 300 – 499k

quà tặng dưới 500k
Gift suggestions under 500k

5.5 Gift combos priced from 599k – 1 million or more

quà tặng trên 500k
Suggest gift combos from 600k or more

6. Notes when buying gifts for customers

6.1 Customer classification:

Before making a list of gifts, businesses need to determine who their customers are? What hobbies do they have? From there, search for the right gifts. 

  • VIP customers: are large customers who consume and use many products and services of the enterprise. They are the ones who help brands drive sales and long-term growth. Therefore, gifts for these customers must show their gratitude and desire for a long-term association with them. 
  • Current customers: they are the people who rarely use the products and services of the business. They can be potential but also easy to leave your business for another business. For this customer file, businesses should choose gifts with small costs, but can donate in large quantities to increase brand coverage. 
  • Foreign customers: with this client file, businesses can choose luxury gift sets with Vietnamese cultural beauty. It is both a way to promote the image of the homeland and leave a subtle mark of the business.

6.2 Choosing the right gift segment:

Once the customer has been determined to give gifts, businesses can build a corresponding gift segment. 

  • Premium segment: Prices range from $1,000 and up. This segment's gifts will be for vip customers. 
  • Popular segmentPrice: from a few tens to several hundred thousand, depending on the campaign budget as well as the message the business wants to convey in it. 
  • Low-priced segment: gifts in this segment should bring useful values, the cheaper the better. 

7. Long Phuong Porcelain – a prestigious and quality ceramic gift supplier

  • Long Phuong Porcelain is a leading unit in the household porcelain industry in Vietnam, specializing in providing ceramic gifts to major partners such as: Samsung, Dabaco, Vietcombank, Shinhan Bank, BIDV, Vinpearl, Acecook...
  • Products at Long Phuong Porcelain have diverse and unique designs with many prices suitable for each segment of businesses and customers.
  • Long Phuong porcelain serves the needs of printing brand logos on products according to customers' wishes. 
  • At Long Phuong Porcelain, there is an attractive discount policy for corporate customers. 

8. Conclusion 

Bài viết trên, Long Phuong Porcelain gave subtle and meaningful gift suggestions with the most appropriate costs. Hopefully, through the article, readers will have more ideas about present for customers cho doanh nghiệp của mình! 

quà tặng sứ long phương
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